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Oct 10, 2016 4:13 PM ET

Magneceutical Health has the ultimate Therapeutic System for Healthcare Providers

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

Magneceutical Health Logo

Magneceutical Health

Clearwater, FL 33767, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

Chronic Pain and its 120 million office visits per year is the primary “Unmet Need” upon which we focus. Magneceutical Health, has the ultimate Therapeutic System for Healthcare Providers, designed to :
1. Find New Patients,
2. Relieve their Pain, and
3. Build a Home based Cash annuity stream.

The Company is seeking $1.0M in this Series B Offering to provide funds to ramp the commercialization of our technology.

Product and Technology
The Magnesphere system utilizes precisely tuned, extremely low level electromagnetic fields (EMFs), that are found naturally in the body. Our Magneceutical® therapy has major advantages in that it is initially delivered in the Clinic and THEN the Home.

Business Model: Personalized Medicine via the First “Cloud Based” therapeutic
Healthcare providers purchase a Clinical system, treat their patients 4-6 times finding a “Personalized” ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) protocol that improves their pain symptoms. Then the Doctor sells the Patient a home unit, $200 per month (or Less).

Key Investment Highlights include:
* The First Cloud based Therapeutic system that is constantly “learning”
* A Platform technology in the Personalized Medicine arena
* Razor / Razor blade (Subscription based) model
* Revenue Generating : No Regulatory / Reimbursement Risk
* System includes both “Clinical” and “Consumer” devices

Products / Services

Magnesphere and Magnesphere HALO (home and lifetime option)

The Magnesphere™ and Magnesphere HALO™ devices generate a uniform electromagnetic field (“EMF”) for therapeutically providing “whole body immersion” into our natural emf thereby creating a “relaxation response”. The relaxation response typically manifests itself by decreasing Pain, Stiffness, Inflamation or improving Energy level and Sleep. The Helmholtz Coils are sized to allow a “whole body” immersion, and are connected to a magnetic therapy driver, through which treatment protocols are sent to the coils from the Company’s website. Our Application website provides over 100 EMF treatment protocols for our Healthcare providers. A secure Log In screen provides a simple user interface, and a basic set of steps to quickly treat a new Patient, an existing Patient, or Purchase Treatment time via PayPal.



President Executive Officer
Allen Braswell, J.D.

Allen Braswell, J.D.With a background in finance and law, and a 30-year track record in starting, building and operating small companies and growing them into successful businesses. I was fortunate enough to spend most of my career working with my Father and in 1992 leading Circuit Test Inc., a computer service company with over 15 Fortune 500 customers (i.e. IBM, Apple Toshiba, Sony, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, etc. (along with two Fortune 500 Strategic Partners (FedEx and UPS) in changing the landscape of computer service logistics, by combining our company’s technical repair capability within the “hub” locations of FedEx and UPS. While there, I led four M&A transactions (2 selling and 2 purchase events) before finally retiring from Jabil Circuit, a tier one company in the Electronic Manufacturing Services arena that ultimately acquired Circuit Test. I am skilled at attracting and developing the highly talented management teams successful start-ups require.

Executive Vice President Technology Officer
Dr. Jerry Jacobson

Dr. Jerry I. Jacobson, PhD, DMD is Chief Science Officer, inventor of the Jacobson ResonanceTM equation and Principal Investigator of our past and current research studies. Dr. Jacobson is a pioneer in the development and application of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the treatment of disease and illness. He has numerous publications spanning the fields of science, physics and electromagnetism. Dr. Jacobson holds several advanced degrees; and has been awarded 40+ patents.

Director Research & Development
Dr. Francis Bellido

Dr. Francis Bellido. PhD On November 8, 2013, Dr. Bellido, was elected as a Manager. Dr. Bellido has more than 25 years of international experience in the life sciences and finance industries, holding several top executive positions in both small and large companies. Most recently, he was President and Chief Operating Officer at Supratek Pharma, a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development of cancer drugs. Prior to Supratek Pharma, Dr. Bellido was President and Chief Executive Officer of SGF-Santé, where he managed a $500 million health science investment portfolio. Earlier in his career, Dr. Bellido held several executive positions with Eli Lilly in the United States and Europe, including Strategic Asset Director, Global Business Unit Manager, and Head of Regulatory Affairs. He holds a master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences and a doctorate in medical microbiology from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and an MBA degree from the University of Montréal.

Jack Calderon

Jack Calderon. Effective November 8, 2013, Jack Calderon was elected as a Manager. Mr. Calderon is a Managing Director at Lincoln International, one of the largest independent mid-market Investment Banks in the U.S., where he leads the global Electronics and Solar Energy Group. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of IPC, the global standards-setting organization for the manufacture of electronic products. Prior to joining Lincoln International, Mr. Calderon served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EFTC Corporation, a publicly traded electronics manufacturing service provider, which subsequently merged with K-Tec Electronics Corporation to create Suntron Corporation. Mr. Calderon began his career in Honeywell’s Aerospace and Defense Group in 1979. Mr. Calderon earned a law degree from The American University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, cum laude, from Case Western Reserve University.


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9 years, 6 months8Therapeutic


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Contact Information:

Allen Braswell: [email protected] or 303.898.2091

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