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Oct 5, 2016 1:10 PM ET

Archived: Project 7 Security Group – America’s Leader in the Security Industry

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

Project 7 Security Group

America’s Leader in the Security Industry


Project 7 Security Group (P7SG), a legal U.S. Corporation, is a leader in worldwide personal protective security. Our protective specialists have operated and provide high-level static and mobile security services around the world, for U.S. Government clients, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multinational corporations and a host of clients that require specialized risk mitigations options in war zones or other areas of high conflict that lack first-world security postures.

Our comprehensive program of management solutions, mission support, force protection and expertise in diplomatic protection services, ensures that Project 7 Security Group stands out amongst its competitive peers as the best in the business.


Having the right hands on the job makes a difference.

As a matter of good business practice, we thoroughly vet and hire only the most skilled personnel who bring an extremely dynamic combination of training and expertise to the protective environment. Each of our security contractors has an exceptional performance record and recent experience in operations as part of U.S. government-level security contracts at U.S. embassies, consulates and forward operating bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia, Kuwait and on the African continent.

As part of our rigorous background check, the U.S. Department of State verifies the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty of military service members as well as their training, where they were stationed, previous contracts and exposure to hostile environments.


The national security complex is changing rapidly.

The threats of ISIS, global terrorism, among numerous threats to peace and stability, place enormous security demands on governments. At the same time, economic, social and political pressures place additional strain on governments to furnish adequate security.

In part for these reasons, Private Military Companies (PMCs) are taking over an ever increasing load of duties that traditionally belonged to the military, FBI, DEA, and other federal agencies. Looking back on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, nearly half of the forces deployed there were private military contractors.

Outsourcing personal protective security to PMCs is cost effective compared to deploying active military service members. Contracting with PMCs also avoids having to call up national guard reserves to cover responsibilities. What’s more, in the event of unfortunate circumstances such as capture, injury or death, these ordeals don’t resonate the same way with the public when PMC personnel is involved as they do when involving someone in the military.

The number of operating PMCs is projected to continue growing. Meanwhile, there is a soaring number or military who have ample training but lack work where they can apply their skills upon exiting service.

P7SG is perfectly positioned to answer the call for providing world-class security and to employ accomplished military.


P7SG handles domestic and overseas integrated security solutions. This includes uniformed and high-threat protection services for federal, state, local, non-governmental and multinational commercial clients.


P7SG offers custom-tailored security management services for critical infrastructure assets, to include reviews and assessments of existing security systems, security audits, emergency and contingency planning, and secure document disposal.


P7SG provides trained drivers delivering high-level transport security and executive protection in armored vehicles and follow cars. Our drivers are thoroughly trained professionals familiar with the current social, economic, political, and threat situation in your area.


Our specialized security services include security audits and assessments, emergency and contingency planning, and secure document disposal. We assess risk and vulnerability incorporating all scenarios – ransom, kidnapping, extortion, evacuation (including hostile), detainment, medical emergencies, death in a foreign country.


Our executive protection services focus on protecting critical human corporate assets in an effective and unobtrusive manner. In addition to security-based training, our staff understand the rules of conduct with respect to providing armed services and daily transportation of VIPs and their families in their day-to-day movements as well as through any dangerous situations that may arise.


We provide armed 24/7 protective services for Fortune 500 senior level executives, high-level government representatives, foreign nationals and diplomats, as well as ambassadors and royalty.


P7SG’s proficiency with protecting critical infrastructure and physical assets stems from operations in the Middle East, where members of our staff were tasked with maintaining a guard force comprised of professionals from multiple nations, trained to operate in accordance to United States standards for quality and efficiency.


The cultural and language challenges our team leaders overcame, in their oversight of such engagements, includes all of the clerical administration, life support, mission support, reconnaissance, mobile operations, and security tasks required to move in foreign countries securely, which laid the organizational and disciplinary groundwork for P7SG’s current expertise in operational practices.


P7SG presently provides armed and unarmed security for large events and highly visible clients.


P7SG conduct searches of narcotic substances, bomb threats and multiple types of explosives.


P7SG’s staff have direct experience planning, staffing, and managing security operations outside the continental U.S. (OCONUS) under the purview of U.S. government and military agencies, in host nations and for numerous non-government organizations operating OCONUS.


With the professional relationships P7SG has developed over time, and given the similarity of certifications for maritime security personnel to Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) certification, P7SG has the resources to locate, vet, and contract maritime protection for vessels traveling in high-risk waters.



P7SG recently won its first federal contract. Our staff will soon guard a facility in North Dakota on behalf of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

This watershed contract comes on top of us already providing protection for several high-profile clients that cannot be named publicly.


We have a list of impressive candidates to join P7SG and receive roughly 60 inquiries a day from job seekers interested in becoming part of our company.

Having fostered a good relationship with the U.S. government and having been vetted to obtain access to the FBO database, P7SG is authorized to browse opportunities and bid on federal contracts.

Furthermore, P7SG has become certified as an SBA 8(a) firm – giving us direct access to contracts set aside to support 8(a) businesses and opening tremendous potential for us to develop opportunities with large business contractors.

With the foundation for our team firmly in place and a growing portfolio of clients, Project 7 Security Group is ready to become a global leader in the international security market.

Want to learn more about P7SG and the company’s plans for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to see how you can get involved.


Mr. Gatewood has been working in the security industry for approximately 10 years providing an armed security protection detail for Dr. Dre. He has had the opportunity to work with multiple police agencies and has operated as a surveillance investigator for four years, investigating internal and external fraud and theft cases. His knowledge and experience led him to becoming a Department Of Defense contractor under Pinkerton Government Services, where he has spent over two years as an executive protection agent. He then founded Siren LLC, a security company, that he sold in 2015 and reincorporated as P7SG in January 2015. Mr. Gatewood has also provided an armed security protection detail for one of the world’s most well-known music executives.

Mr. Pulley has eight years of continuous experience developing, managing, hiring, training and supervising guard forces throughout the counties of Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait. He has been deployed on Department of Defense, Department of State, USAID and NGO security contracts throughout the world at U.S. mission locations. His various roles have included site leader, site manager, complex leader, ambassadors protection detail, personal security specialist, advance team member, team leader, emergency response team leader and member. Mr. Pulley has held each and every position within a U.S. mission guard force ladder as well as in the personal protection detail of U.S. mission employees protection.  

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