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Oct 10, 2016 3:50 PM ET

Archived: The dystopian sci-fi novella, Moby V, explores the bloody consequences of inequality and revenge on a generational space ship.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016
The dystopian sci-fi novella, Moby V, explores the bloody consequences of inequality and revenge on a generational space ship.
The dystopian sci-fi novella, Moby V, explores the bloody consequences of inequality and revenge on a generational space ship.

“We are no more than an insurance policy. This ship, our Moby, is fully automated to support all two thousand Sleepers. The Sleepers wanted us to give our lives because they didn’t trust the machines.”

    Kelg, the self ordained and brutal leader of the generational crew, uses these words to suggest the mass execution of the wealthy, cryogenically frozen elite. But, not all of the generational crew members on Moby V want to eradicate their vulnerable cargo on the last leg of their journey to the New World. An ostracized and detested second-generation wheat grower named Jona and the respected, first-generation matriarch named Lura are among the dissenters. To prevent a divide or even a coup d’etat from the crew, Kelg agrees to a vote in ten days time. 

    Both Jona and Lura must struggle with the immense, convoluted moral dilemma the vote presents while also guarding dangerous secrets that could result in their execution. 


     When I started this project two years ago, I set out to write a short story about the real implications of living life on a generational space ship. After a hundred pages or so, I realized this universe warranted exploration.

    That short story has become a nine chapter science fiction novella. It follows two related story lines, one on Earth before launch and one forty three years after launch. Moby V has become darker and richer than I expected, and I’m itching to share it with you. I seek to bring the reader a fast paced experience which transports them to a world which resembles, but is not quite, our own.


     I am now at the point where I cannot finish this project alone. In order to produce the quality I would like, I need an editor. Furthermore, I want to share this universe with you! By purchasing a printed or electronic version of the book, you can help me achieve both of these goals. 

   Graphic design artist Alex Bond produced some stunning art for both the front and back covers which capture the dark nature and themes of the novel. Most of the funds will go towards printing costs for a 5.5 X 8.5 perfect bound book with a full color, matte cover. 

    Several of the rewards include a high resolution download of Alex’s portfolio, including several of the alternative covers. 

Front Cover
Front Cover


Back Cover
Back Cover


         The two largest expenses in this project are printing and shipping. My budget is based on the printing costs quoted for me by an Illinois based printer for a minimum of two-hundred paperback copies. 

        The final goal also accounts for the shipping from the printing facility to anywhere in the U.S. according to the U.S.P.S cost calculator, shipping supplies, a predetermined cost for the editor, and some compensation for the artist’s efforts. I do not anticipate making any profit in this endeavour. Storytelling is what I love and it is a privilege to have the free time to see a project like this to its end.        

Risks and challenges

Turning a word document into a typeset, printed artifact is a much more involved process than most may realize. The printer I am working with has been very good at replying to my questions in a timely, professional manner. I feel confident they will be easy to work with for the review process before printing.

In order to keep you updated on my timeline including stages of editing, communication with the printer, and finalized release dates, I made a twitter account to keep you posted. Follow me @booksbydunn for all the nitty-gritty updates!

Contact Information:

Savannah Dunn

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