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Oct 15, 2016 2:39 PM ET

Archived: Terrific TV for A Tiny Town: CHALK TV is starting an information micro TV enterprise on the web to serve a small town of 18000 and its district of 125000

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 15, 2016

Terrific TV for A Tiny Town

Terrific TV for A Tiny Town project video thumbnail

CHALK TV is starting an information micro TV enterprise on the web to serve a small town of 18000 and its district of 125000


About this project

CHALK TV – An information micro TV enterprise serving a small town and its district 

KISS. Yes, that’s right, KISS. Marketeers know well that KISS means Keep IT Simple Stupid. So let’s keep it simple. CHALK TV is as simple as it gets. It is a micro web based television company producing short sharp weekly news, food, entertainment and ‘catch the robber’ programmes for the tiny town of Lewes in the English county of East Sussex. Lewes has a small population. Just 18000. It’s a TINY TOWN. But the surrounding District has 125000 people and as such deserves its own TV service. CHALK TV, with its TV for a TINY TOWN service is about to change that, CHALK TV is going where no British TV company has dared go before. It is a truly local TV enterprise, producing truly local TV programmes for truly local people. Not for regions. Not for cities, but for a small English town and the villages surrounding it. It’s not rough and tumble TV. 

People.Our programmes are produced by leading retired professionals, who live in this tiny town. Producers, presenters, camera crews, graphic artists and more, who have worked for top TV companies in Britain, US, Canada, Africa, Australia, across Europe and the Middle East and who now want to use their skills to bring a vital news and information service to the TINY TOWN where they live. Every person who works on producing CHALK TV lives in the Tiny Town and knows that the rich and colourful life of small towns can be as intriguing to people outside their community as those who live there. A recent TV programme CHALK TV produced on a local pub brought accolades from international viewers “That’s what we never see. The weird, wonderful, esoteric customs and peculiarities of English daily life. A dog buying a pint of beer in a ‘Pub’ with a beer mat”. 

TV Town.CHALK brings this rich tapestry of British tiny town life, not only to its local people through TV on the web, but to TV companies in the UK and overseas through its Facebook connections with former TV and news colleagues who work in telly around the globe. CHALK is truly micro TV but with a vast panoply of international outlets eager to see it succeed. So join the CROWD and help FUND our early days. You’ll be richer for it in more ways than one.

Risks and challenges

There are always risks with any new enterprise. CHALK TV is a totally new concept in community TV, so we don’t downplay the extra risks with this project.. But all the signs are positive. First of all, key staff are all TV professionals. They are all passionate about bringing watchable TV programmes to Lewes, its nearby towns and communities. And we can fulfill that promise. We are former BBC, ITV, Reuters, CNBC, PBS, CBC and ABC people, some retired, some still freelance, all with vast industry and training experience.
We are dedicated to developing a brand new concept in TV. We are dedicated to bringing a TV service to the heart of the community and offer training to local youngsters and older folk too, to work in TV and develop their talents. Our rules are simple. (Remember KISS) If you have dedication to hard work, show the slightest glimmer of talent and you are local, we will do our damnedest to turn you into a TV professional, through working in live TV, Real TV, on the ground, on location and in the studio. It helps bring the much needed information service to our community and we are dedicated to giving our young people a helping hand on the first rung of their career ladder.
Let’s face it. Growth will be slower and a bit more painful if we don’t reach our target of £20000. But we are a hard working, dedicated bunch and we will keep CHALK TV going come what may.
We recognise the huge contribution crowd funders will make, not only in financial support but in moral support, support for the adventurous, the daring and those whose wonderful imagination can help bring this unique project to fruition. Oh and we need a few bits of equipment. Notice how tinny the sound is on the video!!!) Quality TV for a quality audience. That’s CHALK. Oh and yet another success factor. We’ve asked the local people whether they want us.And they DO. aaaa hum Sorry. Yet one other thing, Some bigger broadcasters say they will rebroadcast our programmes so the world can view us as well and we have our first commission in the bag.


Contact Information:

Keith Hayes

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