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Oct 14, 2016 11:47 AM ET

Crowdability: Wolfprint 3D – Network of 3D Scanners

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 14, 2016

Wolfprint 3D


Network of 3D Scanners






Gaming, Internet Software & Services

Wolfprint believes that the future of Virtual Reality goes beyond individual experiences. It believes that VR will allow for social participation in virtual worlds.

Despite the enormous potential for social participation in VR, there are problems…

For example, Wolfprint believes that to make VR truly social, every person needs a unique 3D avatar — but the only way to create a realistic life-like avatar is by using 3D scanning.

Currently, high-quality 3D scans can cost over $500. In addition, 3D scanners on the market are typically large and require an operator. The cost of production limits scalability.

A cost-effective, scalable 3D scanning solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost could allow every individual to have a realistic virtual 3D avatar. Wolfprint 3D seeks to provide that solution and to position itself to be the company that brings real people into VR.

The Solution
Step 1: Cost-Effective, Scalable 3D Scanning Booths

Wolfprint is building a global network of 3D scanning booths. These booths are cool-looking: they look like big eggs.

Unlike existing scanners, its proprietary booths produce studio-quality scans autonomously (i.e. with no operator needed) at a fraction of the current cost.

Step 2: API & Database of 3D Scans

Every human scan is automatically added to Wolfprint’s growing database. Through the Wolfprint API, developers around the world will be able to bring “real people” into their VR applications, such as games or shopping apps. Instead of generic avatars, users will be able to use their own personal avatars in various VR and gaming experiences.

The entire scanning process takes less than 90 seconds. Here are the steps that a user goes through:

– Steps into the scanner
– Pushes “Start a scan”
– Makes a scan, confirms
– Enters contact details
– Done

After making a scan, customers get access to Wolfprint’s web content platform, which enables:

1. Up-selling of licensed characters, 3D printed figurines, animations and other experiences; and

2. Connecting its customers with games, VR applications, and other third party providers — for example, virtual fitting solutions for clothing, or ordering custom sunglasses.


Haver Järveoja – COO & Co-Founder

During his time as a university student, Haver founded a consulting company to help foreigners conduct business in Estonia.

In 2015, he was chosen as Estonian Business School student of the year.

He formerly worked at LHV Bank, and was a Country Manager for Students For Liberty (US NGO).

Timmu Tõke – CEO & Co-Founder

Timmu brings a life-long passion for entrepreneurship, having founded his first company when he was 16.

Before co-founding Wolfprint, Timmu acted as Managing Partner for an Estonian clothing brand.

Timmu studied Business Management at Estonian Business School and software development at Estonian IT College. 

Kaspar Tiri – Business development & Co-Founder

Kaspar brings a variety of entrepreneurship experiences, including helping to build a wakeboarding business, and creating a night club business.

Rainer Selvet – CTO & Co-Founder

Rainer has been working on 3D projects for close to 8 years.

While finishing his degree in Computer Science at Tallinn University of Technology, he lectured Tartu Art School students on 3D concepts including realtime 3D content creation and game engines.


Startup Wise Guys

Wise Guys Investments is an investment company founded by private Estonian investors together with venture capital fund SmartCap. The core activity of Wise Guys is to invest in early stage technology companies. To enhance the investment potential, it runs an accelerator program called Startup Wise Guys.


Contact Information:

Haver Järveoja - COO & Co-Founder

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