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Oct 12, 2016 7:33 AM ET

Archived: LGBTea.com – Let’s all Love and drink tea! We have fused our love of tea and LGBT Rights to form LGBTea.com

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2016
Let’s all Love and drink tea! We have fused our love of tea and LGBT Rights to form LGBTea.com

The good things in life are meant to be enjoyed by all, finding love, marrying the ones you love, public displays of affection, no matter race, ethnicity or gender – tea is no exception and that is why LGBTea.com has fused their love of tea and their need for justice and equality for the LGBT community worldwide. To find out more about us and our mission please visit www.LGBTea.com


Welcome to LGBTea.com

The freedom and good things in life are meant to be enjoyed, tea is no exception.

LGBTea.com was founded by Katerina Markakis. Katerina has been a tea lover for many years. Sampling and finding interesting and exotic flavors has always been one of her distinct passions. Her knowledge of tea, its benefits, history and how their unique flavors blend has propelled her to launch her popular blog 1001teafacts.com which attracts thousands of tea lovers,  drinkers and even the novices of tea who are interested in finding out the great health benefits tea has to offer.

Katerina, being a lifelong avid supporter of LGBT civil rights, brainstormed an idea that it would be a dream come true to form a business where both her passions can be married into a beautiful union, which she has cleverly named LGBTea.com. Katerina is married to her wonderful and loving husband George and from that marriage she has learnt first-hand the impact of what discrimination can do to people who chose to be happy in a perceived “unconventional” way. Katerina’s marriage to George is what you would call a May-December marriage. Through their experience, they have learnt first-hand not only how to overcome this, but it has given them the ability to encourage others to embrace their rights to love and live freely and openly. LGBTea.com formed out her love for the LGBT community, will be a guiding light for the LGBT community, giving them access to discussion forums, LGBT directory and resources and of course a marketplace for flavorful and exotic teas from around the world. Let’s all just love, laugh, live and drink tea!


Our Mission

LGBTea.com feels strongly about the civil liberties for all, but most importantly for the LGBT community. We are striving to create a global initiative where all are accepting and supportive of the right to love, live and enjoy life the way we choose. With Katerina’s passion for tea, LGBTea.com will make it its endeavor to encourage the LGBT community to embrace their individuality while offering the finest and freshest teas and ingredients and other tea related items sourced worldwide. We are committed to operate in a socially responsible manner, protecting and nurturing a diverse and accepting culture for future generations.

Our Teas

How We Support Our Community

LGBTea.com is a strong supporter of LGBT rights and Civil rights in general. As such, we have been a supporter of many organizations that fight for equal liberty. Some of the ones we are a member of include the HRC, The Trevor Project and LGBT Foundation. To further solidify our support for the LGBT community, we are forming the LGBTea Foundation, a non-profit organization that will be committed to providing the much needed support and resources the LGBT community needs in areas such as youth advancement and civil liberties on a whole.

In addition to selling tea, LGBTea.com will also be an outlet where people can participate in our LGBT Communities discussions and forums as well as to be able to find LGBT friendly companies and resources in our LGBT Directories worldwide.

LGBTea Communities

LGBTea Directories

LGBTea Marketplace

Our main purpose is to be more than just a tea company; we will be a guiding light for tea lovers and the LGBT community worldwide.


Goal to reach! $25,000

Our Goal

The goal of this campaign is to give us the capital we need to order more products from countries worldwide. We at LGBTea.com believe is providing our customers with the best products such as a vast variety of exotic teas, gifts, books and tea ware from artisans across the globe.

We are also in need of funding to brand our products with our own unique packaging as well as creating our uniquely designed Tea and LGBT gift baskets for all occasions. We are also in need of a warehouse space for storage as well as a distribution point.

Even though our website is partially complete, three of our main core areas are yet to be developed. These are our LGBT Marketplace, LGBT Directories and LGBT Communities. These three areas will be an integral part of our business as it lets us be somewhat of an encyclopedic website for all things Tea and LGBT. Customers will be able to find resources, news, LGBT friendly listings, curated tea and LGBT blogs, Tea facts and exquisite artisan products from across the world.

We will also be opening the opportunity for Cafes and restaurants worldwide to be a part of our community with our LGBTeas Served Here Program listed below:

LGBTeas Served Here Program:

This gives Cafes, Restaurants, etc, the opportunity to join our program which will give them, not only an enhanced directory listing, along with the marketing features they chose, but also a tea assortment box to be able to serve LGBTeas in their establishment along with a “LGBTeas Served Here” Window decal for their front window.  These Establishments will be promoted online as a place where people can go and enjoy our teas.


We are all for giving back to the community and the cause we serve. By backing our campaign, a portion of all sales of our perks will be donated to the LGBTea Foundation. As mentioned above, the LGBTea Foundation is being formed to help provide much needed resources for the LGBT community. 


What will the funds be used for?

  • Develop our product packaging
  • Acquire a warehouse for storage and distribution
  • Get the word out – Marketing our brand and cause
  • Website development – Creating our LGBT Marketplace, LGBT Communities and LGBT Directory portals
  • Product acquisition of exotics teas, tea ware, books, Gifts and Gift Baskets
  • Implementing our Cafes/Restaurant participation program


What’s in it For You? 

Because we are so grateful for your contribution, we have some great perks available to show just how happy we are that you have chosen to be an integral part of our start-up team.

Mouth Watering Perks

Not only can you purchase all perks listed on our campaign, but you also have the option of buying them for friends and family for the holiday season and we will send them as gifts on your behalf. How neat is that?!! We’ve got you covered for the holiday season.

Please note:

  • We can only Ship the Above 5 Perks to the USA and the European Union
  • If you purchase a Perk that requires you to make a selection of Tea(s), you will receive an email survey at the end of the Campaign for you to provide us with your selections and any other instructions you have for us!

Please Note: Gift cards can be used on our site at www.LGBTea.com for Teas, Teaware & Gifts, Books, Gift Baskets and much more. Please provide the email address of the recipients you would like the gift cards to be sent to for the holidays. An explanation on how to redeem their gift cards will be explained within the email.

Don’t think our perks stop here…not a chance! We want to give you the opportunity to read all the wonderful things your support will help us achieve. Bellow, you will find our additional, AMAZING perks in the form of gift baskets packaged with our teas that you’ll just want to devour.


Now for those delectable additional perks I mentioned

Please Note:

Gift baskets can only be shipped to the continental United States and , if tea(s) selections are required, you will be sent  a survey at the completion of the campaign to determine your tea choices.


Contact Information:

Aikaterini Markakis

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