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Oct 6, 2016 2:39 PM ET

Crowdability: Your Active World LLC – Digital Event Management

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2016

Your Active World LLC

Digital Event Management




Conferencing & Communication Software


Tampa, Florida

Competitors in the event management industry do not offer the full package that Your Active World does. The combined power of addressing user needs, providing user/administrator interaction, offering Cloud support, and providing endless useful Registrant features are only delivered by YAW.

The aforementioned factors make up what is an outstanding “face value” for clients and end users. Nevertheless, YAW’s value does not stop there. We deliver in a plethora of ways for both our users and shareholders – with the following being the most significant:

The team is beyond committed. The founders have almost a half million of their funds committed, other staff has deferred payment, and they have significant experience in both the market and in acquisitions.

Unlike competitors, YAW makes real efforts to engage the end user. Every person who registers for an event online with one of YAW’s clients becomes a member of YAW. Thus, YAW has a significant universe of Registrants to contact directly. The YAW platform has customized and user-friendly features that accomplish Registrant’s engagement.

YAW has great social capabilities that deliver ongoing value to clients. Most notably, a Community Happenings Page engages the entire community to post news and information, and to search for jobs and advertise. This is the kind of value add that will be crucial to growing the YAW brand for years to come.

The digital advertising market offers awesome possibilities. The market for digital ads is fragmented, providing great acquisition opportunities – and demand has been validated.

Contact Information:

Your Active World LLC

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