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Oct 10, 2016 1:29 PM ET

Archived: «Cradle of Magic» is a 3 in 1 roleplaying game, combining elements of roleplay, resource management strategy and card collection

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

«Cradle of Magic»: 3 in 1 online multiplayer battle RPG

«Cradle of Magic» is a 3 in 1 roleplaying game, combining elements of roleplay, resource management strategy and card collection

About this project

Anyone who has ever uttered a magic spell, conjured or called for help from the gods is our player. We are creating the “Cradle of Magic” universe for millions of RPG players around the world. Construct your unique power with magic forces management. Prove yourself over the cource of thousand battles with the help of famous magical creatures. Every day is a battle in the world of Cradle of Magic. Cast your spell and join the war.

«Cradle of Magic» is an online multiplayer battle game that combines a role-playing game with resources time management strategy and 1on1 battles against other network players using magic power from magic cards. Already an established and well-known social networking game (mainly in VK.com and OK.ru) we are expanding «Cradle of Magic» to computers and mobile devices worldwide. 

The game takes place in a medieval world evolving with the advent of magic. Old foes have gained new abilities and weapons. New creations are filling the world and impacting the lives of heroes and ordinary people alike. Strength is now determined by who can take these new powers and tools and best use them to their advantage. 

The player’s goal is to become the master of this new magical world. Each player commands set of magic cards and spells to use in the battles. With these powers, the player invokes various magical creatures and forces battle to assault or defend.

Main game features:  

  • A constantly growing system of card combinations for unique magical tactics in battle. As number of possibilities grows, player can create new unique battle techniques with each day. 
  • A unique set of magical creatures united for the first time to use in battle. Every creature has been developed with extreme detail to provide a unique role in player combat. 
  • A specialized battles engine that utilizes a unique methodology combining various factors: including selected card, combinations, character development level, equipment and more to select the most suitable opponent. 
  • An extensive hero development system based on magic resource extraction. Players build their own camps to mine runes, gold and sapphires. Resources can also be taken, or lost, in battle. Resources acquired can be used, or gifted and traded with friends and allies.  

This Kickstarter campaign is only the beginning. Going forward, we will release a range of supplements to the game including quests, world maps, new cards, new magic creatures and spells. In addition, we plan to implement community events such as tournaments and clan wars.

At the start, players can create their human hero from a selection of male and female characters. Various distinctive features are modifiable to make a unique and personalized appearance.

Throughout the game, equipment becomes available for characters, each giving special abilities to fundamentally change playstyle.

Initially, characters haves effective abilities and have a chance to win a pair of battles. However, to go through levels and survive in the dangerous world of CM, you have to master magic skills and acquire special helpers and assistants.


Each player can set some distinctive features to his character to make it one and only. In the game, you will find many options characters equipment, each giving special abilities to fundamentally changing the style of the play.

Magic cards are the magical tools with which heroes fight. You can collect cards, buy and trade them with other players or grab them in battles.  

All cards have a level of development and are divided by types and ratings.

Beyond gathering cards, players can improve those they own through combining same-type cards with resources. The product of the combination will be enhanced with superior effects. With each improvement, players need to collect more cards and resources to combine for improvements. Each character on a card has a special ability (while a hero has few).

A special set of different magic characters have been created for the game; here are some of them. All spells and creatures have their origin from one of the elements (fire, water, ground, wind), from the light or from the darkness. As creature creation is an ongoing process, some of the presented pictures depict draft designs, including sketches.

Creatures from Forestland  

Preceded by earthquakes in their arrival, the creatures from the forestland depend on natural power for their magic. The main trio of the forestland is: the Tiger – the bloodletting specialist, the Dryad – the movement constrictor, and the Toll -– the fast regeneration unit.

Among the assistants of these creatures are: the Hydra and the Blood mother with her deadly spiderlings.

 Here is the example how Hydra moves:


More are being developed.

Doomers and Creatures from Deadland  

Special forces that draw their strength from heat and pain, black magic allowed the creatures to escape from the abyss. Now, hungry and eager to poison all living things in their presence, these creatures are powerful tools for a player’s arsenal. The main trio constitutes the Succub -– foul seeker of energy, the Imp – a wicked flying assistant, and the Orf – a double-headed vampire wolf (our best-animated nightmare yet).

  • Additional fiends from the Deadland include the Varden, the Skeleton, and the Nekromant with more to come.

    Here is another sample of the animation: the beta version of the Varden:

     project video thumbnail

    Another very important part of the game are the spells. Spells can help change the course of battle. With the right spell, a player can call powerful creatures to their side, or cause searing damage to their opponent. Over a dozen spells have been created for the initial stage of the game.



    The battle mechanics are PvP-focused. Opponents can be found via the magic mirror: a list of the players in the game. These battles can take place in a variety of locations. A battle consists of a series of rounds. In each round, each participant performs one action.

    The action can be a normal attack or a special move with the help of cards. Some special actions can last more than one round. Take a look at a BETA version example of a battle:

     project video thumbnail


    To improve your hero, you need to develop your resources and arsenal. Your camp is your main source of gold, magic power and mana – the magic ether dissolved into the air and ground of the new world permitting special moves. You must build and maintain all necessary components of your camp. As the game progresses, every building in your camp can be improved for maximum output.

    Don’t forget to improve your depository, even if you are not a miner. To save the gold that you grab in battles, you should own a good place to store it.


    Material Rewards

    The main material reward for our backers are coins. Coins come in different types of metal (Iron, Silver Plated Iron, Gold Plated Iron) each with their own worth. 

    To play CM in the future at your table, you need another material reward – the set of 3D models. There are 3 sizes of 3D models available as rewards: Small Models – Ex: The Troll – 2” height., Medium Models -– Ex: The Tiger -– got 3” height, and Large Models – Ex: The Warden -– 3” height. All models are 3D printed in plastic and are painted with intricate detail. The models make fantastic pieces for the collection of CM players and fans of magic. 

    In-game Rewards

    We give some special in-game items and  bonuses for each backer. Please find the list below. Two words about main in-game bonus – the special card available only for premium backers of Kickcstarter. This magical card will be launched for backers at the start of the game. Neither can buy or steal it. The character on that card is a secret.  














Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge



We have already accomplished a great deal and the game is in an advanced stage of completion.  


  • Character Development 
  • Card Management and Battle Deployment 
  • Camps, Mines and Storage Management
  • Battle Mechanics (Beta) 
  • PvP Setting Algorithm 
  • Main UI Screens  


  • Matchmaking 
  • World map 
  • Full card Execution 
  • Card trading and Stealing 
  • Spells 
  • Additional UI Screens 
  • Sound and Music
We plan to finish the development till the end of 2016. 

With your help, we can make this campaign even more amazing. Stretch goals are as follows:    



The game is a passion for our team of like-minded people from around the world, including: Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Ukraine and Singapore. We love to play games and to create them. Many of us have experience exceeding 10 years in the creation of games, from board games to games for social networks.  

Please look at our Social Media for more pictures, sketches and details about the development of CM:  





Thank you all for your support of our project!

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Version française – lien.

Versión en idioma español – enlace.

Risks and challenges

While we are aiming at a fast and successful launch for GooglePlay, there is a risk that the Android version could take longer than expected.

Contact Information:

TVX Games

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