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Oct 12, 2016 8:49 AM ET

Archived: Crowdability : MVP Worldwide LLC – Mood Vapor Pen

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 12, 2016

MVP Worldwide LLC

Mood Vapor Pen





Alternative Medicine


Sunny Isles, Florida

Choose your “Mood” wisely and feel good without feeling bad! Mood Vapor Pen is a healthy alternative to drugs and alcohol. Vaping herbal extracts with MVP merges Big Pharma and Big-Tobacco, creating an incredible opportunity for profit!

“Vaping” is simply inhaling any kind of vapor–usually through an e-cigarette or vape pen. Vaping is best known for helping thousands reduce or break their nicotine habit. People who have traded traditional cigarettes for e-cigarettes report better health, easier breathing, deeper sleep, and better check-ups at the doctor. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vaping’s potential. Vaping is an incredible delivery system for tapping into the mood-altering powers of virtually all of Mother Nature’s bounty: plants, roots, leaves, fruits, seeds, barks and more. Now you can choose your mood more effectively than ever. Energy. Relaxation. Mental focus. Sexual arousal. Confidence. Happiness. Peace. It’s all available through the magic of the Mood Vapor Pen. It’s important to understand–vaping isn’t smoking. There’s no flame and nothing is burned. Instead, the Mood Vapor Pen creates a fine vapor, like steam. And what isn’t inhaled dissipates immediately, with no after aroma. A Mood Vapor Pen electronically generates just enough heat–without overheating–to release the essential medicinal and psychoactive compounds you choose.

Mood Vaping doesn’t alter the precious ingredients being inhaled. It just delivers them immediately to the brain for the maximum effect…with the minimum cost and effort. Vaping is actually healthier than pills or edible concoctions, because it goes straight to the brain and puts no strain on the digestive system. Plus, since vaping produces virtually no smoke, you inhale little or no tar, ash or other toxic elements. There’s no combustion, no burning, no danger. More and more people are appreciating the importance of natural health. Mood Vaping contributes to health by giving you easy access to natural herbs which have been used for healing throughout history, around the world. The MVP ingredients in their herbal blends are all lab-tested, non toxic, organic and 100% natural.

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MVP Worldwide LLC

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