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Oct 17, 2016 3:02 PM ET

Archived: The Music Site (TheMusicSite.com): A powerful innovative all-in-one social music platform

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 17, 2016

The Music Site (TheMusicSite.com)

A powerful innovative all-in-one social music p……




Introducing TheMusicSite...

The Music Site Logo

A Single Point Of Presence For All Things Music.


The Concept

There are hundreds of websites serving almost 2 billion global users within a multi-billion dollar online music market. Multiple ‘single-solution’ sites compete within their chosen market sectors, predominantly on a like-for-like basis, for the same consumers’ attention, all without any significant competitive advantage.

For the consumer, finding, choosing and accessing any number of solutions for a variety of music and related needs has become painfully fragmented and time consuming, it’s no longer easy or fun. In fact the online music world is bordering on chaos.

So why not create a single comprehensive point-of-presence where creatives AND consumers instinctively go to find music solutions without the fuss, a robust and credible focal point, a single platform synonymous with everything ‘music’. Engaging, rewarding and user-friendly, and encapsulate it all within a vibrant music social network.

The Music Site is Responsive for use on Multiple Devices


Product Features



More than just music.


TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Social Network.  Populated with established and emerging artist profiles combined with music fans from around the world. A feature rich compelling social environment to connect and engage both music consumers with artists and artists with labels. Advanced and scalable, the platform offers all the social features you’d expect. User-targeted features, facilities and services are relevant to each users’ specific music interests and activities making it a more personal and enjoyable environment.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon Music.  With access to 40 million mainstream and emerging tracks to stream or download, we mix established artists with unsigned and emerging music for a completely new music experience.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Player.  Search, filter and discover music, create playlists, share, rate and comment. Continuous play allows cross-platform navigation without losing audio and playlist access. 

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Videos.  A dedicated feature to satisfy the growing demand for video. Browse and discover mainstream and emerging artist video content plus music fans own music related videos. Users can add relevant video content and enjoy social features such as comment, like, favourite and share.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Pictures.  Sharing images of music experiences encourages social interactivity and engagement. Browse and discover artist and fan images by ‘tag’ references, Users add images and enjoy a global social response with comment, like, favourite and share.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Events.  Promote, browse, discover, share, like and comment music events of every type and size, local and global, mainstream and unsigned – including 250,000 global ticketed events.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Lyrics.  Mainstream and members own lyrics synchronised with audio play for a complete experience. Comprehensive search and filtering and social features for user interactivity and engagement.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Merchandise.  Access you favourite bands latest merch, search by band/artist name or simply search the whole superstore for something you like

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Blogs.  Easy to use, artists and fans enjoy the freedom to express what’s important to their music world.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  News.  Global music news, reviews, features, interviews and competitions. Not just mainstream music, importantly we also cover the indie and unsigned ‘local’ music scene many of our members relate to. View the live music news site here.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon

  Search.  This really is the search the end all searches. Discover all of the above with a single search. Search for ‘Sam Smith’ and get not only the artist profile but also their music, lyrics, videos, pictures, events, tickets, blogs and more, plus content about the artist such as fan uploaded media, record labels, events they’re performing at, blogs and news about them. 



 TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon Profile Landing Page. Each profile has a dedicated landing page which guarantees all visitors will see. A perfect promotional tool for those looking to promote a new music release or music video, maybe new label artist, upcoming event etc.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Music Sales. Sell tracks, albums and even music videos via direct on-site ecommerce facilities as well as links to existing outlets like iTunes, Amazon etc. Pick your own price, lets your fans pick a price or offer it for free!

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  On-site Advertising. Our advanced on-site advertising platform allows you to promote your profile/content such as new releases, events, blogs targeted to specific user types to optimise exposure and investment.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Merchandising/Store. Create valuable income by selling direct-to-fan T-shirts, hoodies, caps and more using your own branded band/artist store.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Copyright Registration. Secure, comprehensive and user friendly, our automated online service protects music, lyrics and even logo/artworks from theft or abuse.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Collaboration Suite. Connect and collaborate with other artists and creative talent, create work groups and benefit from the many positive effects of collaboration with no location restricts.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Digital Music Distribution. Global digital music distribution to all the big names in music plus a growing list of smaller music outlets. All income is collected for you with detailed stats including your top selling store and track.

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  YouTube Monetization. Collect a higher rate income from your music when it’s used on YouTube in ANY video, even if it’s not uploaded by you!

TheMusicSite Bullet Point Icon  Support & Resources. Comprehensive support – 260 pre-written music contract templates, industry directories, how-to tutorials and tips, tricks and advice.

Click here to learn more about the features.


 Our Market

Our market is everyone who likes, buys, creates or works in music.

Our total addressable market is global and it’s vast, spanning the full breadth of music consumers, the artists & creative talents as well as the music industry itself.

Music consumers, Artists, Songwriters & Lyricists, DJs & MCs, Record Labels, Producers & Studios,  Venues, Organisers & Promoters,  Agents & Managers, Music supervisors and Companies in Music.


Multiple Revenue Streams



Our unique multiplicity supports numerous revenue streams across the various modules with the added benefit of cross-promotion, up-sell and relational opportunities to create additional incomes.

Access to an ever-growing global user base gives us an invaluable advantage over competition. 

A wealth of further value added features and user engagement solutions that supplement and enhance our existing minimum viable proposition provide almost boundless scale-ability.

Extensive business plans, forecasts and access to a working demo platform can be provided upon request via Fundable.


The Team



Keith Carter - Co-Founder - CEO

Keith is a proven and successful entrepreneur bringing a broad range of business skills and experience to the project. A natural innovator with the ability to identify new business opportunities with a pragmatic and decisive ‘can-do’ mentality. Experience includes database development, project planning, management & leadership.


Josh Carter - Co-Founder - COO

Josh is responsible for the creative design and functionality process of the 250+ web pages within the various modules that make up TheMusicSite.com. With an intimate knowledge of the platform, Josh manages the ongoing development and daily operations with a keen eye for detail.



Stewart Feeney - Artist & Label Acquisition (USA)

Stewart has ‘been there and done that’ and so brings a wealth of experience and relevant expertise, earning his reputation over many years in the music business including solid periods with the likes of with Chrysalis Music, Rondor Music, BMG/Arista and Warner.


Stephen Cirino - Artist & Label Acquisition (USA)

Stephen is a qualified and forward thinking executive with over ten years of experience in the music industry. He brings an abundance of expertise with particular strengths in areas such as record label and artist relations, digital and social media marketing, distribution, digital advertising, supply chain, and go-to-market strategies. 


Steve Boniface - Artist & Label Services

Steve brings with him a broad range of PR and artist promotion experience which forms an integral part of what TheMusicSite is all about, supporting and fostering new artists and creative talent.


Dean Tabor - Community Liaison & Content Management


Lily Cattell - Community Liaison & Content Management



Doug Imrie - Board Advisor

Doug was recently raised to CEO and entrusted with the onerous task to contain, manage and resolve company liquidity problems which, within just two months, Doug made impressive inroads and has now secured an 8 figure sale to the biggest player in Music/Tech.


Lance Phillips - Board Advisor

Sheridans represent some of the biggest names in the music industry, music law is an area for which Sheridans is renowned. Lance provides invaluable legal and supportive advice enhanced by his own knowledge and experience of the music industry.

Contact Information:

Keith Carter

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