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Oct 17, 2016 11:47 AM ET

Archived: AdviceRobo – Applying new data and machine learning to support lending to Millennials & SME’s.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 17, 2016

Applying new data and machine learning to support lending to Millennials & SME’s.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The financial sector is being revolutionized with big data driven financial technologies. We believe they will fundamentally change the slow, difficult and boring customer experiences in consumer & business finance. These new data-driven technologies will include segments like Millenials, start-ups and SME’s not being served by traditional banks and will reduce risks.

AdviceRobo (a brand of AdviceGames) eats risk for breakfast to empower the underserved! With its machine learning platform “CreditRobo” AdviceRobo delivers instant credit scoring for credit rating, default, cross buy and churn prediction that increase customer life time value at lower risk. The instant scores are applied in lending processes for lenders wanting to serve the 4.5 billion underserved customers worldwide. CreditRobo also supports these lenders with predictive scoring to increase customer engagement, reduce defaults and non-performing loans. CreditRobo’s secret sauce is in its deep scientific psychographic scoring models. It’s the psychographic which makes us eat risk for breakfast.

AdviceGames is the legal holding entity and therefore the investment will go into this company. However we operate under the brand name of AdviceRobo. This investment will only be used to scale AdviceRobo and the underlying product CreditRobo.



Contact Information:

Diederick van Thiel - CEO

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