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Oct 6, 2016 4:39 PM ET

Archived: Kinixsys – compACT: an efficient and affordable compensation management solution

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2016


compACT: an efficient and affordable compensation management solution.



At Kinixsys, we’re helping companies make the most of those dollars through our streamlined compensation software program, compACT.

compACT is highly customizable program that reacts to changing market conditions that affect employee salary and incentives. With this software, we’re helping HR Departments in organizations of all sizes to retain top talent through appropriate compensation.

Our unique solution, is easy to use and allows the end-user to make changes directly and immediately. By choosing which features are relevant to them and eliminating the ones they don’t, the client cuts down on cost. By doing it themselves, they cut down on vendor dependency.


Right now, many companies are using Excel or a similar spreadsheet solution to manage their compensation structure. This is a manual process prone to error, but more sophisticated compensation systems are often cost-prohibitive.

Research on industry-wide compensation must be done by HR personnel, data must be entered. By hand, and review processes can take frustratingly long.

With so much room for human error, mistakes are inevitably made. Those mistakes can be costly if they result in low morale or employees who decide to leave, because they are not being competitively compensated. So why are so many companies still using this method?


Companies of all sizes and in all industries prefer a specialized software to manage compensation. These programs are more efficient than Excel, and can eliminate error-prone manual processes. But they often depend heavily on vendor involvement. For example, to change a calculation in our competitors’ software requires the vendor to change the code, which takes time and often requires a fee.

These software packages are also crowded with features that most companies don’t need, in an attempt to create a “one-size-fits-all” product that appeals to a broad range of customers. Clients don’t need all these features, but they have no choice but to pay for them anyway. Customization is limited at best, and many times impossible.

The costs of the software- with all of its extra bells and whistles- and the necessary involvement of the vendor are simply too high for many companies to use such a solution.

Retaining talent and keeping their workforce happy and engaged is a priority for any good company. How can they achieve this efficiently without breaking the HR budget?


At Kinixsys, we’ve got the cost-effective and customizable answer: compACT.

Our founders, Michael and Arun, each have more than a decade of experience working in compensation software. Therefore, they intimately understand the struggles businesses and their HR Departments face when evaluating and tracking compensation. With compACT- a cloud-based compensation management system that offers user-friendly configuration- we are revolutionizing the compensation software field.

Our framework allows easy integration into existing HRIS and performance management systems. It is easily customized and users can select only the compensation components they need for their business. This cuts down one of the costs associated with other vendor solutions.

Our clients can also make changes to the program on the fly. That calculation adjustment that would have taken a ticket request and an additional fee from our competitors? It’s free and can be done instantly by the end-user with compACT.  

All of our software is self-serve, but we are aware some users prefer a more guided experience. For a tiered fee, we will implement the system for you. Each of our clients is matched with a single-point-of-contact. And since we know how important it is to work with someone who understands your business, each of these points of contact is a compensation software professional.

The combination of self-service software and DIY customization reduces the overall cost of a vendor solution, and makes compensation management software available to companies who couldn’t afford it in the past. And for companies already using a heavily vendor-dependent system, the cost savings are significant.


Kinixsys is currently operating the robust compACT version built in the Microsoft dotnet platform, a 2015 version. Our plans are to build on that software and build on a new generation compACT-Ng that is even more user-friendly and dynamic, with capabilities for users to control their business rules and calculations.

In addition to our existing customers, Dow Jones, Goodwin Procter, Masimo, Zulily, Squareup, and Indigo Airlines (India) have also approached us about adopting compACT.

Compensation software makes up an $853M market.

We’ve recently  signed with Payscale, a leading online salary and benefits information company. This means we’ll be able to incorporate their benchmarked market data into our product. We’re also pursuing partnerships with Namely, a well-known name in HR software, and ADP, the human resource consulting firm. These partnerships will enable us to cross-sell products.


Our co-founders, Michael and Arun, have over a quarter century of combined experience in compensation software. Through this experience they saw the need for a more flexible compensation solution.

It was from Michael’s passion for problem-solving and his deep knowledge of system networks that Kinixsys was born. A decade working in compensation systems taught him that reacting to market changes that affect these compensation metrics costs time and money. In 2013, he and co-founder, Arun Rozario, began Kinixsys. Michael has a B.E. in Computer Science and 13 years of experience in compensation management software.

Like Michael, Arun worked with compensation management software for over a decade before founding Kinixsys. Arun has a passion for building sustainable organizations, and the ongoing education and growth of individuals in their workplaces. Arun has an MBA-HR, an MCA, and is a certified Scaled Agile Framework Consultant.

John has 16+ years of experience in IT infrastructure covering BPO, Software development and Services delivery industries worldwide, he is a result oriented leader and has delivered efficient & effective results in the following areas; IT Strategy and Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Product lifecycle management, Configuration management, Supplier and Partner integration, IT and Security Operations, Service Delivery Management, International Collaboration. He has served in managerial and leadership roles in Perot Systems Corp, Dell, Access Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd. Driving innovation and cost optimization is his vision.

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