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Oct 7, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Archived: Flippersmack – Cloud-based platform that makes influencer marketing possible for anyone

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2016


Cloud-based platform that makes influencer marketing possible for anyone.



These days, marketing has gone digital – and is more about socially-influential connections and recommendations than ever before.  At FlipperSmack, we’ve developed an automated platform that makes influencer marketing a possibility for any consumer or brand.  Our Cloud-based SaaS helps users make influencer connections, develop relationships – and gives brands a positive image that helps drive sales through the roof.  With thousands of influencers on board already, we’re ready to assert our influence on the marketing world!


The future of marketing is upon us.  Paid advertising, once a key element in most all marketing strategies, simply isn’t as effective as it once was.  Millennials spend far less time watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading the newspaper than previous generations did.  Instead, they get their content from social media, streaming services, and other tech sources – and marketers are being forced to adapt.

Scott Cook, Intuit’s Founder and CEO, said it best: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it’s what consumers tell each other it is.”  This statement neatly sums up the principles behind influencer marketing, a strategic marketing initiative that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Smartphones, social networking, and other technology have made consumers more informed than ever before.  In response, marketers are relying on social influencers – from national celebrities to local socialites – as key ingredients in their branding strategies.  Consumers listen when these influencers make recommendations on restaurants, books, and other things, and it shows; as influencer marketing has a 37% higher retention rate than traditional paid advertising.  

Despite its proven effectiveness, the use of influencer marketing remains a pipe dream for many companies.  Most lack the budget required to work with high-cost agencies; and in turn, are forced to fend for themselves to try and jumpstart an influencer campaign.  They end up spending hundreds of hours prospecting and building relationships, only to find out that the influencers they’re aligning with aren’t ideal fits.  A trusted online platform with its pulse on the influencer community would go a long way towards quelling this uphill battle – and would give marketers a direct line to the 3.7 billion total monthly users on the top 9 social media sites.


The influencer marketing world desperately needs transparency, and a bridge that connects brands and influencers – and FlipperSmack is proud to provide it.

FlipperSmack is a new SaaS platform that’s changing the way small to medium-sized brands connect with their valuable social influencers.  Just call us the “Cupid” of the influencer space; we’ve created a marketplace for brands and influencers to come together and form mutually-beneficial relationships.  Unlike the tedious and expensive status quo, we’ve made things remarkably simple, too.  Within minutes – and after a quick keyword search – marketers can enjoy professional influencer engagement minus the hundreds of hours of research or the expensive agency.  Need an endorsement for an up-and-coming restaurant in a pinch?  How about some positive word of mouth for a new salon?  The possibilities are limitless with FlipperSmack!

Sure, we’ve got a skill for matchmaking that any online dating site would be proud of.  But connecting brands and influencers isn’t all we do.  After making that original connection, FlipperSmack helps brands communicate with influencers, optimizes the effectiveness of their message, and can fully manage influencer campaigns, all in one.  We can fully automate a company’s marketing campaigns even for the long term, assisting with branding and messaging through word-of-mouth referrals for online social media platforms.  On the influencer side of the equation, we’ll open them up to more opportunities than ever previously imagined – and help them tap into a potentially lucrative revenue stream.  We’re a true one-stop shop for both sides!


With valuable brand images at stake, we aren’t just throwing darts.  FlipperSmack fosters connections by analyzing the keywords that a brand enters into our search.  Our proprietary search algorithm then matches these keywords to those that influencers have already placed in their profiles – and initial connections are made.  The doors of communication are then swung wide open, and brands and influencers can freely communicate either publicly or privately.  Both parties can take it as far as they want through our digital platform; or, if a more personal touch is desired, they can continue the relationship building and deal making offline and use FlipperSmack as just a connector.  As a Cloud-based SaaS, we’re always “open for business” and can be used at whatever frequency our customers need.

Getting started with FlipperSmack is simple and painless.  Marketers will be up and on their way to making valuable influencer marketing partnerships in a matter of minutes.  Influencers simply need to create their own unique profile, including any and all areas they can provide valuable feedback on under their “Interests” section.  For brands, it’s as easy as signing up, becoming familiar, and searching.  Check out just a few of the many features and benefits users enjoy once they get onboarded:

Interest variety – There is no limit to the number of words that users can place in their “Interests” section.  Influencers can include all aspects that make them influential – from gardening, to craft beer brewing, to reggae music – in order to maximize their potential connections.

Leverage social assets – Influencer profiles contain links to all their current social media pages, allowing followers to easily join campaigns and therefore drive more sales.  FlipperSmack is therefore the perfect supplement to those who already enjoy strong social media followings.

Search versatility – Brands have tons of options when it comes to finding that ideal influencer.  They can search based on interests, location, a certain time period, and even more metrics.

Full discretion – Unlike with marketing firms and influencer agencies, the brands that use FlipperSmack have full control over which influencers they partner with.  Because nobody knows your business better than you do.

Affordably priced – FlipperSmack has been democratized for both parties at one low price unavailable anywhere else; so it’s, suited for even the smallest businesses and budgets!  We’re putting everyone on a level playing field when it comes to influencer marketing.

“Reach” search metrics – In future versions of FlipperSmack, users will have the option to display the most followed/”liked” influencers first on search results; and, they will be able to create their own formula for customized search results.

Automatic updates – Users have the option to automatically update the FlipperSmack user database at the interval of their choosing.


The launch of our beta this past July was a huge step forward towards achieving this – as the feedback we’re receiving is really helping us optimize the backend. We’ve also begun partnering with brick & mortars in order to receive further proof of concept.  Here are just a few more significant hurdles we’ve cleared:

We’re live.  Our beta is paying big dividends already.  The first version of FlipperSmack has been completed, and is currently online and ready for use.

Building our influencer base.  We’ve already amassed nearly 9,000 local influencers in our database (mostly from NE Florida).  This is a key first step before really honing in on sales – though we’ve landed a handful of paying customers already.

Getting in with the business community.  Our initial portfolio of paying clientele encompasses numerous local restaurants, a hair salon, a publicity company, and Drinkable Arts (a 60-franchise “paint party” company).  We’re also in talks with a Ford dealership and other influential local businesses.

With a very promising first year coming to an end, our sights are now set towards the future.  The immediate focus is on continuing to build out our influencer database, which must be in place and plentiful before we’ll see a significant uptick in sales.  Over the next few months, we’ll also continue optimizing the app’s backend – making the user experience even more automated and friendly.  In the slightly longer term, we’ll be adding an “Agency” arm to the FlipperSmack platform that will include full campaign management services.  It will be ideally suited for businesses that wish to utilize our service to create influencer campaigns, yet lack the time to see them all the way through by themselves.  January 2017 is the target date for its introduction.


The FlipperSmack concept originally found its legs during our Founder’s time with her previous venture.  In efforts to bring the “Little Looster” (a potty training product) to market, she successfully partnered with numerous social influencers and bloggers around the world – but found the process to be extremely time challenging due to the lack of efficiency and ability to make useful connections. Not only do you have to find the right influencers to reach your target market, but you have to search for their contact information and cultivate those relationships from scratch. After realizing the lack of a cost-effective service that gives anyonetransparent access to influencers, she decided to do something about it – and FlipperSmack was born.  Let’s meet the team tasked with bringing it to fruition:

Before guiding the Little Looster to acquisition, our visionary was a member of the 7-person start-up team at Salesforce.com.  Before that, she worked directly for Marc Benioff and Larry Ellison at Oracle, launching the company’s Promise charitable division.  Monica also enjoyed a stint as Tony Robbins’ personal EA – working directly with A-list celebrities, athletes, and artists.  This incredibly impressive resume and influencer networking prowess make her the ideal do-it-all day-to-day leader for FlipperSmack.

Our marketing maven got her start in a PR position with the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum.  After working in a few other similar roles, she gained in-depth knowledge of the social media marketing landscape in addition to other areas of marketing.  Bridget is fully responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of our marketing and advertising strategies.

Phil’s impressive career in sales and financial management includes serving as CEO of Insight Guest Relationship Management, a customer feedback software company.  He’s also held roles with Merrill Lynch, Pacific Crest Securities, and Decision Capital Management.  Phil has the reins when it comes to the execution of our sales strategy.

Our executive trio also receives top-level outside support from an expert Board of Advisors, currently comprised of these 5 individuals:

  • Jenny Kobin, who’s partnered with corporate executives for 25+ regarding IR and financial communications strategies;
  • Leslie Wolfson, who has significant strategic marketing experience in the media and lifestyle categories;
  • Patrick Henry, an IT expert and current Business Development Executive at Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • Allie Olsen, a prominent and successful influencer known for blogging on Simply St. Augustine, which has a strong user base of locals and tourists planning to visit Florida from all over the world.
Contact Information:

Bridget Healy - CMO

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