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Oct 11, 2016 7:09 PM ET

Archived: The Drop is a short film thriller being entered into a competition for female filmmakers, shot almost entirely through a letterbox

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2016

The Drop

'The Drop'

The Drop is a short film thriller being entered into a competition for female filmmakers, shot almost entirely through a letterbox.

‘The Drop’ is a short film project looking to be entered into a competition for female filmmakers, writers, producers etc in mid October, in conjunction with ‘Women in Film.’  We have a passionate team of creatives behind the project, a team of incredibly talented women and men, and a strong cast of just 3 actors in front of the camera who will drive the film’s narrative. The director, writer, producers, and the two main cast are females, and although we have some very talented male crew too, our focus is on promoting women on and off the camera, whilst making a beautiful, tense and challenging piece of work.

The film focuses on Tara who seeks the help of a stranger through her letterbox. As the plot takes a sinister turn, Tara is thrust into a situation that will force her to make a life changing decision. It is a snapshot into the every day workings of life, how humans react when faced with a dilemma, and how life goes on aterwards.  Originally inspired by BAFTA’s winning short ‘Operator’ this year, I wanted to write something in one location that explored two people’s unlikely relationship in that moment, and leave on an unsettling and reflective note as they part and continue on with their lives. The whole film takes place through a letterbox – a challenging but hopefully rewarding piece of film making, that will lend itself to its unusual and tense script. This is my first credit as a writer being a professional actress, and am so excited to be making this project a reality with your help!

The deadline for this competiiton is 16th October, and therefore we are urgently asking for any donations, large or small, to put towards hiring the best equipment we can to shoot our thrilling short on. The winning entry is £10,000 and the film will also be aired on the Lifestyle Channel, meaning great exposure for all cast and crew and YOU! If you contribute any donations to the project, we can offer you rewards from a huge thank you, a ‘Special Thanks’ credit in the film (and on TV if we win!) a DVD copy of the film and even a credit as executive producer. Please take a look at this exciting project and pledge what you can! Who knows what happens behind closed doors…

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