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Oct 8, 2016 1:00 PM ET

Archived: UNSW Science Photo Competition 2016: Science is amazing and it is everywhere. So, impress us with your creativity, eye for Science and technical skills and submit your photos which capture the beauty, wonder and/or action in Science.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2016

UNSW Science Photo Competition 2016



Science is amazing and it is everywhere.
The beauty, wonder and action in Science is what makes us UNSW Science people tick and that is exactly what we are looking for in the photos for this year’s competition.
So, impress us with your creativity, eye for Science and technical skills and submit your photos which capture the beauty, wonder and/or action in Science.
As well as a new online home, we’ve brought in a People’s Choice award this year.   The new online format of this competition means you can have all your friends and family vote for your photo.  The photo with the most votes will win and you might just be the very first winner of the People’s Choice prize!
This competition is open to all high school students, current UNSW staff, students and UNSW alumni –  you don’t have to be a scientist to enter, just be inspired by science.
Be sure to make only ONE submission per person, containing up to SIX attached photos for consideration (not just the cover photo). Please ensure that ALL photos are uploaded as an attachment.  




UNSW Science Photocomp

Submit up to 6 photos that convey the beauty, wonder and action in Science. Entrants MUST be either an Australian High School student, or a UNSW student, staff member or alumnus. Photos MUST include “HS” (high school), “CS” (current UNSW student), “US” (UNSW Staff) or “SA” (Science Alumni) at the start of the filename.

AmountRankingVote Type

People’s Choice Award

Determined by public voting

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Important Documents and Forms to be uploaded with entry
Judging Criteria
Subject and composition
We want to see unique, interesting, eye-catching examples of Science in the every day world.
Flowers and bridges can be beautiful, but candid action shots can be amazing.
We are looking for high-resolution, print-quality shots. Photos should be at least 180dpi (ideally, 300 dpi) with dimensions bigger than 800px wide x 800px high
Terms and Conditions
You can also view them here: Terms and Conditions
By entering the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Science photo competition (the Competition), you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. Who can enter
1.1.  Entry is open to all students currently enrolled at UNSW, UNSW alumni and current staff members of UNSW and all currently enrolled Australian high school students (Participant).
1.2.  If a Participant is not over the age of 18, a parent or guardian must authorise the Participant’s entry, by completing and returning the Parental Consent Form.
1.3.  A Participant may not submit an entry on behalf of a person for whom entry is not open under clause 1.1.
2. The Competition
2.1. The theme of the competition is to explore the beauty, wonder and  action in Science.
2.2.  Each Participant may enter a maximum of six (6) images in the Competition.
2.3.  A judging panel made up of UNSW staff will judge the winners at their sole discretion except the People’s Choice Prize.
2.4.  4 x $500 prizes and 7 x $250 prizes will be awarded to the winners of the Competition as determined by the judges (a total of $3750 in prizes).
2.5  1x $250 prize will be awarded to the winner of People’s Choice Prize.
2.5.1 The winner of the People’s Choice Prize will be awarded to the photo that receives the most votes through the Thinkable platform which will host all the photos entered in the competition.
2.6.  The winners will be alerted via email and announced on the Faculty of Science website and Facebookhttp://www.science.unsw.edu.au
2.7.  By submitting an entry in the Competition, each Participant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
2.8.  The judges’ decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into.
2.9.  All photographic images entered in the Competition may be used by UNSW in online and printed UNSW publications such as program guides, brochures and web pages, regardless of whether the photographic image is judged a winner.
3. How to Enter
3.1.  The competition commences on Tuesday 13th September 2016 and concludes at midnight on Sunday 30th October 2016 (Competition Period).
3.2.  Entrants must submit a valid entry during the Competition Period.
3.3.  If any person is identifiable in an image, the entry for that image must be accompanied by a Photographic Model Release (download from http://www.science.unsw.edu.au/photocomp), for each person who is identifiable in the image (including parental consent if the relevant person is under the age of 18).
        The Photographic Model Release Form may be submitted electronically with the entry, or submitted by post to the contact address in paragraph 6 below. If no person is identifiable in the photo, it is not necessary to complete a Photographic Model Release.
3.4. To be a valid entry, an entry must:
3.4.1.be submitted as attachments at the Competition web page at  http://www.science.unsw.edu.au/photocomp;
3.4.2. contain the student or staff ID number (if applicable), a file name and a short descriptive title of the image (maximum 40 characters);
3.4.4. have a maximum file size of 10MB per photographic image;
3.4.5. have minimum pixels of 180 dpi;
3.4.5. include the entrant’s full name and an email address;
3.4.6. if an identifiable person appears in the photo, be accompanied by a completed Photographic Model Release form; and
3.4.7. not be entered, or have been entered, in any other photographic competition run by UNSW or any other organisation.
3.5. A Participant may submit a maximum of six (6) valid photographic images.
3.6. Any entry that is not:
3.6.1. received during the Competition Period;
3.6.2. submitted in accordance with the Terms & Conditions;
3.6.3. a valid entry in accordance with paragraph 3.4 above;
will not be eligible to win.
4. Limitation of Liability
4.1.  In the case of the intervention of any outside act or event which prevents or significantly hinders UNSW’s ability to proceed with the competition on the dates and in the manner described in these terms and conditions, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, strike, war, act of terrorism, UNSW may in its absolute discretion cancel the competition.
4.2.  UNSW will not be liable for any misadventure, accident, injury, loss or claim that may occur as a result of a Participant’s entry to the Competition.
5. Use of entries by UNSW
5.1.  Each image entered must be original and created solely by the Participant.
5.2. Each entry in the Competition and all copyright and other rights in such entries and/or other materials shall be the property of the UNSW and shall not be returned.
5.3.  By entering the Competition each Participant agrees to grant UNSW an irrevocable, royalty free licence to use the image for UNSW publications including but not limited to undergraduate and postgraduate program guides, the Faculty of Science website and promotion of the Faculty of Science.
5.4.  By submitting an entry into this competition each participant thereby:
5.4.1.specifically authorises UNSW to use such entry in whole or in part, throughout the universe, in perpetuity in or on any and all media, now known or hereafter devised, and alone or together or as part of other information, content and/or material of any kind or nature;
5.4.2.       represents and warrants that all elements contained in the Competition entry or other material:
          are original to the Participant and available for use as contemplated herein;
          do and will not, in any way, violate or breach any of the terms of any other agreement the Participant may be a party to;
          do not contain defamatory, tortious, or otherwise unlawful, untrue or inaccurate information, infringe or violate any copyright or other right, or contain any matter the publication or sale of which will violate any Federal or state statute or regulation;
          are not obscene or in any other manner unlawful or likely to cause offence are not in any way cruel nor abusive; and shall not require UNSW to pay or incur any sums to any person or entity as a result of UNSW’s use or exploitation of the same.
6. Contact Details
Alison Hewitt
UNSW Science Marketing
University of New South Wales
Room 128 Robert Webster Building
The University of New South Wales UNSW NSW 2052
Email: a.hewitt@unsw.edu.au
7.    Privacy
The UNSW Faculties of Science and Engineering are collecting the personal information of Participants for the purpose of conducting the 2016 Science Photo Competition.  Supply of this information is voluntary but if you do not wish to supply it your entry may not be included in the Competition.  The personal information supplied will only be used by staff in the Faculty of Science for the conduct of the Competition.  You have the right of access to any personal information held about you by UNSW and the right to request correction and amendment of it.
Any Questions?
Please contact Science Marketing:
02 9385 7788
Contact Information:

Nick Langley

Alison Hewitt

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