Join me in my journey to stage a GRAND RHINO LAUNCH TOUR to kick start The Rhinos Are Coming!!! initiative raising money to fight the war on poachers. - iCrowdNewswire

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Oct 12, 2016 6:13 AM ET

Join me in my journey to stage a GRAND RHINO LAUNCH TOUR to kick start The Rhinos Are Coming!!! initiative raising money to fight the war on poachers.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2016


We are crowd funding to build ten life-size blank Rhinos and have them painted by ten talented artists from our community. The ten gorgeous Rhinos will tour Cape Town and surrounds on top of a flat bed truck re-imagined as a festival float. They’ll be raising awareness for the The Rhinos are Coming!!! – a 3 month Outdoor Art Exhibition which will animate Cape Town in the summer of 2017 / 2018 raising funds to protect our rhinos. With your support we’ll secure a safer future for our rhinos

About This Project




Every year more than a thousand of these magnificent creatures are hacked to death for their horns to feed the markets in the Far East with sham medicinal products. Funds are needed now and always to protect our beautiful rhinos. If we don’t  do it – then who will?

Join me in my journey to stage a GRAND RHINO LAUNCH TOUR to kick startThe Rhinos Are Coming!!! initiative raising money to fight the war on poachers. 

It all started when I visited Chicago in the nineties. While strolling about the city I came across this phenomenal Outdoor Art Exhibition called COW PARADE. Life sized sculptures of cows, stunningly painted and embellished by local artists, confronted me on street corners, parks and plazas. As a designer I was spellbound! Then I learned that this extraordinary Exhibition was also raising money for charity – WOW!

Back in Cape Town years later – I saw the terrible things that were happening to our rhinos. It came to me in a flash! OUR artists could paint RHINOS instead of cows. We could bring to the city a world class Art Exhibition – and at the same time raise tons of money for the war on poachers!

And so The Rhinos Are Coming!!! initiative was born.

The Rhinos Are Coming!!! Is simply a no-brainer for Cape Town with its historic city centre and safe city streets where people can stroll and explore. And of course its wonderful tourist hubs dotted all over the Peninsular. Who wouldn’t enjoy a fabulous Outdoor Art Exhibition such as this? The program will benefit so many sectors and groups, 

The Three Pillars of The Rhinos Are Coming!!! Art Exhibition.

•      TOURISM – to promote Cape Town internationally and nationally as a destination and Centre For The Arts.

•      ART – Our talented artists will showcase their work to tens of thousands of people. 

•      CONSERVATION – An opportunity for everyone to join in the war on poachers and help save our rhinos.

My imagination went into overdrive!

For three glorious summer months, a crash (herd) of life-sized sculptures of Rhinos, dazzlingly brought to life by South Africa’s talented artists, famous and emerging, will stampede through our streets and public places creating laughter and joy at every encounter.

Visitors will arrive in droves and be blown away, (and not just by the South Easter). I imagined bumping into Rhinos hiking on top of Table Mountain or on the Parade, or guarding the Castle. Rhinos will even be seen protesting outside Parliament. (after all, this is a democracy). 

Tourists and locals will follow the Rhinos around by studying an Official Rhino Trail Map and will take SELFIES together with the Rhinos to win prizes.

We presented the concept to Cape Town City Council who loved it and will support us with services and promotion on all their platforms. Then Cape Town Tourism came on board and will support us too, and Cape Town Partnership. They anticipate that the Exhibition will bring more tourists than ever flooding into Cape Town from all around the world to see the Rhinos. The economic impact on Cape Town will be unparalleled. 


School kids will paint half sized rhinos and learn about wildlife conservation. Our children are the future guardians of our rhinos.


At the end of the Exhibition the Rhinos will be auctioned both On Line and at a Live Gala Event. 

100% of the the proceeds from the auction will go to

Elise Daffue founded SRP in 2010.

I love the fact that SRP donates 100% of the funds they raise to support wildlife reserves on the front line. 

So why are we Crowd Funding?

                        THE GRAND RHINO LAUNCH TOUR

We will build ten blank life-size rhinos and have them painted by ten talented artists. These gorgeous beasts will become our GOLDEN RHINO AMBASSADORS. 

On February 1st 2017 the ten Golden Rhinos will lumber aboard their nattily decorated festival float and tour Cape Town and surrounding towns and villages including the Winelands for two months. 

They’ll create havoc, kick up a fuss and generally attract masses of media attention to themselves.

They’ll interview celebrities, hang with the artists, play their favourite music, flirt with the paparazzi and invite themselves to famous Wine Estates for wine tastings. The wine estates will arrange special events in their honour for their guests to meet and greet the Rhinos.

The Grand Rhino Launch Tour will publicise The Rhinos are Coming!!! initiative and inspire individuals and businesses to sponsor Rhinos. It will be covered extensively by the press and all who see this as an upbeat more lighthearted approach to raising money for protecting our rhinos.



A skilled sculptor creates a Maquette, which is a miniature clay model of the rhino shape we require, Details such as the position of the feet, the length of the horn, the posture of the rhino, etc., are carefully considered. Then comes the upscaled Model and Mould. And finally the full sized Rhinos will be cast from the mould.

Making the first miniature – then the life-size rhino clay model, and then the mould – are super-expensive!

So are ten castings of the first ten blank rhinos and an honourarium to the artists who will be painting the rhinos.


Your decision to become a backer of our program will not go un-rewarded.

There are fabulous Rewards offered as Thank You’s for your generosity. 

At the top level you will may choose from

*   Adventure Safaris,

*   Holidays at Game Lodges. 

*   Nights for two people at five star hotels

At the middle level you may be rewarded with

*   Meals at top restaurants

*   High Tea for Two at The Mount Nelson

At the lowest rung you may:

*   Join the Rhinos for a day  on board their flat bed truck, mingling with celebrities, tasting wine at wine estates.

*   A handcrafted notebook with our logo on the cover.

*   Rhi-Noses. A small rhino horn for the front of your car

And many more at various levels.

Check out our REWARDS tab for a full list. 


Make a pledge for our rhinos. It’s up to us to save them!


A big thank you to Marwell Wildlife UK for allowing us to use images of their wonderful painted Rhinos until we have painted Rhinos of our own
The Team

Our trusted team of skilled supporters, giving of their time and talents to help make TRAC a success.


Elise Daffue; founder of Recipient of funds raised to help save the rhinos..

Tommy Brown Lifetree Pictures, Filmmaker. Volunteered to make our Crowd Funding move.

Ferdi Van Der Linde; Helping us with our technology.


Anna Morris: Professional Photographer. Organising Committee.

Rose Hare; Public Relations. Created our PR Campaign. Organising Committee.

Janice Ashby: TRAC Founder, Organising Committee.

Shelley Finch; Handcrafted Brands, Marketing and Sponsorship Management. Organising Committee.

Nicole Rollins. EnOv8; Event Management. Organising Committee.

Contact Information:

[email protected]

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