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Oct 10, 2016 6:59 PM ET

Archived: The Bylasan Hour book – The Bylasan Hour discusses inter-religious marriages and how intentions can be easily questioned raising religious intolerance.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 10, 2016

The Bylasan Hour

by Palestina (Nina JI)


The Bylasan Hour discusses inter-religious marriages and how intentions can be easily questioned raising religious intolerance.

About this project

What Is The Bylasan Hour and Where Did It Come From?

The Bylasan Hour is a manifestation of my first impressions as a new resident in Ohio in the United States to one of the most significant aspects in our lives: that is inter-religious marriages. Descending from an oriental community that is known as strictly conservative, inter-religious marriages seem to be rarely existing, if not already extinct. Moving to the United States, on the other hand, revealed not only how diversely open a culture should be, but also how important it is to accept such cultures in order to develop a better understanding of their life styles, norms, and most significantly, beliefs or what we call, religions. That is how The Bylasan Hour has emerged. 

My book, The Bylasan Hour tackles the three significant pillars of any human’s life: love, religion, and ultimate sacrifice as a Muslim artist does not find a way out but getting married to her new Hindu friend, who is a famous Bollywood actor in order for her to save her right to motherhood after figuring out that she has been drugged and raped during her participation in her friend’s party; a fact that she did not hesitate to share with her husband, who in turn did, because of it, terminate his marriage of her by having divorce. Such turning point in her life makes her get involved in a family from different culture, life style, and religion yet her ability to adapt with such new life drags her not only to fall in love with her Hindu friend but also to be questioned in her intentions to convert her friend’s two little boys raising religious intolerance between the married couple. 

The accumulation of such intolerance forces her into a coma from which her new husband takes the responsibility to rescue her through deciding to pay the ultimate sacrifice especially after developing profound pangs of remorse for causing his wife to dramatically lose her baby due to such religious intolerance. 

The dramatic escalation and conflict of this romance take place when Bylasan’s friend, who is now her husband, finds her diary and he decides to read it in an attempt to develop a better understanding of why his wife keeps running away from him though he can sense her feelings of love. As he is exploring the diary, he finds intolerable answers to his raising questions. At that moment, he starts to believe that every act of love preformed by his wife is but an act of a religious- biased intention. Such thoughts drive him not only to isolate his wife but also to suffocate her very existence in terms of physical freedom and psychological beliefs. The novel reaches its climax when the hero, driven by religious intolerance , strikes his wife in the face causing her to fall on the stairs and lose her baby: the very opposite concept this marriage was intended to save. The accumulations of such continuing religious intolerance causes the husband to leave his house, his family, and his wife while causes the wife to go into a coma from which she needs to be rescued. The resolution revolves around the whole novel from the first chapter till the last one using the stream of consciousness and flashback techniques as the husband starts to remember, reflect, and analyze his and his wife’s acts of love versus acts of bias reaching the conclusion of his need to compromise not only his diary-focused accusations but also his beliefs of existence in the name of love in order for him to save his beloved. The book does revolve around the fact that the two main characters are coming from two of the most religiously conservative communities: Hindu Indians and Muslim Arabs. Moving into an open community such as the United States, which accepts all people from different religions, cultures, life styles, and races, allows the two characters to start to compromise some of their beliefs among which the whole concept of getting married to each other. As they get along with their marriage and as the power of love weaves knots in their hearts, they somehow start to accept the notion of compromising some of their cultural attitudes, life style manners, and even beliefs.

So What Is My Plan? 

My plan is pretty much simple. I want to see my book on the shelves of bookstores worldwide. In this sense, I plan to publish this book through a well- known book publishing company that proved to make its authors successful not only in transforming their manuscripts to existing books but also in transforming them to movies presented in cinemas.

What Is My Schedule? 

I aspire, with your help and support, to start with the publishing process in the beginning of the next year and to see my manuscript as a book in the summer.

Risks and challenges

Then, What Are The Risks and Challenges?
As the manuscript gets through the publication process and gets to be in its final representation, the only risk that will concern me is shipping. Since you cannot control environment or shipping process and delays, I will feel somehow uncomfortable till the product reaches its audience destination. Such delays might take place if the book is being damaged by environmental intervention on its way to the destination, or if the book is still in need for further processing till reaching a complete satisfactory stage. Either this or that, you will immediately be informed of the status.



Contact Information:

Palestina (Nina JI)

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