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Oct 11, 2016 1:08 PM ET

Archived: 4MI – Small Businesses Funding Solutions

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2016


Small Businesses Funding Solutions


Our partner has lent out over $500 million in its history – and now, we’re along for the ride.

You’re one shrewd investment away from 5-8% returns – join us!


From the ups of the Internet boom and flourishing housing market to the Great Recession of 2007, the past 15 years have been a rollercoaster for the American economy.  Though recovery progress has been made since the Recession’s end, we’re still feeling the pinch in a number of areas – especially banking.  Looking to avoid past mistakes, banks have turned into highly regulated fortresses that are very conservative when it comes to handing out their money.  Federal and state-level regulators have placed a number of strict criteria on banks, and are also providing constant oversight – making getting a short-term loan a very difficult task.

For small businesses, these short-term loans or lines of credit are crucial to maintaining operations and to continue growing.  In dire times, they can also be the lifelines needed to stay afloat and keep the doors open.  Sadly, though, the banks aren’t fulfilling their end.  

The problem is magnified for construction companies, who operate in a fragmented industry known for high turnover.  These factors make them even more unattractive to banks, who are historically known for a lack of expertise when it comes to construction.  They simply have no intention to lend to the industry, and it’s sad – because infrastructure is perhaps the most booming need in the US.  Commercial, residential, and road construction projects are in dire need of funding in many major markets.  All that’s needed is a non-regulated, reliable lender who can get construction companies the cash they need.


4M&I is the lending solution that small businesses – and forward-thinking investors – have been waiting for.  Our business model is simple.  We generate accounts receivable in the form of invoices, allowing us to guarantee returns to you.  The invoices are generated through only one customer – Capital Active Funding Inc. (CAFI).  CAFI is an asset-based lender who qualifies their customers not by their financial statements, but instead on the contracts they’re awarded and work they’ve completed.  They service small to medium-sized businesses by giving them a direct line to the funding they desperately seek – which comes from us.

Through relationships with diversified lending clients like CAFI, 4M&I is able to operate in an unregulated industry and to remove lending constraints that small businesses often face.  We (and CAFI) are therefore able to be much more aggressive – placing full reliance on the assets we lend money on.  We allow businesses like CAFI to minimize risk by taking on short-term debt rather than long-term debt, and fully plan to grow our customer base in the near future.

The 4M&I-CAFI partnership is setting out to service the commercial construction and service industries.  We’re lending contractors and other construction-based businesses the funds they can’t get from traditional sources and allowing them to take on larger, more pressing projects.  The Dallas and Phoenix markets, where ground is about to be broken on a number of jobs just like this, will be our initial focus.


CAFI has showed lenders handsome returns during their first 20+ years in business, but is now looking to take things further with a less-risky approach.  This is why a partnership with an unregulated source like us made perfect sense.  We’re a short-term asset-based lending company with very little risk that turns money every 60 days on average. Here’s how the process works:

Application – Small to medium-sized construction businesses call up CAFI seeking short-term financial support.

4M&I sourcing – In the meantime, 4M&I is undergoing the process of sourcing funds from private lenders, which is currently taking place (with a 5% annual rate of return).

Invoice creation – CAFI reviews the customer’s documentation, then creates a joint check agreement between their customers and the account debtors in the form of an invoice.

Lending – CAFI then comes to us to fulfill the invoice.  We review all documentation provided by both CAFI and their customer.  Once approved, we then lend the funds to CAFI, marked up a couple points (our revenue stream) – who then lends to their customer.

Repayment – The funds are repaid at an agreed-upon deadline, with CAFI also handling all needed collection activities.

Here’s how 4M&I helps both itself and CAFI customers:

Benefits to a CAFI customer:

 Easier access to capital than ever before;

 Speedy approval (as quick as 24 hours);

 Able to pursue more and larger projects;

 Able to support future development plans;

 Can hire needed personnel.

Benefits to 4M&I (and you, the investor):

 Virtually no risk (as a short-term lender);

 Can help grow local markets and the national economy;

 Maintain a simple business model;

 Operating with secured loans (ties to assets);

 Outstanding revenue potential.


The team at CAFI has fallen into a great opportunity in recent weeks.  They are teaming up with the City of Dallas and the Tarrant Regional Water District to help promote a massive water expansion project called the Integrated Pipeline.  This 19-year project will provide a quality, sustainable water supply to over 10 million DFW residents while generating more than $100 Million annually in construction jobs.  CAFI will be presenting the program in May to current and future contractors – a huge marketing opportunity and a great way to generate even more invoices for us.

As a new entity, 4M&I doesn’t have a laundry list of past achievements to fall back on; however, CAFI certainly does.  Their history is an important element of our business – and here are some top past achievements:

Rapid growth.  CAFI opened for business in July 1995.  Three years later, they had three physical offices successfully established in the Southwest US (El Paso, Albuquerque, and Phoenix).

Getting companies funded.  The company has funded over 10,000 invoices for an excess of $500 million in capital since opening its doors.

Providing funding for sports venues.  The AT&T Dallas Cowboys football stadium, Texas A&M’s Kyle Field, and the Miami Marlins baseball stadium are three large sporting venues CAFI has helped fund the construction of.

Military and government support.  CAFI has enjoyed numerous government and military classifications, including a US Army Approved Lending Institution and a “SAMS” registered lender.  They also served as a “Guardian Sponsor” for Dragon 6 Task Force while in Afghanistan.

A company with the proven success that CAFI has makes them an ideal partner for us – and has us very excited about what the future holds.  For more information on our growth plan, please request access to this profile’s private side.


Our three executive leaders have more than a half century of experience and proven success on the banking and lending fronts – but it doesn’t end there.  They’re also extremely versatile – with operational and marketing expertise that spans across a wide variety of industries.  Introduced below, this skilled team will continue to guide 4M&I towards the execution of our ultimate vision:

With 20 years of experience in the banking industry and 15 years as VP of an asset-based lending company, Terri was an ideal choice for our top spot.  Her banking prowess spans many areas, including the title of Bank Officer overseeing operations, bank security, account supervision, teller supervision, bookkeeping, accounting, and human resources .  Excelling in these roles has given her great versatility and the ability to tackle any challenge the industry places in front of her.  For 4M&I, Terri will put this expertise to work to guide day-to-day operations and execute our vision.


Retail, healthcare, and social media  are just three industries that our VP has excelled in.  Edgar gained much of his expertise as Regional Sales Manager of Concentra, where he was in charge of multimillion-dollar budgets in the Arizona and West Texas region.  Edgar will assist our President’s with all needed executive duties, with a primary focus on marketing and personnel management.


Frank has a 37-year history of lending money to small businesses, including serving as the President of CAFI for 21 years.  Throughout this career, Mr. Bashore has gained in-depth knowledge of the Texas market and serves as a critical executive management asset for us.

Contact Information:

Terri Corner - President

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