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Oct 10, 2016 8:16 EST

VoxFeed – Media Influencers: An authentic recommendation, in the words of a trusted connection, is far more powerful that any other kind of advertising.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016



Media Influencers




Why We Started This Company


We created VoxFeed because we believe there is a better way for brands to communicate their value proposition to their audience. An authentic recommendation, in the words of a trusted connection, is far more powerful that any other kind of advertising. People already informally promote the things that they like. We want to encourage our users to think about the products and services that they enjoy, and reward them for sharing their positive experiences with their friends.


What Sets Us Apart


We capture response rates and combine them with socio and demographic user information from the VoxFeed platform as well as from external sources. By scoring the performance of the user-generated messages against these profiles, we are using crowdsourcing to aggregate data and build a model of how different types of messages perform in various geographies, interest groups, demographics, and levels of influence authority.


Our Keys To Success


VoxFeed has a reseller program that allows advertising agencies and media brokers to distribute their product. Since launch, the more that 20 of the top ad agencies (represents 1/3 of the total market) have resold VoxFeed. Do to the inherent virility of the product, and the competitive nature of the advertising market, the growth curve for the resellers has been almost vertical.



Sales over $400,000.00 USD for clients as Nescaf, Nokia?, Telcel?, Movistar,GM,Nissan, Nescaf Sky Vodka , Malibu, Prodigy MSN, Trident.

JUNE, 2014


Gustavo Lopez

Gustavo Lopez

CEO at VoxFeed

I’m a software executive with a demonstrated track record in building, running, and growing early-stage startups. My passions include sales, business development, team building and fundraising. When evaluating new projects, I look for the combination of disruptive innovation and an exponentially growing market. I consider human capital as the main driver of innovation and believe I have a strong ability to quickly and accurately assimilate information and use it to empower my team.


Team Member Name

Guadalajara Angel Investor Network


Interested in entrepreneurship and technological projects of great importance
Team Member Name

Andy Kieffer

Founder, Agave Lab

Founder, Agave Lab Ventures. Ex-SF startup exec. Invest and incubate 5-7 companies a year.
Team Member Name

Agave Lab


Seed stage product incubator – with one foot in Guadalajara and the other in San Francisco



Team Member Name

Manuel de la Torre

Cofounder & CTO



Team Member Name

Andy Kieffer

Founder, Agave Lab

Contact Information:

Manuel de la Torre - Cofounder & CTO

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