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Oct 13, 2016 3:30 PM ET

Archived: Carl Posey x IDILVICE – this Co-op will fund a part of the no-brainer pop art fashion collaboration between renowned photographer Carl Posey and clothing brand IDILVICE™, which will exclusively feature some of Carl Posey’s photographs of celebrity music artists on clothing designed and produced by IDILVICE™ in the U.S.A.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 13, 2016

Carl Posey x IDILVICE™


Oakland, CA


Dear Kickfurther Community,

this Co-op will fund a part of the no-brainer pop art fashion collaboration between renowned photographer Carl Posey and clothing brand IDILVICE™, established in 1995 (helping each others businesses flourish since 1998), which will exclusively feature some of Carl Posey’s photographs of celebrity music artists on clothing designed and produced by IDILVICE™ in the U.S.A. 

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The entities are Carl Posey Photography and IDILVICE Clothing. Both were established in the early 1990s and have experienced exponential growth and expansion over the years. Demand for IDILVICE’s original Fan Art clothing concept pieces are at an all time high and we need to keep producing new designs and fill our customers needs for all different types of tastes in culture and style.

We are now entering yet another new exciting stage in this long standing partnership. Along with continuing to provide all visuals for IDILVICE’s brands, Carl Posey’s archival images will be added to the brands rooster of icons and add a nice chunk of newwearable fan art designs to the Hip Hop and Rap music icons clothing category already available through IDILVICE.com, with the added bonus of total exclusivity to IDILVICE. In the same manner as IDILVICE features icons such as The Beatles, Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, Ice-T, etc. on her clothing, the brand will design a variety of different clothing styles ranging from skirts, dresses to sweatshirts, etc. with the printed material of this Co-op and beyond. As always, with at least an eye and finger at the production control switch IDILVICE will be able diversify, depending on demand and actual sales numbers and offer dresses and skirts in addition. 

The Carl Posey x IDILVICE designs will be sold via FBA Amazon Prime through the long standing e-commerce sites IDILVICE.com, CarlPosey.com as well as Ebay.com and the recently added Amazon.com brand account.

This Coop only accounts for a percentage of Carl Posey x IDILVICE™ overall designs being produced. We intend to pay back our backers as early as possible and will use all of our businesses profits to do so.

As brands that are almost exclusively available online since 2004, with a few exceptions of brick and mortar boutiques carrying a selection of our lines, we believe that the backing via Kickfurther.com brings us in contact with a new generation of investors which understand the potential and long standing power and growth of the internet and that being part of this online community will further promote our contemporary brands and e-commerce businesses. So thank you all for making this possible and for giving us a platform here! 

About Carl Posey x IDILVICE™


Carl Posey and IDILVICE. 

Together, these two power house names have created and put out some of the best ad campaigns and products and now are putting their heads together in this unique exclusive fashion collaboration which adds even more diversity to the IDILVICE clothing collection. It’s destined to leave a mark just like many of their published works during the past 2 decades. Individually, the two separate entities have pushed their peers to the limit of their abilities by raising the bar high. They managed to influence their industries as notorious fast forward trendsetters and they count to the top creatives in their fields. 

We are small businesses and our mission is to provide excellent quality products to our customers without compromise. Unless we’re working on an assignment with a vision to be followed, we tend to follow our own gut when it comes to creative decisions and so far we have fared well with this concept and it has set us apart. We believe that we have a unique vision which brings us in touch with a world wide, loyal fan base and followers who become largely very happy repeat customers.

We have come a long way nurturing long standing business relationships within our industries and we have no plan to stop marching on any time soon. Over the years we’ve performed this design/production/selling scenario several times over and we know what to expect and what it takes and we are flexible enough to navigate disruptions if they present themselves.

Growth happens at a rapid paste now, with many eyes on us, and we want to keep being innovative and at the forefront of what is happening in fashion and e-commerce in order to capitalize in on it.




About the owner


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CARL POSEY | carlposey.com

Renowned photography professional, a graduate from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with 20 plus years of work experience with assignments in advertising, portraiture and documentary based out of New York City venturing out into the rest of the world.

His work has been published in countless magazines ranging from the New York Times to Traveler Conde Nast and been commissioned to museums nationwide. His imagery for advertising agencies has garnered top prizes and awards. 

Virgin Airlines, Astra Zeneca, Burger King and Home Depot, etc. are just some of his many notable clients. Carl has a vast collection and archive, particularly his Hip Hop and Rap Music artist portraits, some of which are being exclusively released for the first time in this Co-Op. 


IDILVICE | idilvice.com

From the city of Saint Gallen, Switzerland, this designer has a masters degree in graphic design and more than 2 decades of hands on experience in the fashion industry with her two trademark fashion brands IDILVICE and Elastic Wonder, overseeing local sourcing and production in New York City, since 1995. She was also one of the first brands to embrace e-commerce and has gathered valuable insight on bestselling styles. Her rebellious designs have influenced top designer houses around the world and the fashion industry as a whole. Traces of her style are evident everywhere today. The designer is not only known for inventing a market for pop art clothing lines, but for her tireless fight and promotion to keep manufacturing in the U.S.A., specifically the New York Garment District. In 2009 The New Yorker Magazine reported IDILVICE to being one of the very few left, besides Oscar De La Renta and Anna Sui in their article “On and Off the Avenue Made in USA”.  Her fashion shows are regularly broadcast on the evening news on Swiss National TV. In 2002 IDILVICE was nominated to the design the clothing concept for the Expo02 Swiss National Exhibit staged only once every 60 years. IDILVICE also notably was commissioned to design a couture collection for Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee. Recently, the brands attracted several private investors and is growing exponentially.




Carl Posey x IDILVICE DMX T-Shirt:

DMX by Carl Posey premium 100% cotton men’s T-Shirt Tie Dyed and featuring Chenille Varsity Letter Patches. Silk screen print & Gold Foil detailing. Special limited edition Carl Posey by IDILVICE exclusively available from IDILVICE. 100% cotton. Made in the U.S.A.

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IDILVICE Depeche Mode T-Shirt Skirt:

The ultimate new wave essential. Don’t miss it! Original screen print on 100% soft touch cotton knit (stretchy), combined with a XX-heavy rib knit waist drawstring band. Machine was in cool water, line dry, touch up with steam iron on the reverse side.

All IDILVICE clothes are original, genuine and freshly hand made in the U.S.A. 

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Carl Posey x IDILVICE Quest Love T-Shirt:

Original screen print on 100% soft touch cotton knit (stretchy) front and back. Machine wash in cool water, line dry, touch up with steam iron on the reverse side.

All IDILVICE clothes are original, genuine and freshly hand made in the U.S.A. 

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Original silk screen print on 100% cotton knit (stretchy) featuring a rib knit waist band with drawstring. Made in the U.S.A. 

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Optional design choices:

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Contact Information:

Carl Posey x IDILVICE

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