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Oct 17, 2016 12:12 PM ET

Archived: The Blazer by Bluffworks: The only blazer you’ll ever need. Our machine washable, wrinkle-free blazer is loaded with pockets, and ready to take on the world.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 17, 2016

The Blazer by Bluffworks

The only blazer you’ll ever need. Our machine washable, wrinkle-free blazer is loaded with pockets, and ready to take on the world.

About this project

After three years of development, we are finally ready to present to you our best product yet – amachine washable, wrinkle-free blazer that looks and feels like wool. 

This is a blazer you can shove in a bag, and comes out looking great every time.

A blazer that stays cool, even when the temperature rises. A blazer you can wear nonstop, with lots of pockets and secret security features to carry your things.

All in a technical package that looks and feels like wool.

We offer the Bluffworks Blazer in:

  • Two Colors: Charcoal Heather and Navy Heather  (This fabric is all new. It coordinates with our existing pants, but is not the other half of a match to make a suit)
  • Two Lengths: Regular and Long
  • Two Fits: Classic and Slim fits, so you can find the fit you need.
  • Sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42,44, 46, 48.


Hey, this is Stefan. I was tired of hot, heavy, uninspired blazers that cost an arm and a leg to dry clean. And that I couldn’t keep looking good and without wrinkles, no matter what I did.

I wanted a blazer I didn’t have to baby. That didn’t necessitate carrying an additional piece of luggage. I’m all about backpacks, not garment bags.

I wanted something that wasn’t so old school, that felt like it was made for me and my active life, instead of feeling like it was out to clip my wings and strap me down for some stuffy formal occasion.

I wanted a blazer I could wear nonstop, and that would keep me warm on the plane, looking good in the office, styled on the street, and appropriate for a nice restaurant or museum.

Lastly, it needed to be equipped with the features — like pockets that close securely — to be ready for wherever I went with it.

I needed a blazer made for my life.

Now that it’s finally here, this is one blazer you or I will ever need.






In designing the blazer’s pockets, we considered the full range of storage requirements: what needed to be accessed quickly, what needed to be secured (like with a zipper), and what needed to be secretly hidden.

We attempted to strike a balance between carrying as much as possible, including some larger items – like an iPad mini – without overloading the garment.

We used lightweight materials, including a mesh backing, to maintain breathability and reduce weight.

We’re thrilled with the result; a size 40 blazer came in at 1lb 6 oz



Video Walkthrough of How To Determine Your Size

 project video thumbnail


Don’t see your size?

The blazer is easily tailored. See our FAQ for details. Need a size we don’t offer? Email us at team@bluffworks.com and maybe we’ll add it during the campaign.

A Typical Journey

This summer, I took the blazer to France and wore it nonstop –


We’re going to deliver you a great blazer. Here’s why – 

First, look at my backing history. I understand what Kickstarter is about and take my obligation to backers seriously.

Second, with two prior successful projects, and thousands of happy backers, you can trust we are committed to delivering this project as designed.

This isn’t a prototype. We can actually produce this blazer:

  • We have the fabric already in NYC.
  • We have the factory ready, the same partner with whom we’ve sewn thousands of pairs of pants.
  • We have already made blazers, producing almost 40 samples in preparation for production.

When you back us, you can trust this project will come to life. Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.

All we need is your support…

The blazer is completely machine washable.

For best results, we recommend:

  • Machine wash warm.
  • Hang or tumble dry on medium. After 5 or 10 minutes, the blazer will be nearly dry and you can remove. 

Does it really not wrinkle out of the washer / dryer? It’s true. Take a look – 

 project video thumbnail


  • Step 1 – Jump in the water.
  • Step 2 – Wring out the Blazer.
  • Step 3 – Hang in your hotel room.
  • Step 4 – Wear the next day.

Here are a few actual pics of from that day –




If you’re an international backer, you may have to pay import duties, taxes, or fees when your shipment arrives.

If your country charges any sort of tax or fee on your shipment, it’s your responsibility to pay it.

Please see our FAQ below for full information on how we prepare shipments for customs, and how this can effect the importing process.

If your blazer doesn’t fit, we will be happy to exchange it for you.

We accept exchanges within a window, 90 days from date of shipment.

To initiate an exchange, contact us at team@bluffworks.com.

To understand the details of exchanges costs, and possible costs to you, please see our Kickstarter exchange policy in the FAQ.

Your support on Kickstarter is designed to help us bring the product to life, and enables you early access to our new products at a discount.

Because of this special arrangement, we do not accept returns of Kickstarter products either for refunds or store credit. If you’re not comfortable with this, we suggest you wait until the blazer is in stock to buy on our store sometime in 2017.

I’m Stefan Loble, the founder of Bluffworks.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a taste for adventure and big challenges. When the Financial Crisis of 2008 struck, my job went from great to miserable. With so many good people out of work, I felt trapped in my job to cover the high cost of having a family in NYC.

During this time I found Kickstarter, and became passionate about supporting other people’s dreams and launching my own. To date, I’ve backed over 200 projects on Kickstarter. You can see them at: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/594084262.

Rather than find myself stuck again in the future, I vowed to finally pursue my dream and began working on Bluffworks. (Once it was over, I wrote an honest LinkedIn profile, telling the full story of my career at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanloble )

First Kickstarter – I launched my first kickstarter project for our original pant in 2012, and it was a great success.

In 2015, I launched our Ultimate Travel Chino, also on Kickstarter.

Now we’re back, with our best project yet.

We are committed to the Kickstarter community, and look forward to delivering an innovative, high quality product on time.


Risks and challenges

They are always there… risks to a project. And no one writing this section of a kickstarter campaign has ever said “these risks could sink us!”

Sorry, us neither. We don’t think the project is going to fail, for the reasons we outline below. But, there are a few important things you should know:

Fabric Problems – The material required for the for the December and January rewards is already in NYC. If there was to be a quality problem with the fabric, we haven’t detected it yet.

Sewing Issues – We are using the same factory that produces our pants to sew the jackets in NYC. We have already made 40 samples so we are working out the kinks.

Getting Your Size Info – This is a risk. If you don’t check out with your size information on schedule, your reward may be delivered late.

Shipping – We’re using our normal shipping operations, all with tracking information, including for international. We don’t use USPS overseas due to issues with reliability.

The Blazer Doesn’t Fit – To understand the details of exchanges costs, and possible costs to you, please see our Kickstarter exchange policy in the FAQ.

You Don’t Like the Blazer – There isn’t a lot we can do about this one. We don’t accept returns on Kickstarter items because we use your funds to bring the product to life for the first time. This is the tradeoff of a discounted reward. If you are looking for greater certainty in this regard we suggest waiting until the product is available for normal sale next year. But really, the blazer is awesome. We don’t know anyone who hasn’t loved it yet!

Those are the risks as we see them.

Contact Information:

Stefan Loble

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