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Oct 6, 2016 1:50 PM ET

Archived: Connecting online buyers to local installers – Connect2Install is a bridge between online aftermarket auto parts dealers and local installation providers, giving consumers a fast, easy path from purchase to install.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2016


Connecting online buyers to local installers.

Connect2Install is a bridge between online aftermarket auto parts dealers and local installation providers, giving consumers a fast, easy path from purchase to install.

Free delivery took online retail to the next level. Now, it’s time for local installation to up the ante, creating a seamless experience for customers and new revenue streams for both online retailers and local installers.

We’re starting with the automotive industry, but that’s just the beginning. Imagine a plug-and-play solution that allows any online retailer to offer fast, certified installation.

That’s the Connect2Install vision.


Online auto parts sales has been outpacing brick and mortar sales at an impressive pace for awhile now.

So why all the growth?

Because buying online is a fast, painless experience.

Just look at Amazon. Auto parts are no different than the food processors, sweaters and vegan protein mixes they sell.

Except that they are- when you buy auto parts, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for, because getting the wrong part can threaten your car’s performance, and even the lives of every driver and passenger.

That’s why so many have flocked to online auto retailers. Instead of relying on the guy at the counter to get you the right part, you know you’re getting the right part because online retailers can automatically show you only the parts that are compatible with your car.

It’s no secret purchasing is moving online, but perhaps even more appealing are the stats that just came out in the latest SEMA report:

  • 39% of pickup owners accessorize or modify
  • There are 13 million newer (2010—2016 model year) pickups
  • 26% of specialty-equipment part sales are for pickups

So online auto parts sales are going through the roof: but what’s next? When does a customer who works full-time have the time to install that new hitch on his truck, assuming he has the know-how to do it in the first place?

Until now, it’s been tricky to find someone you trust to do the installation.

That’s where Connect2Install comes in.


Connect2Install allows anyone to buy products online and have them installed by a local professional, complete with a satisfaction guarantee and National pricing.

All without leaving your house.

You get the convenience of shopping online, plus the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a local business.

Connect2Install is the perfect solution for:


Connect2Install is a technical platform and process that connects online retailers, consumers and installers from the moment of purchase all the way through to a final customer satisfaction survey.

The electronic flow eliminates the guesswork, miscommunication and inefficiencies of traditional methods.

Here’s how it works.

Local installation is the future of online shopping, and some big companies are already testing the concept. But imagine if retailer could simply plug into C2I’s API and add robust local installation options without all that hassle and investment?

That’s the C2I difference.


We’ve spent four years perfecting the C2I system, and we completed a beta test with a partner retailer, performing more than 181 installations.

We’re blown away by the feedback.

Here’s what the beta test retailer had to say:

That’s 126 additional sales that business received because of their C2I integration, a whopping $14,954 in additional profit over the one-month test.

We’ll apply those same results to multiply on-line Auto Parts Dealers.

Connect2Install is demonstrably disruptive. And now that our website is fully functional and our patent applications are filed, C2I is market-ready.

Recently, C2I conducted a test with Amazon and they are very excited to use our services to expand there home service business. Connect2install is the only installer network used by Amazon for installing truck and auto accessories. 

Ready to hear what the future has in store for C2I? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out more about our revolutionary process!


Charles Klein brings leadership, direction and drive to the Connect2install team.  He has a passion for process development and improvement while being focused on driving revenue and growing the business.  Coming from a diverse background working for years in many different industries including food service, legal, non-profit and most recently technology he brings a unique perspective to this growing company.  Charles started a web development company a few years ago and has been successfully creating websites that solve business problems for his customers.  His divergent background combined with his master’s degree in business administration, makes him a great leader to take Connect2install to the next level.

Hammad is a technology leader who thrives on building great products. He is an expert team builder and has experience taking ambitious large-scale technology projects from conception to delivery. Hammad is also passionate about design and user experience. After having started his career at Microsoft, Hammad has helped numerous companies large and small achieve their technology dream.

John is a 35-year executive and has experience at all levels of the Automotive Aftermarket. His experience began at the retail level, then to Distribution, Manufacturing and then National Networking.This journey earned him exceptional customer service skills and countless industry relationships.

Contact Information:

Charles Klein - Director

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