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Oct 17, 2016 8:10 AM ET

Archived: investFeed Isn’t Just A Social Network, It’s A Movement. Disrupting Financial Media News By Bringing Transparency To The Stock Market

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 17, 2016


investFeed Isn’t Just A Social Network, It’s A Movement. Disrupting Financial Media News By Bringing Transparency To The Stock Market

A few short years ago, veteran trader and entrepreneur Ronald Chernesky realized that the lack of transparency in the financial system makes it incredibly difficult for the Crowd to profit on Wall Street.

Financial advisors have misaligned incentives and are charging ridiculous fees. The lack of transparency in the markets is a source of asset misallocation, panic, and passivity. Social media adds a human element to investing, but overloads traders with incomplete, sometimes inaccurate information. 

Together with co-founder Andrew Freedman, Ronald Chernesky decided that the world needed something radically new. 

The result? An open community built on trust and transparency where users reveal their portfolios to one another for mutual profit.

Our product connects with your brokerage account to curate verified market positions from real investors and help you assess your own track record against our community of peers, real-time. We use social benchmarking tools and data analytics to help you leverage the knowledge of top-performing investors.









We worked on Wall Street — and didn’t like what we saw. The system is designed to let the bigger fish win, consistently. Smaller investors are isolated and at risk of losing their investments. They cannot compete with corporate firms that use sophisticated algorithms and have the means to make the market.


investFeed is our attempt to reinvent how the world invests their hard-earned savings. We are a community of users supporting each others’ personal finances and investments.

Through information and portfolio transparency, we believe that we can fix Wall Street and deliver a more equitable solution to all. It’s a better alternative to investing and a better way to profit.


The financial markets remain one of the best source of wealth creation. However, learning and understanding how the market works is a challenge for people with little to no exposure to the professional financial community.

investFeed gathers experienced investors, finance students, and anyone looking to increase their personal wealth by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd. We believe that together, we can all really profit from investing.




We also believe that the opacity of the financial system keeps the Crowd from really profiting on Wall Street.

Today, investors have no way of knowing if the self-proclaimed “financial experts” they follow are actually profitable or what they actually do with their money.




Our product integrates with your brokerage account to track every trade. We give you immediate access to the performance and portfolio of every investor who connected their brokerage account. Make truly informed investment decisions and trade with confidence.


Despite ongoing disruptions in the financial industry, 52% individuals lack the confidence to participate in stock investing, either because they don’t trust the market or their ability to play it correctly. Yet, stocks are your best protection against the ravages of inflation. By bringing together veteran and aspiring investors, we believe that the stock market can truly become a more efficient source of wealth creation to all.


We believe that technology can help mitigate the risk associated to investing. Our proprietary analytics and reporting tools leverage data from verifiable investors to gauge market sentiment, create actionable insight, and predict trends and future events. We give every investor the tools they need to make informed decisions and maximize performance.


Stock indexes are currently the only way for investors to measure their performance. We believe this is inaccurate. The best benchmark for investors is other investors. Our social indexes validate your market performance by comparing your track record to similar investors, real-time. This promotes positive behaviors towards stock trading, including competitive spirit and self-motivation.


In the few short months since it launched, investFeed has generated immense momentum:




investFeed is democratizing the financial markets by bringing transparency to personal investing. Here’s how we do it:


Check out the newest updates here! We’re releasing updates quite regularly, so the best place to stay abreast to all the new information is here.










We integrate with your brokerage account to verify and track every opinion posted on investFeed. No more lies. Share your portfolio with the crowd and make better investment decisions together.





Top Reasons Why Individuals Don’t Invest In The Stock Market

checkmark.png Don’t know about stocks

checkmark.png Don’t trust stock brokers

checkmark.png Fear


Information is power and investors trade on information. We believe that education and credibility are critical to truly democratize personal investing. We have created a safe community where anyone can start learning about stocks — and together, profit from investing.











A big thank you to our original investors for making our vision a reality.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.13.04 PM.png

The great news is that we’ve already raised enough money to ensure this project will happen! But we don’t want to stop there. We have a lot more we want to add to investFeed and we need your help to do it!

The money raised on StartEngine will determine which key features and functionality we will be able to build out and bring to the masses.






The financial markets are one of the leading sources of wealth creation – and we think everyone should have access to it. Unfortunately, the system is currently controlled by a select few investors with access to the right information. 

Out-of-touch bankers on Wall St. don’t believe in transparency. Banks only want to back payment apps or complex financial instruments.

We say they’re wrong. We say that there is a large audience of investors that wants transparency and openness built for their personal investing platform. And inside this audience, a significant group of people that have always loved stock market apps, and if given a quality one again, will be happy to use it.





What you’ve seen was put together by a very small team over the past two years. We felt that this vision needed to be shown rather than talked about so we invested our time to build the technical and visual prototype that shows just how investFeed is going to push the limits in online social networks.

You as the investor get the ultimate vote in whether we make this a reality. Your dollars are your votes and the better we do the more resources we’ll have to bring you a great social network.

By meeting or surpassing our target on StartEngine you tell the world that you want a transparency in the financial markets and allow us to make this social network.


Fully transparent, engaging, and simple to use, our platform tracks and reveals the performance, market positions, and sentiment of every contributor to help the world make better investment decisions.


We’ve put significant effort into market technology. Our goal is to capitalize the growth in the investor market, and gain market share in a segment with few similar competitors.


Co-founders Ronald Chernesky and Andrew Freedman are former FinTech founders and already had a successful exit in 2009 with a similar concept. With $0 out of pocket, they have collectively driven over 15k user signups deploying growth strategies.

Our team also includes a head quantitative analyst and risk analytics engineer, who together have developed a system to deliver stock ideas and content that investors can use on-demand.


An avid Twitter user, Ron realized that investors trade on information, but are often mislead by what they read online. He believes that social media has the potential to become a powerful tool to find quality information provided that platforms are built on transparency.


Help us by sharing investFeed with your friends!

Know someone who would be just as stoked as you are about investFeed? Share our campaign with them on social and spread the word. Sharing is caring!






Our hope is that these benefits along with becoming a shareholder in investFeed are compelling enough for you to pledge and help us democratize access to the financial markets.

  • $500 – Proud Supporter! A special mention in our newsletter and a huge thank you on our social media pages.

  • $1,000 – Stock Guru – Our exclusive digital investFeed Stock Investing playbook to learn how to profit from stock investing.

  • $2,000 – investFeeder – Your very own ‘Angel’ badge shining on your investFeed profile + verified ‘blue badge’.

  • $5,000 – investing 101 – We’ll share with you the best-kept trading secrets to become a rockstar investor over a 30-minute virtual session. Can be transferred to the person of your choice.

  • $10,000 – investFeed 101 – Connect face-to-face with the founders, or by phone, Skype, to discuss strategy, marketing, FinTech – and anything else in between.

  • $25,000 – Smart investing 101 – We will personally fly you to New York City for 2 nights of accommodation and stay at one of the city’s most iconic hotels. Spend a fun night out with the investFeed team. (hotel and travel included)

  • $50,000 – The Exchange 101 – The possibility of exclusive access inside the New York Stock Exchange, opportunity to meet with several floor traders with over 20 years experience, followed by a dinner with the founders. Plus 3 nights of accommodation at one of the city’s most iconic hotels and travel included.

Please support us, tell your friends to #FundTheFeed and participate in the discussion. An amazing adventure waits!



We believe that existing solutions don’t give investors the level of transparency and quality information they need to make good investments and mitigate the risk that comes from investing. Our goal is to create a solution that adds value to investors and help them cut out the noise from social media and sensationalized financial news so they can make better investment decisions. 

Here’s how investFeed addresses this problem:

  • Transparency & accountability: Financial market sites don’t let you see if their members are profitable or if they actually invest in the stocks they promote. investFeed lets you see the performance stats, profitability, holding time, etc. of every member on our platform: every user can connect their brokerage account. Each post, trade, and article posted on investFeed is then tracked for performance, enabling you to determine the profitability and credibility of your peers. Our proprietary algorithm then assigns an overall rank to each user to give you all the information you need to decide whose insights matter, and only follow the best investors.
  • Big data: We leverage data from our real community of users to help investors make better decisions. Our social indexes track market sentiment, real-time, and serve as guide for investors looking to validate their performance. Ultimately, we believe that this can help mitigate the risk associated with investing.
  • In-depth strategy: Social investing network sites and Twitter limit their users to 140 characters. We believe that the complex nature of financial discussions requires more depth and substance than that. On investFeed, members are encouraged to go beyond the fluff and detail what motivates an opinion via 500-character posts, trades, articles, and videos.
  • One-click trading: We integrate with 15+ brokerage providers so users can immediately execute a trade from our platform. All trade orders use bank-level encryption to guarantee maximum security.
  • Market info & alerts: investFeed aims at simplifying the trading process by giving busy investors the ability to stay on top of important market news. Users can set trade alerts on mobile and desktop so they never miss an important market update.


We took a look at our space — and didn’t like what existed. 

Investors take a risk when they invest in the stock market. Yet, most players in the FinTech space fail to provide investors with the level of transparency and quality information that can greatly mitigate the risk that comes from personal investing.

The current squad of social media platforms and content solutions are only adding noise and chatter and add no real value to investors. Investors are sick and tired of sensationalized junk coming from financial media and other sources. Worse, when overwhelmed, investors make poor investments due to fear, panic, or apathy.

To give you an idea of why our users need a better way to get market information:

This makes the investment process opaque, corporate, and impersonal. It fails to democratize the markets and doesn’t solve the transparency and accountability problem on Wall Street.

Our goal is to put the power of market information in the hands of everyone and to create a truly transparent stock market. On investFeed, you’ll get access to the real-world trading habits of thousands of investors who participate on the site. 


Irregular Uses of Proceeds

investFeed may incur Irregular Uses of Proceeds which may include but are not limited to the following: vendor fees and expenses paid to the Company’s directors or officers or their friends orfamily, any “Administration Expenses” that are not strictly for administrative purposes, any “Travel and Entertainment” expenses, and any repayment of inter-company debt or back payments; provided however, that the foregoing fees orexpenses, as applicable, exceed $10,000.


Risks and Challenges

We are aiming to revolutionize personal investing. But depending on the funding levels reached, we may have to limit the experience for the initially released app version. Nonetheless, Ronald Chernesky and his team have shown consistently that they are able to develop epic mobile and desktop technology. Even with our very limited funding we have been able to do already a lot of work which is why we can show you not just concept of our new technology, but an extensive demo of it in action. So, we are confident that even with limited means we will be able to deliver an amazing experience.



Ronald Chernesky

20%+ Partner

Andrew Freedman

20%+ Partner

Clayton Lambert


Justin Jovanovic


Mike Ozaltin


Jeff Dayton


Srikant Krishna


Dimple Panchal


Mark Luke Tan


Alex Pitti

Contact Information:

Ronald Chernesky - CEO

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