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Oct 10, 2016 11:39 AM ET

Archived: Ecomo: The World’s First Bottle That Tests & Filters Water – Shake to test, twist to filter: A Smart Bottle that helps you to get rid of contaminants

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

Ecomo: The World’s First Bottle That Tests & Filters Water

by Ecomo Inc.

Shake to test, twist to filter: A Smart Bottle that helps you to get rid of contaminants

About this project



Is your drinking water safe? Recent studies have found that supposedly “safe” tap water can contain anywhere from 20 to 30 chemical contaminants, including substances likepharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides and fertilizers. Nearly 20% of the United States’ drinking water supply systems have some violations of the Safe Water Drinking Act.


Want to know what’s in your water? Ecomo knows!



Fill the Ecomo Smart Bottle up: you can use any water source, either from your home faucet, a nearby water fountain, or even from a stream.

Fill Ecomo Bottle from a Water Fountain
Fill Ecomo Bottle from a Water Fountain


Fill Ecomo Bottle from a stream
Fill Ecomo Bottle from a stream


Test out the contaminants in your water simply with a shake. Make sure to secure the top before shaking the bottle. You can view the water quality from the LED display on the bottle or the Ecomo mobile app.

Water quality alerts in real time

Water quality alerts in real time



Once you know your water quality, you can filter the water with a simple twist. The bottle’s 3-in-1 filtration system contains an activated carbon fiber, ion exchange fiber, and a nano-fiber membrane. With this technology, Ecomo Bottle can remove most major contaminants, such as pesticides, petroleum products, bacteria, and most heavy metals.

Twist to filter

Twist to filter


Filter Structure
Filter Structure


Enjoy clean and healthy water!  




It has never been possible to immediately understand water quality. With Ecomo Bottle, you are able to monitor:



To ensure the outstanding performance, we’ve developed the Water Analyzer through multiple iterations. The following figure shows previous versions of the Ecomo water sensing module.

We examined the commonly consumed water with our sensing module. The following video shows our testing results:

 project video thumbnail

To make the water quality sensing module more portable, we’ve combined this technology into the Ecomo Bottle, with which you are able to see the real quality of your drinking water with a simple shake.

Internal Testing Results:




Ecomo Bottle’s built-in 3-in-1 filtration system can remove most major contaminants, including pesticides, petroleum products, bacteria, and common heavy metals. It also reminds you to replace the filter cartridge.

The Ecomo Filter cartridge can filter 30 gallons of water, which is equivalent to two to three months of water usage. In other words, this saves about 228 bottles of standard disposable water bottle (16.9 oz), which saves you about $200. And that’s not all. You are also avoiding the needless plastic waste, not to mention the emissions associated with transporting bottled water.


Ecomo Bottle’s 3-in-1 filtration system uses:

Remove chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and petroleum products. Ecomo Bottle uses activated carbon fiber as the carbon filter material, which has been developed with advanced technology, provide an extremely high adsorption speed compared to powdered or granular activated carbon due to its massive Micro Pores with adsorption function in the surface of fibers.




Remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper and cadmium. Ecomo Bottle uses an Ion Exchange Fiber, which has a capacity that is twice as higher as the current Ion Exchange Resin.

Mechanism of Lead Ions Removal
Mechanism of Lead Ions Removal




Nano-fiber Microfiltration Membrane, with the pore size smaller than 0.2 micro-meter, can effectively filter up to 99.9% of bacteria in your water. In addition, the nano-fiber membrane functionalized surface inhibit bacteria from lurking into your water.






It has taken a lot of work to place a mini testing lab in your water bottle. Our team has devoted huge effort in developing this technology. Unlike the typical heavy and expensive TOC analyzer, Ecomo Bottle is much more portable and affordable. Here is Ecomo’s CEO Eric Li and Professor Mei Sun explaining how Ecomo compares to the traditional testing lab:

 project video thumbnail

We are holding four patents for this IoT product. These patents protect our designs of microfluidics and mini spectrophotometry and the ornamental design. The chip embedded with water quality modeling algorithms ensures the analyzing process is efficient and accurate.

  • Utility Patent (Application # 15/174,809): Built-in water quality analyzing system 
  • Utility Patent (Application # 62/383,060): Contains a high-performance 3-in-1 filtration system 
  • Design (Tracker): Generates water safety alerts and water intake notifications
  • Design (Bottle): Designed for better performance

Ecomo is designed for better performance:



 The bottle body can be washed in a dishwasher.



Quick Recharge. One hour charge gets you one week of use!

Take it with you for traveling.



Each Ecomo Bottle is paired with a tracker, which can be used in two ways.

Keep the Ecomo tracker securely on the Ecomo smart bottle and use it as an LED screen. This LED screen helps you check things like the water quality every time before you take a drink and view it directly on the bottle.


You can also remove the Ecomo tracker and wear it on your wrist. The tracker will optimize your hydration needs by analyzing the type, length, and strength of your activities, weather conditions, temperatures, etc. The tracker will alert you when it is the time to take a drink so you can stay hydrated throughout the day with perfectly clean, safe, and refreshing water.

The Ecomo smart water bottle is also compatible with Apple Watch and FitBit.

By syncing your Ecomo Bottle and Tracker to your Ecomo mobile app, you’ll be able to view your hydration history as well as your water quality before and after the filtration. You can also customize your hydration goals, track your progress, receive hydration alerts and get notified when to change your filter.

Take a look at this 3D rendering video:

 project video thumbnail


















Risks and challenges

To bring you the world’s first shake-to-test and twist-to-filter smart water bottle, our Ecomo team has combined many years of experience with many sleepless nights to bring this advanced and useful device to you.

We have teamed up with the world’s leading manufacturers, who have decades of experience, to ensure smooth delivery of our products. However, components delays and unexpected shortages can occur, which might increase the lead time. If this happens, we will always inform our backers of our plan of action.

We have done thousands of tests making sure our analyzer works properly and accurately. But under different environment, such as the humidity, temperature or other environmental variables might affect the testing results. Therefore, we will partner up with a third-party testing lab to test out the product and obtain the certificates.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Contact Information:

Ecomo Inc.

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