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Oct 18, 2016 2:45 PM ET

Archived: ComfyPorts: “Style without Spectacle” Video Game T-shirts. Stop feeling like a walking game ad. Minimalist, abstract, & super soft t-shirts inspired by classic videogames from the 80’s to today.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 18, 2016

ComfyPorts: “Style without Spectacle” Video Game T-shirts

by Justin Sabo


Stop feeling like a walking game ad. Minimalist, abstract, & super soft t-shirts inspired by classic videogames from the 80’s to today.

About this project

Welcome, classic gamers, to ComfyPorts. This Kickstarter will allow me to print my first run of video gaming-inspired t-shirts. I believe nostalgic gaming imagery should be something less literal, something more abstract. 

My silkscreen printer’s minimum order quantity is 12 per shirt, mix-and-match unisex sizes. Everything will be printed in Pittsburgh, PA and globally shipped late November, just in time for holiday gift giving or to pair with the NES Classic (Amazon, open up those pre-orders already! – Ed).

Designs are iconic and without text. I searched for shirts that symbolize the games I grew up with, but mostly found giant logos or designs that felt a bit too “obvious.” Perhaps one day, a passerby recognizes your ComfyPorts t-shirt and you both stop to recall fond memories of growing up and how that game fit into your life.

The fabric and ink used should represent the amount of care put into the designs, so all shirts are going to be printed on the best quality Unisex American Apparel t-shirts (Tri-blend or 50/50, depending on the color needed). The ink is silkscreened, spot printed, and very durable. The fit is a bit slimmer, so it fits all genders.

Lounge around or wear these shirts out, your choice:










I have professionally designed three video games for the Puzzlets hardware platform. Each game was based around a different idea (coding, math, and color theory). My games have been presented at the Game Developers Conference’ Experimental Gameplay Workshop (GDC) and were an IndieCade Finalist. I prefer simple, accessible gameplay and am eagerly awaiting the answer to, “What the heck is the Nintendo NX?!” 

It all started when I played Pitfall on my friend’s Atari then moved onto the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) during Christmas of 1989. Gaming has always been a part of my life and I’m always looking for new, interesting game mechanics to design experiences around.

Here is a random fact about Donkey Kong.

Risks and challenges

Due to the silk screen printing process, specifically spot printing, being so common, the only risk is that the printer has another project and cannot accommodate this one. To mitigate this, I have contacted several other printers that can spot print these shirts.

I have also researched the American Apparel Tri-blend shirts to ensure the colors I have selected are available. Due to the American Apparel 50/50 shirts having a much wider color range, they can be substituted for the Tri-blend, if necessary. I’ll alert everyone and update the shirt imagery if this happens.

I have already researched out shipping methods and costs for global delivery and depending on the success of the project, have friends that can help package larger orders.

Note that these designs fall under derivative works, fair use, commentary, and/or parody. The original creators of the works from which these shirt designs are based have not endorsed them, nor are they licensed in any way. Go art!


Contact Information:

Justin Sabo

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