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Oct 10, 2016 10:14 AM ET

Archived: Organic Cold-Pressed Juice: Well + Proper is looking for your support to bring our commercial juicery equipment from the West Coast of Canada to Oahu.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

Well + Proper: Organic Cold-Pressed Juice

Well + Proper is looking for your support to bring our commercial juicery equipment from the West Coast of Canada to Oahu.

About this project

Aloha! I’m Jenelle, the founder of Well + Proper an organic cold-pressed juice company located on the North Shore of Oahu. I recently moved here from Canada with my 2 daughters to follow my passion and to keep doing what I love the mostest – creating and delivering the very bestest cold-pressed juice, directly to you!


Well + Proper produces and delivers small batch artisanal raw organic cold-pressed juices right to your doorstep! (Or directly into your fridge 😉 )

I’m looking for your support to help getting my business running at its full potential. I have spent the past several months operating on the North Shore and refining what this island wants and needs.

I have learned so much about what is the perfect juice and service options for the local community but have been so limited by my production equipment that I have not been able to scale it to service the whole island of Oahu.

We are so limited in how much we can pour into the community! (get it?!) and we are now ready to deliver! The good news is that I already own everything I need, over $70,000 of top end commercial kitchen equipment! The bad news is that my state of the art commercial juicer and kitchen is in storage in Canada…

Well + Proper needs your support to help ship our kitchen equipment and front end juicery fixtures from Vancouver, BC, Canada – Oahu.

With the funds raised through this campaign, I will be able to relocate all my professional equipment and establish both a commercial kitchen and a means to deliver to the WHOLE island. 

Check out our rewards. Give what you can. Then please share this campaign with your friends n’ family. Share on Facebook! Instagram! Twitter! Share it with the world purdy please?!!!

We appreciate your help and support and are so grateful for all our connections. With your continued support we know that together we can make this a better n’ more healthy place for everyone. Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you soon! 

Just wanna give an extra super THANK YOU to everyone that helped out on this project. Thank you so much for believing in me. I absolutely couldn’t have done this with out you all. I’m FOREVER grateful to every single one of you. First and foremost Thanks MOM!  @benreedphoto @earthyandy @shanebeschen @aaronlieber @chamaswim @noahbeschen @tomi_bon You all are the bestest!


Risks and challenges

Like any business, I am fully aware that challenges exist!

Fortunately, this is not unknown territory for me as I have had a great deal of experience facing and overcoming challenges in my past. I have started up several businesses over the past two decades, being both owner & full time operator. My most recent ventures, an organic cold-pressed juicery and a mobile green smoothie Airstream trailer are the foundation for what I am building Well+Proper on. It was the success of both of these businesses that has provided me with the opportunity, equipment and resources to now follow my dream and live here on Oahu – no easy feat for a Canadian girl!

I am extremely motivated, and despite any adversity or challenge I am committed to making this dream a reality for the North Shore.

I not only bring my past business experience, commitment and passion for this lifestyle, and the ability to creatively problem solve, but I have also spent the past year living here on Oahu and building and establishing roots for Well+Proper.

In bringing my business, I have spent 15 months living in Hawaii and learning all I can to ensure I know exactly what it takes to deliver the most successful organic raw cold-pressed juicery here on Oahu. I have built relationships with local organic farmers and established rapports with many locals. I have taken this time here to ensure I am aware of what wants AND needs the people of Oahu have, worked through what obstacles needed to be overcome and am now fully prepared to deliver!

This has me extremely confident that I can build this business as successfully as my past endeavors and become an integral part of the Oahu Health and Wellness community.

Now, we just need your help to relocate my $70,000 commercial kitchen supplies with my commercial juicer and all my front end Juicery fixtures to Oahu!


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