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Oct 11, 2016 3:45 PM ET

Archived: Baxter: Funny Fantasy Playing Cards: Cute, funny, beautifully illustrated fantasy card deck themed around Baxter, a gentle, game-loving gnome, and his family and friends.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2016

Baxter: Funny Fantasy Playing Cards

Cute, funny, beautifully illustrated fantasy card deck themed around Baxter, a gentle, game-loving gnome, and his family and friends.

About this project

Baxter’s Wit is a set of uniquely illustrated, funny playing cards centered around the characters in Bright Earth, mainly, Baxter’s family. These cards feature funny (but clean) quotes, and are a high-quality, fantasy themed deck you won’t want to miss.   

Welcome to the world of Bright Earth! Where snow-capped peaks are perfect for goats to bounce across, and where evenings are spent at the local inn, playing simple games around the fire.  

NOTE: These photos are only the sample cards. The final cards will be higher quality. For example, the Gold Deck will have a gold embossed tuck box. The Ghost Deck will be embossed, and all decks will be printed on linen stock. 

ALSO NOTE: the final decks will also have fully mirrored backs. 

All decks will be printed on linen stock
All decks will be printed on linen stock

Created to look like something you’d find in an old, fantasy-style inn, these cards have an old parchment look and vintage, hand-drawn accent marks and letters. Reminiscent of a simpler time, the symbols used for the suites are: diamonds, acorns, hearts, and ivy leaves. 

MPC will be printing them. All pictures are only of prototypes and do not have, for example, the gold-foil boxes, linen stock, or final embossing that will be included in the final decks (because the minimum order is 100 and we couldn’t justify that cost for just the sample decks). 

Baxter’s Wit is the common set, with funny, beautiful illustrations on brown parchment. They feature funny quotes from Baxter and his family included on the face cards and jokers. 




Baxter Gold is the more princely deck, textured to look like gold and with gold foil on the box (not shown, this is just the sample). They will be printed on linen stock and are limited. They will also feature a gold seal. 



Baxter Ghost is for the special seers only! After all, only the select few can see ghosts! They are the designer’s choice, Kickstarter-exclusive and will be printed on linen airstock, with an embossed box and a silver seal. 



The Ghost Deck tuck box will be embossed
The Ghost Deck tuck box will be embossed


Baxter is a gentle, game-loving gnome from the world of Bright Earth. One day, a great war breaks out between his native country of Brizen and the evil Bloodren. The Brizen King, overwhelmed and outnumbered, retreats to his castle with the Bloodren hot on his heels. Out of options, he listens to a wise old servant, who tells him about Baxter, a cunning gnome that has never been defeated in battle. He summons Baxter to the castle to help him craft a plan to escape. The king doesn’t realize, however, that Baxter is undefeated on the oak table only. He has never crafted plans for a real war. Before he can figure out what to do, however, a portal opens up between Bright Earth and our world, and an unsuspecting human named Rocky is pulled in to help… or die trying.

Rocky Nicholson, the story gamer behind Baxter, is a young entrepreneur from LA who recently relocated to the Queen Creek AZ and is starting a gaming center there using the Baxter theme and story. 
Matt Hass, the illustrator behind the cards, is a professional VFX artist and all-around media guy. He’s worked on such movies as Transformers, The Impossible, and Avatar: the Last Airbender. He’s done a lot of character concept art and loves working on games. 
Mercy Hass, the card designer, is a professional illustrator and designer and Matt’s wife. She also does a lot of marketing and content writing and will be working on Baxter’s full-time for quite awhile. 
 Make sure to follow us on social media and check out our website!

Risks and challenges

As with any new product, there is a risk involved. That the product/characters won’t resonate with the audience, that the product will fly for only a short while before crashing, etc. We’re working on those particular challenges with a lot of hype-building marketing, all centered around themed fun. We hope to build a following that will eventually help us build a themed store.


Contact Information:

Rocky Nicholson

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