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Oct 13, 2016 9:01 AM ET

Archived: Colossal Cryptos – Keep your files safe and your passwords classy!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 13, 2016

Colossal Cryptos

by Viliam Langsch

Keep your files safe and your passwords classy!

About this project

What is Colossal Cryptos?

Colossal Cryptos is aiming to be a portable application to encrypt and decrypt files of a relatively small size (e.g. images, text document, PDF files). It is designed with ease of use in mind to be suitable for anyone, even people who have never used encryption software before.

What makes Colossal Cryptos different from software of similar functions?

Colossal Cryptos is a portable application unlike many similar software, meaning that you can launch it from external storage devices (e.g. flash drive, memory card) on any computer that it is compatible with, without a need for any installation.

What is unique about it, is that instead of you having to remember the password to the encrypted file, it generates an image (Key) to your file which (at least according to the people I showed it to) looks classy. This image will be made up of two colors; both of your choosing. This allows for easy management of your keys.

How safe will my files be after encrypting them with Colossal Cryptos?

The encryption algorithm implemented is a standard algorithm used for encryption with the same goal in mind. The password is 32 digits long and each digit can have one of 126 values; this gives a total of 16,287,613,074,558,508,275,348,747,877,247,914,398,337,220,009,694,096,299,407,888,613,376
 possible password combinations.


  • Compatibility with Windows 7, 8, 10 (For now)
  • Portability; No need for installation
  • Simple Interface
  • Custom Colored Keys
  • Uses Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Uses 256 bit key and 128 bit IV

Risks and challenges

None. I already have a working pre-alpha version of Colossal Cryptos – which, if anything goes wrong – could be released and would fulfill everything it promises to fulfill. I need the funds to make it as close to perfect as I possibly can. Even if this funding would fail, I will still release it eventually, but not as soon as I would like to.

Contact Information:

Viliam Langsch

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