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Oct 10, 2016 7:05 PM ET

Archived: Atlanta, GA: Diamond Suede Logistics, LLC is a Global Freight Brokering (3PL) company – Our company follows the load from pick up to delivery and everywhere in between so the company doesn’t have to.

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United States
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Holly’s story

Raised in Atlanta Georgia, I’ve always referred to myself as an elegant tom boy. I followed my mother’s footsteps into the business world. While I’ve always been business savvy, I’ve also grown up as the girl helping my father tinker with his trucks, charter buses and antique cars. I was that girl outside as a teenager riding my dirt bike with the guys in the neighborhood, I was the girl with a PURPLE TRUCK with big wheels on her 16th birthday cake. Even though I’m grown up, I’m STILL the Lady interested in Antique Cars and BIG Trucks. My mother passed away 1 day shy of my parents 46th wedding anniversary, she had been sick for almost 4 years. My father and I were suddenly charged with the rewarding duty of caring for her. Although it was difficult, it was meaningful and I was grateful to be able to be a caregiver for my mother. After my mother passed, I realized there would come a day I would be my father’s caregiver. It was then I realized, as a home based Freight Brokering business (3PL) I would be afforded the luxury of all my dreams. I could finally merge my two LOVES…BIG TRUCKS and BIG BUSINESS. I could become an entrepreneur, be home in the event I needed to care for my dad and still provide a sizable income for my household. It was out of all of this, my dream was born and a legacy for my children was created! That along with wanting to be able to motivate others like myself, people with ailing parents, veterans, disabled veterans, women and even single parents who want to start a home based business in order to be able to spend more time with the kids or just become entrepreneurs. While being my own entrepreneur, my ultimate goal is to assist others in their pursuit to start their own 3PL company. 

This loan is special because:

It allows an entrepreneur to pursue her passion and provide a stable income for her family.

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More about this loan

Business Description

I’m Holly Reed, the CEO of DIAMOND SUEDE LOGISTICS, LLC. founded in April 2016. We are a Global Freight Brokering (3PL) company. So when a Shipper has a shipment that needs to be delivered……We locate a Trucker to deliver the Load. We’re the middle man! Our company follows the load from pick up to delivery and everywhere in between so the company doesn’t have to. After years of being in the business world I am finally able to combine my TWO loves. BIG Trucks and BIG Business, DIAMOND SUEDE LOGISTICS, LLC!

I have a degree in Business Management with over 20 years’ business experience. I have partnered with the National Minority Trucking Association (NMTA), where I am being mentored by the Founder and CEO. I have access to over 5000 truckers and shippers. I have taken several classes at the NMTA related to the trucking industry where I volunteer to gain additional experience. I’ve partnered with Veterans Women Igniting a Spirit of Entrepreneurship (VWISE), completed their extensive Entrepreneurial segment. In addition, I’ve partnered with Boots to Business, Institute Veteran Military Families (IVMF), Small Business Administration (SBA) and Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center (GTPAC). I’ve done the research and I am knowledgeable. In addition, I have a complied a very strong Advisory Board with extensive knowledge in the Trucking industry, Business Management and the Financial arena to help ensure my success.

Being a Service Connected Veteran, I understand the importance of being on time, every time! Unfortunately, in the day and age of computers customer service has become a lost art. We will focus on EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE and take the time to build solid relationships and dependability coupled with understanding of the client’s needs. As a smaller company with access to a large pool of truckers & suppliers, we will have the same advantages of the larger companies while still being able to manage client’s businesses with a more customized reliability. Diamond Suede Logistics will “Solve Every Problem With A DIAMOND Resolution”.

What is the purpose of this loan?

In addition to my personal contribution, by helping me with my goal of $5000 you will be helping with startup cost to include obtaining my Authority Bond $1000, Government Certifications $900, Motor Carrier Number $300, BOC-3 & UCR Registration $100, Website $800, High Speed Laptop $1000, Accountant Software $400 and Misc. Start-up expenses $500. Reaching this financial goal will allow me to officially open for business before the end of 2016. This loan will assist in the start of my home based FREIGHT BROKERING business and allow me the luxury of caring for my family as a Woman in the Trucking Industry.

About Diamond Suede Logistics, LLC

Industry: Transportation
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year

A loan of $5,000 helps with the start up capital for my Freight Brokering (3PL) business, my Authority Bond, Computer and Certifications for contracts.

Contact Information:


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