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Oct 17, 2016 6:47 PM ET

Archived: Empire Diversified Energy, Inc. – While the Company is currently initiating coal-reduction strategies involving increased use of sustainable biomass, its longer-term plans center on zero-emission fuel science.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 17, 2016

Empire Diversified Energy, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

Empire Diversified Energy, Inc. (EDE or the Company) is an OTC markets public company specializing in a new Hybrid Alternative Fuel Pellet, (HAFP). The company’s common stock trades under the symbol MPIR and is currently in the development stage.

Environmental Energy Process
The company’s initial focus is to reduce the amount of coal used in power plants. By introducing sustainable biomass energy forms(HAFP) to replace a significant portion of coal as well as the petroleum coke currently used, the environmental quality of traditional energy generation is greatly enhanced while maintaining full energy output. In laymen terms, we will keep the BTUs consistent with current output levels at the plant while burning a much cleaner and greener fuel for the environment.
Environmental Enhancement
In addition, EDE’s executives are in negotiations with numerous utilities to reduce the fly ash problems that currently exists at all major power plants around the world. Fly ash is a coal byproduct, which represents a serious environmental threat facing all traditional power plants. Empire’s plans will help to remove the fly ash from existing power plants, while replacing certain toxic fuels currently in use worldwide.
Long-Term Environmental Strategies
While the Company is currently initiating coal-reduction strategies involving increased use of sustainable biomass, its longer-term plans center on zero-emission fuel science.

Vertical Integration
The Company is immediately implementing a vertical integration strategy by acquiring all of its supply components, including high BTU, low-ash coal and biomass reserves, patent-able environmental-friendly processes, multi-use assets, and the complete means of production and manufacturing.
 To accomplish this vertical integration, EDE is in the process of closing the acquisition of permitted coal mines from Wellston Coal. Coal from Wellston will be blended at a nearby wash plant and rail site under contract to EDE. Additionally EDE is raising money to purchase Kentucky coal reserves and associated equipment to fulfill an existing contract with NFC mining can produce immediate profitability during the early phases of its environmental energy projects

Products / Services

Hybrid Alternative Fuel Pellet (HAFP)

EDE is currently developing a hybrid alternative fuel pellet (HAFP) that is intended to allow utilities and other enterprises that currently burn solid and gaseous fuel sources to transition from these traditional sources to HAFP’s.

HAFP’s are produced using a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly chemicals, coal fines and silica, producing a fuel source that has similar characteristics of thermal steam coal. The HAFP’s can also employ wood chips in its blend to make the HAFP’s even more flexible in its uses and allow for exportation to Europe, where wood pellets are utilized but produce a much lower energy output.

Composite Energy Pellet

EDE is in extensive negotiations and testing with major power plants throughout the southeastern United States in the near future, and it is Management’s belief that the Company will enter into a long-term contract to provide pellets to a major public utility in early 2016.

Upon financing, plans are to build another Fuel Agglomerator plant at the Onyx Coal site. The Agglomerator will produce low moisture spheroid shaped HAFP’s directly from Fines reclaimed on site.
EDE is currently negotiating with several potential logistics partners to transport the pellets from Appalachia to a southern storage location for immediate distribution to our future customers. The Company has also identified several ports on the southeastern seaboard and is in negotiations to consummate joint venture relationships for distribution and exportation.

Wellston Metallurgical Coal & Wash Plant

The Wellston Coal mines offer a lucrative long term opportunity for blending Fines with high grade Met due to its close proximity to Alpheus site in Gary, West Virginia.

2 million tons of permitted mineable coal and deep mine permits controls access to adjoining property with an additional 2 million tons of mineable coal along with harvestable timber and gas rights & royalties.

The ash plant at Alpheus in nearby Gary, WV. will provide cheap transport and washing. Site has already been prepared and permitted for a previously identified used wash plant to be brought in. Coal reclamation products (fines and high grade coarse) are available at Alpheus for blending. The high grade coarse will be washed with the coal from Wellston to produce a high value Met product at low prices.

Wellston’s coal has been extensively tested and drilled, the perfect match for blending with Fines and Coarse Coal from Alpheus with in excess of $100 million in permitted coal at current prices.

Onyx Coal Project

The Onyx coal Mine located near Prestonsburg, KY, has over 22 million permitted tons of coal. Coal spécifications are 12,300-12,800 BTUs, less than 1% sulfur, 8-10% ash, and approximately 7% moisture.

The plan is to resume mining on the Sand Branch segment of the property with approximately 10 months of surface and highwall mining work remaining.

Along with being the primary coal pellet fuel source, EDE will have the capability to sell over 11,000 clean tons per month, supplying traditional coal end burners with a high quality fuel. This diversification also provides another revenue stream for the Company.

The Onyx coal mine is in an ideal location with a CSX rail load out and a wash plant that will produce 11,000 clean tons per month and ramp up to 17,500 tons per month in first year on just one segment of the mine. The company can invest and expand the mining operations to produce 50,000 tons per month to satisfy all our customers solid fuel needs.



Chief Executive Officer
Frank Rosso

Mr. Rosso is one of the Co-founders of EDE Inc. Currently, Mr. Rosso’s portfolio companies include Empire Coal, Empire International Trading, LLC, Empire International Shipping Lines and Columbus S.A.S. From 1985 to 2001 Mr. Rosso worked on Wall Street and held key positions at several firms, including Morgan Stanley, Gruntal, and Dean Witter. Mr. Rosso was appointed to the positions of Corporate Finance Director, Syndication Manager and Vice President of Investments. Mr. Rosso earned his undergraduate degree from Huron College in South Dakota where he distinguished himself as an All American quarterback in the NAIA conference.

Chief Financial Officer
George Baccash

George Baccash served as lead tax partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers responsible for the delivery of high quality tax services to a diverse multinational client base. With over 38 years of tax consulting experience and 24 years as a partner. George has been partner in charge of tax services for the Jacksonville, Memphis, TN, Jackson, MS and Saudi Arabia offices.

George served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Orange Lake Country Clubs in Kissimmee, FL. George re-joined PwC in 1998. George was also the lead partner responsible for delivery of services to Hilton Worldwide.


Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Frank Rosso

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