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Oct 11, 2016 7:57 AM ET

Archived: Ellison Eyewear, Inc – Ellison Eyewear Revamp Collection / Expansion

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2016

Ellison Eyewear, Inc.

Ellison Eyewear Revamp Collection / Expansion

Chicago, IL



Greetings Kickfurther! 

We are the rebels, adventurers, and the visionaries behind Ellison Eyewear.

We have seen explosive growth in Spring/Summer 2016 with the introduction of our innovative ClubEllison membership program and the expansion of our presense to over 60 stores, globally. As a result, we have sold roughly %70 of our inventory. In order to keep up with demand, we are eager to restock our best sellers, expand our product offering into optics and clip-ons, and upgrade our packaging for a more authentic, and unique consumer experience. 


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Being our first campaign, we will bring you up to speed by providing highlights from 2016. 

  • We’ve expanded into 60 brick-and-motar stores, gloablly. 

  • We have introduced our innovative ClubEllison membership program. 

  • We have been featured by some of the notable media publications in the world, and worn by some of the most recognized celebs/influencers (Please see media highlights below)

  • We have surpassed over 131k sales in 2016 alone. 

  • Secured an official partnership with FOX #1 rated show, EMPIRE.

  • Since the launch of ClubEllison in June, we have organically acquired over 1,200 new members, with ~18% of those members already taking advantage of their membership perks and rebuying.  

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2016 Media Highlights

    Business Features:

  • Business.com “Top 10 Startups to watch out for 2016” here

  • INC.com “How one business is solving your lost glasses problem” feature story here 

  • NBC “Top Chicago Entreprenuers” – here

  • Tasty Trade Ellison feature story here

  • WGN/Technori Ellison feature story here 

  • Huffington Post “Top 10 Coolest Fashion Start-Ups 2016” – here

  • BuiltinChicago.com “This sunglass company eases the pain of losing your designer shades” feature story here

    Ellison Lifestyle:

  • How are Ellison handmade sunglasses made? Here 

  • Ellison Eyewear Chicago 16′ Summer Kick-Off Party – here

  • Ellison Eyewear New York City Launch Party – here 

  • Ellison Editorial Photo Shoot – here

  • Ellison Introduces new “Thermic Frames” – here 

    Ellison Philanthropic Impact:

  • Watch how Ellison built 10 homes to those in need here

  • Watch how Ellison built 30 homes to those in need here

    Ellison Influencer/Celebrity Features:

  • Rapper Waka Flocka wearing Ellison – here

  • Rapper Post Malone & 1st featuring Ellison – here

  • Official Sunglass Partnership for the FOX #1 hit show EMPIRE 

    Published Media Highlights: 

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We invite the Kickfurther community to join our journey and be apart of our expansion and meet the increasing demand of our products globally while benefiting financially the fruits of our labor — yes, we are talking money! 

We look forward to building a bright and profitable relationship for the foreseable future! 

– Ellison Eyewear

About Ellison Eyewear, Inc.


It took us only one adventure and one pricey pair of  “designer” sunglasses, now at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, to realize it’s not healthy or practical to be enslaved by mass produced pieces of plastic.

Losing things is a natural part of life. It will just happen. But what should not happen is having to be fearful of it. Too many times we found ourselves limiting our experiences, our adventures and our encounters with people because we were scared of breaking, dropping, borrowing or losing our over priced sunglasses.  This ain’t living, it’s not practical and it’s no good for the soul.

This is a model, however, that large sunglass makers love. Ultimately, reaping huge profits for these mass manufacturers and large brands at your expense. That is not right.

We set out to create a sunglass company that embraces the natural act of loss and will never punish our customers for what life throws at them.  Instead we welcome it. When we lose something as people, we often find something special in the process. Fear of losing your shades should never limit that process.

As a company we promise our customers a lifelong membership to get replacement access to handmade sunglasses while never having to sacrifice on style, quality or luxury.

At Ellison, we want to remove silly, but very real anxieties about losing glasses while encouraging people to get lost in order to find something great.

Our promise is simple. Buy a pair at full price and you are automatically eligible to receive full access to current and future frames at exclusive membership pricing for the rest of your life.

(*Member pricing is half off full retail*)


                 BREAK IT: We will replace them.

                 LOSE IT: We will replace them.

                 STEAL IT: And yes we will replace them.

We built this for you. As a group we can achieve more and a membership provides you a lifetime of unlimited access to premium handmade sunglass imported from Greece. No questions. No anxiety.



About the owner


Image titleThe Problem:

For decades, the eyewear industry has been monopolized by a couple large players who own the rights and licensing to nearly all of the largest brand names. When you think you are buying designer, you are actually purchasing a mass produced product, artificially priced at 10-20x more than it costs to manufacturer; handing huge profits to large companies and leaving consumers with empty wallets.

Realizing that, we knew the industry was ready for change.


With a vision, and frustrated with the options in the eyewear industry, our founder went back to his roots in 2012 – Greece. He found himself rediscovering the people, culture, deep history, beaches, and unparalleled beauty of his family’s home. This was where inspiration met opportunity! This was a place where the native craftsmen understood sun, quality, and the traveler spirit. Ellison Eyewear was born.

During this time of development, he met two brothers who owned a small, family operated factory in Greece. From there, the team spent four years conceptualizing, testing, and creating the highest quality sunglasses on the market. Bold and beautiful, classically designed with modern twists, each pair of frames telling a unique story of the traveler forever in search of a brighter horizon.




Ellison is dedicated to quality. Every pair of Ellison’s is handmade by our manufacturing team in the beautiful country of Greece. Our process includes several steps above industry standards to ensure that every pair is the highest quality before it leaves our hands, and arrives in yours. 



A special temperature sensitive varnish treatment makes our Ellison “Thermic” line one of a kind. When exposed to temps above 78°F, our thermic pairs react by changing color. So, get outside and enjoy the sun with your fashionably unique pair of Ellison is dedicated to quality. Every pair of Ellison’s is handmade by our manufacturing team in the beautiful country of Greece. Our process includes several steps above industry standards to ensure that every pair is the highest quality before it leaves our hands, and arrives in yours. Ellison’s.


Ellison’s come equipped with 5 barrel stainless steel hinges. This sturdy hinge provides integrity, durability, and comfort while keeping your temples straight.


Pins in the frame and temples of our sunglasses provide structural integrity, while adding a touch of flare to our designs.


Tested more thoroughly than any industry standard or law in the world requires, Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses deliver our customers the same superior optics found in the lenses used to film the moon landing.


We only use soft gel nose pads to ensure comfort, even after long hours of use.


We’ve engrave our trademarked “E” on the left temple tip of every pair, showing our attention for detail and certifying your pair is authentic!


A galvanized metal cap detailed with our trademarked “E” is also used to line the temple-front junction. Only visible when the frame isn’t being worn, it’s a hidden pleasure for Ellison owners to enjoy!

Contact Information:

Ellison Eyewear - Owner

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