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Oct 10, 2016 8:37 AM ET

Archived: Solar Wi-Fi Mosquito Flea Tick and Insect Misting System – Your app controls non-toxic spray schedule for entire backyard

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

Solar Wi-Fi Mosquito Flea Tick and Insect Misting System

by Murray Smith


SolaMist is a solar-powered mosquito and insect misting system. Your app controls non-toxic spray schedule for entire backyard.


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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

What is a prototype?

About this project

SolaMist is designed to kill mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. It’s also designed to be inexpensive. (The solar aspect means it qualifies for a 30% federal tax rebate off the “already low” sales price!) 

We are very excited about SolaMist 2.0

Since v. 1.0 has been in the field, we have determined that we really need to create an advanced v. 2.0 controller… that is Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth enabled. This is proprietary technology that we need to create from the ground floor. This requires extensive programming, app development, circuit board production and design, and tools for injection molding.

The Kickstarter benefits are this

1. Once in mass production, the controller, along with the entire SolaMist 2.0 system will drop in price by 40%. This is significant because our pricing model tested through HomeDepot.com has shown that sales will explode at a lower price point.

2. The technology we develop through Kickstarter development funds will create a hardened controller that will launch SolaMist in countries and continents that desperately need this technology. With or without reliable power (solar) or mobile phones (new controller), local communities will be able to protect themselves from dangerous disease-borne insects.

Product Features:

1. Solar powered (with optional charging cord) means it can be portable and free-standing…as well as qualify for 30% federal tax rebate.

2. App controlled by your mobile device or phone.

3. Non-toxic concentrate that uses proven mosquito, flea, and tick fighting oils.

4. Lower price point and great alternative to expensive professionally installed backyard mosquito misting systems.

Please help Kickstart this project with us so we can provide a potentially life saving, convenient, and beneficial product to homeowners in the USA as well as people around the world.


Risks and challenges

We’ve replaced tubing, nozzles, gone through two versions of a controller, and brought a product to market. We’ve experimented with various non-toxic concentrates and had to abandon several promising, but under-performing insecticides. We’re excited about a new formula that is completely non-toxic, yet is working. Other challenges include testing the new controller we develop and making sure it can stand up to the harsh climates around the world. We feel comfortable that we can accomplish this with your help.

Contact Information:

Murray Smith

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