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Oct 19, 2016 6:18 AM ET

Archived: The Donut Shop is a start-up donut company with plans to establish a chain of retail shops in locations throughout Israel, where there is currently a wide-open market for this product and fast-food style of service.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 19, 2016

The Donut Shop

Jerusalem, 99851, Israel
Consumer Services

The Donut Shop is a start-up donut company with plans to establish a chain of retail shops in locations throughout Israel, where there is currently a wide-open market for this product and fast-food style of service.

The Donut Shop is a ground-breaking start-up donut company based in Israel. We are seeking seed investments to enable us to open up our first shop. Once we have perfected our brand, product and service model, we will expand at a rapid, steady pace. To understand the break-through nature of our business model, one must understand that although the Israeli culture is fast-paced and work-oriented, there are few if any options for grabbing a quick bite to eat on the way to work or during a break. Neither are there options that are consistent in terms of taste and price. Furthermore, although sweets and pastries are beloved, an American style donut with its addictive appeal does not exist in Israel. We will create and dominate this market, introducing a brand that will be recognized and available throughout the country, using approaches that are novel in Israel, such as drive-thru service, customer loyalty incentives and consistent service and product. This is a concept with great potential that is just waiting for funding to take off.
Our customer service is a vital feature of the stand-out quality of our business. Israelis are accustomed to buying their pastries in cafes or bakeries. Service varies from outright rudeness to abundant warmth. We will focusing on training our staff, using successful team-building methods. to provide fast, polite service every time. Customers will get the same service, the same donut and the same price every time they walk into The Donut Shop. This will create an entirely new experience for Israeli customers, and a comfortingly familiar one for the many Americans studying and/or living in Israel.
We have a great team on board including a former CEO of a highly successful hedge fund and an Israeli Business and Finance graduate with expertise in start-up risk assessment.. We need $1.1 million and shares are priced at $22,000 a share. We have potential to be the Dunkin’ Donuts of the Middle East.


Products / Services


* We will provide retail customers with a choice of donuts, house-branded coffee and a targeted selection of ready-to-serve salads and sandwiches providing variety, quality, consistency and fast service;
* Availability: We aim to become a presence throughout the country in mall kiosks, urban storefronts, shopping centers and suburban drive-through locations.
* Kosher standards: The same top-tier standards of kosher certification will be used in all locations to ensure that the needs of our most discerning customers are met in every location.
* Fast, friendly customer service will be a consistent feature of every branch of The Donut Shop.

Corporate Sales

* A corporate sales representative and full pricing sheet will serve the rapidly burgeoning Israeli business community.
* Pricing will include service and delivery charges.
* Menu will include options such as donut platters with coffee, sandwich platters and large salads.

Volume Sales

In the U.S., donuts are a part of many traditional occasions, These can easily be transferred into Israeli culture. To build a volume sales market, we will be marketing our donuts for occasions such as:
* Bris mila (circumcision of baby boys), which is followed by a festive morning meal;
* Bat mitzvah (girls’ coming-of-age celebration);
*Rosh Chodesh school celebrations (The first day of each month on the Hebrew calendar is observed as a minor holiday and school children are given treats);
* Purim food gift baskets, which are exchanged by friends and family throughout the country on this holiday;
* Sufganiot, an Israeli donut-style pastry, is central to the eight-day Chanukah celebration which features thousands of family, school and office parties. America-style donuts could certainly make inroads into this market.

Further volume sales will be sought by promoting our donuts for academic institutions, governmental offices, police, military and first-aid responders.



General Manager
Gavriel Nestlebaum

Gavriel NestlebaumGavriel Nestlebaum is a graduate of the Jerusalem Culinary Institute. Over the past decade, he has split his time between his native country of the U.S. and his current home in Jerusalem, His expertise is built on his experience managing a donut shop located in America, where he was exposed to the nuts and bolts of the business, as well as the all-important value of customer service. He has a strong will to work hard and get things done in a systematic orderly fashion, in addition to an inside perspective on the preferences and needs of the Israeli consumer.

Consulting Finance
Yaron Reuven

Born in Netanya, Israel, Yaron Reuven immigrated to the U.S. at 10. By the age of 23, he was a well-known self-made Wall Street multi-millionaire. In his 16 years on Wall Street, he was the owner of a private brokerage firm, a hedge fund and an international insurance agency. He has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and Chinese NDTV.

Consulting Financial Analyst
Kochava Nestlebaum

Kochava Nestlebaum has a degree in business and accounting. In her position with a major Israeli accounting firm, she has performed internal audits on some of the country’s largest and most profitable companies. Currently, she specializes in risk assessments for both large companies and start-ups.

Consulting Marketing
Shmuel Apel

A graduate of the Jerusalem Culinary Institute, Shmuel Apel has worked in a variety of restaurants in Israel and America, and as a chef on cruises. He is also an up-and-coming multi-media marketer whose knack for spotting what is trendy gets his clients many followers and fans. This talent, added to his culinary experience, gives him a keen insight into what people are looking for when it comes to food, and will enable him to present the company’s message flawlessly.

Contact Information:

General Manager - Gavriel Nestlebaum

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