Ping Pong: Sudden Death - An office worker tries to explore Ping Pong as a creative outlet. He gets in too deep when he becomes a factor in an accidental death. - iCrowdNewswire

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Oct 8, 2016 3:34 PM ET

Ping Pong: Sudden Death – An office worker tries to explore Ping Pong as a creative outlet. He gets in too deep when he becomes a factor in an accidental death.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2016

Ping Pong: Sudden Death

Ping Pong: Sudden Death project video thumbnail

An office worker tries to explore Ping Pong as a creative outlet. He gets in too deep when he becomes a factor in an accidental death.


About this project

Tyler and Tyler are both inspiring videographers who’ve been working together for the past 6 years to bring a bunch of funky and creative comedy to your YouTube screens!!!

We were successfully funded by Kickstarter 2 years ago for a project named “Becky: A Space Exploration.” With this funding we were able to take our filming and production skills to the next level and make our own SPACE POD.

We even premiered this short at the Connecticut New Haven International Film Festival on Friday, November 13th 2015.

We recently completed a sketch comedy spoof pilot that was released in 4 episodes. You can check it out on our YouTube:

This project took a year to complete and it allowed us to grow and work with other actors and crew that wanted to be apart of our videos. It made it easier to make shorter videos with little, to no budget, and mash them all together in a fun and twisted comedy pilot.

Now were back to working on ONE idea and we think this next project is unlike anything we have ever worked on before. This Ping Pong project still has the quirky comedy that make up Tyler and Tyler, but it also has a dark and sinister side to it that makes it creepy and dramatic.

The budget for this project is not set in stone. We think $750 USD is a reasonable starting point to help fund us securing a location for a ping pong match and renting a camera or lights for better production quality. Anything more than our goal will help us out a whole lot. Equipment is not cheap and sometimes feeding your crew is the best thing you can do to keep them happy and energized.

Funding for this project will go to props and costumes needed for different scenes. Office workers will need business casual wear, ping pong players with sweat pants and paddles, police and FBI agents should wear uniforms, business clothing, hats, and trench coats. This extra focus on costumes will make the video more believable and give a chance to have the actors evolve their personality.

Lighting and grain will always be a challenge. We can either choose to spend time and money with renting lights and lugging them around, or use minimal lights and rent a camera that is better in low light situations.

Either way, we understand how scenes can throw us challenges with lightning and we want to be prepared to handle it properly and capture the feeling without having to sacrifice grain or quality.

Risks and challenges

There are always obstacles when it comes to making a video project.
We have shown that we can be successful and complete a Kickstarter from front to back.

But new projects will always evolve and have challenges like quality of equipment and time management.

Tyler and Tyler are really only two people who are occupied with other tasks of life. We do these videos to have fun and feel good about working with other people and making funny and creative ideas come to life.

The fact that we are just two people makes it easier to reach our goal and vision, but also challenging when we need to include groups of people in a shoot that have no idea what we want from them until they arrive on scene.

Its hard to get everyone together first for a read out through a script, it takes time, and planning, and sometimes we cant afford the perfect process of making a video and we will just “run and gun it.”

We already own a lot of film equipment: 2 Canon 60D’s, several lenses, fluid head tripod, slider, steadicam, DJI drone, 2 small LED lights.

We are prepared to do this project with what we have, but sometimes, scenes need more lighting or a better frame rate for slow-motion. We may need to cut some things in order to have a consistent production quality from begging to end.

How long will this take?
We have an estimated turn around time of SUMMER 2017. We hope that after all the filming is done, we can match audio and do special FX. The editing for any special FX will only really be for 1 or 2 scenes. It will be the lengthiest part, but it won’t take any longer that a few months to edit.

We appreciate your time checking us out and thank you for your donations! If you can’t donate, please help share this video so we can reach our goal. Best wishes,

Tyler and Tyler

Contact Information:


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