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Oct 18, 2016 11:42 AM ET

Archived: KEZI: Handmade American Jewelry – One-of-a-kind sterling silver designs: KEZI jewelry is designed to be a voice of self expression for women.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 18, 2016
KEZI: Handmade American Jewelry
One-of-a-kind sterling silver designs made for you, to be a fabulous you!

KEZI jewelry is designed to be a voice of self expression for women. Our unique designs have been accepted into two top juried American-made trade shows. KEZI is on the brink of nationwide expansion. These shows are key to getting KEZI into more boutiques, and are not cheap! Between booth fees, hotel rooms, air fares, and shipping costs, we need help to make the most of these amazing opportunities. With your support, we can make 2017 KEZI’s biggest year ever!!! www.designbykezi.com


About KEZI and Plans for Growth


I’m Olivia Ashjian James, owner & designer of KEZI jewelry. Starting a business selling my designs is the beginning of a lifelong dream, combining my passions for art and fashion into one vision.



KEZI jewelry is handmade and designed by me in my studio located right outside of Boston. My business name, KEZI, is actually a word in Armenian meaning “for you”. My tagline—For You. Be You.—is exactly the mission of my work. I want women to feel free to be exactly who they are and to embrace themselves through my original designs.



As a self-taught jewelry maker and entrepreneur, I’ve done everything myself since starting KEZI a little over 2 years ago. I can’t tell you how many fairs, trunk shows, jewelry parties, and fashion shows I’ve done, let alone the hours of designing my e-commerce website, directing KEZI’s photoshoots, being written up in online mags, creating a social media presence, and of course designing new jewelry!

It’s all been worth it and now my work has been accepted into two of the top juried American made trade shows in the country: the American Craft Retailers Expo (ACRE) and the American Craft Council (ACC).

Trade shows are key for unknown designers to get nationwide exposure. Store owners from across America come to these shows to stock their boutiques with new products. The opportunities are endless, but funds are not!

Booth fees for these shows are a couple thousand dollars each. On top of that, there’s the cost of hotel rooms, air fare, shipping products to shows, and marketing to potential retailers (essential with big shows like these—over 1,200 other exhibitors have booths!).


KEZI’s trade show booth


I’ve made it 2 years with no extra funding and know these shows will unlock the future of KEZI. With your help, my designs will be accessible to women across America looking to express themselves, and I will be one step further down the road of my dreams. Your help is the key to KEZI’s growth!


Perks for KEZI:

$8,000 is the lowest amount needed to make these trade shows a reality. That money will go directly to the costs mentioned—booth fees, travel expenses, shipping, and marketing. These are the bare-minimum costs.

Raising more funds than that would be even better! If more money is raised, I can put on an even higher quality show and make the most out of these amazing opportunities.

That means:

Better booth display, such as additional lighting, wood floors, shelving, and custom walls

Banners showing close ups of KEZI jewelry to hang on walls

Advertising in trade show buyer booklets (starting at $375 for 1/3 of a page)

Brochures to give out to potential retailers so they can remember KEZI

Making some designs in gold so KEZI can get into higher-end stores


Perks For YOU:

Getting KEZI jewelry out into the world is what this campaign is all about. That’s why I’ve decided to make your donations have double the impact!! 

That means all KEZI everything!  Represent your support by wearing it or gifting it. Pick out something special just for you or get going on holiday shopping for someone you know will love KEZI! 


Choose from these perks:

                               ^ Heart + Pouch ^


                                ^ Cluster Earrings ^


                            ^ Onyx Necklace ^


                           ^ Garnet Vine Necklace ^


                         ^  Mariposa Earrings ^



                       ^ Onyx Earrings + Bracelet ^


                       ^ Simple Heart Necklace ^


                           ^ Cleopatra Necklace ^


                     ^ Light of Life Necklace ^



And if not $8,000…

Even if I don’t make it to my goal of $8,000 every extra dollar makes a huge difference!! The money will be used in the order of importance, starting with paying for the booths, then shipping & travel, and finally marketing. No matter what, all help will have a huge impact on being able to attend these shows and continue growing KEZI!


Remember…Everything is HAND MADE!


The exciting part of this campaign will be hand making all the items for your donations. I will be making and shipping items in the order they are received. This means the earliest donations will be made and shipped soonest, and those a few weeks into the campaign may have a longer wait time. I average a 1-2 week turn around for orders, however this will be the first time I handle bulk orders, so keep that in mind. Be assured, all orders WILL be filled before the holidays!














Can’t afford to contribute?

That’s ok! What you can do is share, share, share!!!

Use the Indiegogo share tools!

—Share on Instagram, Facebook + Twitter

—Follow us @designbykezi.com


And when you can afford to…shop KEZI !!!

Contact Information:

Olivia Ashjian James

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