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Oct 10, 2016 5:47 PM ET

Archived: SafetyMinded Holdings owns CoolShirt Systems LLC, its wholly owned subsidiary, which is the industry leader in cooling garments used by over 10,000 surgeons in operating rooms, 5,000 race teams (Formula One, Trans Am, Indy) and other industries

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

SafetyMinded Holdings (dba CoolShirt Systems, LLC)

Stockbridge, GA 30281, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

SafetyMinded Holdings owns CoolShirt Systems LLC, its wholly owned subsidiary, which is the industry leader in cooling garments used by over 10,000 surgeons in operating rooms, 5,000 race teams (Formula One, Trans Am, Indy) and other industries.

SafetyMinded Holdings is the parent company of its sole, wholly owned subsidiary, CoolShirt Systems, LLC (“Company”) and provides personal cooling systems using the name brand COOLSHIRT®. The Company began in 1987 and has become the leader in personal cooling systems and a related biometric health monitoring sensor. SafetyMinded Holdings acquired Coolshirt in 2013 after the passing of its founder in a racing accident. Originally, the Company provided cooling devices to surgeons to keep them cool in the operating room. Over the years, CoolShirt Systems has expanded into new markets including Racing (Formula One, Trans Am), Emergency Services/First Responders, Film, and industrial manufacturing (Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Energy). With over 50,000 race teams that have used the Company’s products, and 10,000 surgeons and surgical wards utilizing the Company’s cooling garments in operating rooms, the Company’s revenue and income continue to grow year-over-year. In 2014, CoolShirt Systems was invited and visited the White House; it was recognized as having one of the foremost cooling garments in the medical industry and noted for its potential use for the treatment of Ebola and HAZMAT suit application.

Additional, untapped opportunities exist in international markets and with new connections within the Federal Government, corporate partners like Lockheed Martin, new industrial applications, and newly designed products, the Company is just at the beginning of its growth. In 2015, management also restructured consumer product divisions. Previously, Sports Medicine, Entertainment, Military, and First Responder divisions were combined and lacked a dedicated sales team to focus on sales outreach. Management added new staff, focus, accountability, and built a distributor network of 150 firms (a firm milestone) to market products and revenues reached $2.42 million. 2016 is on track to hit $2.96 million with $400k EBITDA..

Please see image slideshow & documents, below.

Products / Services

ProCool M (Medical)

Non-ice based cooling system that runs off electricity and allows user to maintain cooling level at desired level at desired temperature for unlimited timeframe. Able to cool or warm up to two people from 35 degrees – 105 degrees (used by many surgeons operating for multiple hours as well as patients requiring advanced temperature control). Solid state electronic cooling system only needs water. Compact and easy to maneuver: 50 pounds, 22.5x16x11 inches. Sturdy construction and hospital-grade locking casters. Industrial-level pump and fans (115VAC / 60 hz / 15 Amps).

SafetySpot Heat Sensor

Heat sensor is a quarter-sized device that detects heat stress by monitoring a person’s temperature. Detects signs of heat-stress before problems occur for racecar drivers, industrial/manufacturing workers, and other industries. Monitor sounds alarm to prevent dizziness and heat stroke. Rests comfortably against the skin.

2Cool Water Fire-Rated Shirt

Top-of-the-line cooling undershirt for workers, actors, and racecar drivers. Fire-rated garment with tubing that connects to a cooling engine. Flame retardant and fire-rated SFI 3.3. (A “Cooling Engine” is the specially engineered unit that cools air or water and pushes fluids through a cooling garment and varies in size with multiple engineered components and functions based on the application)

Disposable CoolVest

Disposable tubed vest that connects to cooling engine. Vest can be disposed of after a few uses which meets heightened pathogenic needs of certain hospital departments. No at-home laundering (promotes infection control). Works with water-based CoolShirt Systems / CoolVest products.

Multi-person Cooling System/12 Person Rehab Station

Cooling Engine and system of cooling garments that allow multiple persons to be connected to the cooling engine at once. Cooling Engine is a “cooler” that has pump installed to flow ice water to cooling garments and quickly cool down workers to normal temperatures in hot environments/settings. Rehab up to 12 people simultaneously. Simple setup (direct-wired 110V system). Works with ice and water. Choose 2, 4, 6, or 12-person system. Includes CoolVests and hoses. Largest system is 41 pounds, 21x21x24 inches.

Other Products – Please See EquityNet Plan

Thanks for your interest in joining the CoolShirt Systems investor family!



Acting/Interim Chairman
Mike Boles

Mr. Boles has developed, owned and managed a variety of businesses ranging from offshore manufacturers to banks, real estate partnerships, brokerages, and insurance agencies. As a consultant, Mr. Boles planned and implemented debt restructuring, profit plans, real estate syndications, political campaign financing, student financial aid programs, and de novo bank capitalizations. As the President of the Heavener Company and Boles Financial, he managed a private investment firm specializing in real estate development from 14 to 485 lots, organized and chartered national banks in Florida and North Carolina, and raised up to $12 million per institution while starting the Enterprise Bank of Raleigh, of Palm Beach, Tampa, Sarasota, and Winter Park, which were subsequently sold in acquisitions. Mr. Boles also has considerable expertise working as a turnaround specialist with distressed companies, restructuring operations and debt and implementing growth.

President Executive Officer
Jason “Jay” Buckalew

Prior to joining COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS, Mr. Buckalew has an extensive technical background in telecommunications. After suffering from heat stroke while working on a communications tower, Jay realized the need to improve safety for personnel in extremely hot environments. Jay has been the forerunner of temperature monitoring and transmitting devices for the last 5 years as the creator and inventor of the “Hothead System” used by athletes to help prevent injury or death from heat stroke during practice and game play. He has experience in designing systems and methods for monitoring biological parameters that allows a user to wirelessly monitor biological parameters; extensive experience with bio sensor technologies and wireless telemetry systems; extensive experience in product development and product testing. In 2009, Jay was presented Popular Science Best of What’s New for the Hot System Technology.

Vice President Executive Officer
Mack Gouge

Mr. Gouge brings to COOLSHIRT 40 years of Motorsports experience as Team Owner of Team 7 Racing, based in Columbus Georgia. He has several Racing Championships under his belt as a driver and team owner. With this background he has had an immediate impact with COOLSHIRT in the motorsport market. Mack also was on the ground floor with the development of the personal temperature monitoring system “Hothead Systems”. Mack has been involved in many successful business interest throughout his career. Most recently Mack has concluded a successful 20 years as Owner and President of Southeastern Cabling Contractors.

Chief Financial Officer
Steve Wakefield

Steve has more than 25 years of finance and operations experience with companies in a variety of industries. Prior to joining COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS, Steve held management positions with Inc 500, Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter, venture capital and publicly-traded organizations. While with these companies, Steve raised capital, restructured debt, reengineered business processes, developed management reporting, managed risks, implemented multiple systems ranging from SAP to Quickbooks and established financial controls. Steve received a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Alabama and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Troy University, and holds CPA licenses in Georgia and Alabama. Steve has also been a part time instructor at Georgia State University and is a recurring guest lecturer at the University of West Georgia.


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President Executive Officer - Jason "Jay" Buckalew

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