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Oct 5, 2016 5:50 PM ET

Nature’s Atelier: Mindful living textiles inspired by nature

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

Nature’s Atelier

Mindful living textiles inspired by nature.

Nature’s Atelier is a line of products that joyfully inspires a mindful connection with nature. This line of products includes wall art, Inspiration note cards, kitchen textiles, and silk scarves that feature the designs of my macro photography. Macro photography brings a sense of intimacy in the experience of nature and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the complexity of textures and colors that often go unnoticed in every day perception.

This is the story of how I found myself. I found what truly inspires me.

I have been doing research on visual perception for over a decade, learning about the visual system and how it interacts with our higher-level cognitive functions. Later, I started practicing meditation and studied how it affects our brain and our perceptions.

Then one day I asked myself: What moves me? What  really inspires me?

I looked inside myself and it came to me…

I wanted to share with others what I felt was inside of me, the feeling of being in the moment, of breathing the colors and sounds, and the extraordinary sense of oneness with nature. My photography is the process of understanding with all the senses and the body: feeling like the flower in the sun, being the drop of rain.



And Nature’s Atelier is all these things,  all the colors and forms that give me  incredible energy and joy.







Nature’s Atelier is a celebration of mindful living and our deep connection with nature.

My approach to photography is contemplative. It emphasizes simplicity and the aesthetic experience found in our natural environment. My images embody the beauty of the sensory experience: light, composition, and colors reveal the natural beauty and harmony found in nature, celebrating its sensual experience.






The goal of this campaign is to fund the production of Nature’s Atelier Mindful Living textile products: the tea towel collection is printed and sewn in USA and the silk scarves collection is printed and sewn in Italy.



Each photographic image used on these products is a contemplation of nature. A harmony of colors and lines of delicate flower patterns are then digitally printed on natural fabrics: cotton /linen blend and silk that will then become tea towels and scarves.








The technology of textile digital printing offers exciting new ways to translate the nature’s beautiful details onto fabric. This process gives an excellent reproduction of photographic images onto textiles. It offers a more rich experience of colors and great detail.

Using this process I can offer a more rich and immersive experience of my nature photography by creating beautiful textile products.



Life is a sensory experience and I believe in creating and developing products that can nourish our senses.




I have created nine designs for the tea towel collection. Each design represents a heart-centered quality inspired by nature.


I have printed samples of the tea towels in US. The tea towels are made of a cotton/linen blend and are digitally printed by a company in Durham, North Carolina and sewn in Fall River, Massachusetts. The feedback on these tea towels has been very positive! A retailer in Providence, Rhode Island now carries the first collection of Mindful Inspirations tea towels.

Kreatelier store – Providence, RI


As a scarf lover, I was inspired by the idea of printing my images on silk, as a way to combine the warm and luxurious sensation of wearing a soft scarf with the vibrant colors of flowers and leaves. I have created six designs for the silk scarf collection, inspired by the diverse color palette of the seasons. The samples I have printed show the beautiful and rich colors of the fabric.

Agave – silk crepe de chine



                                                         Tulip Petals – silk satin

                                            Japanese Maple Leaves – silk crepe de chine

                                                                     Rosy – silk satin

                                                     Winter Flowers – silk crepe de chine

                                                       Bird of Paradise – silk satin

The silk scarves are made of 100% silk: satin has a more shiny finish and crepe de chine has a matte finish. The scarves will be digitally printed and hand hemmed by a manufacturer near Como in Italy. Internationally known for their expertise and craftsmanship, the manufacturer delivers premium quality textile products.

The scarves are available in two sizes: 20.5in square (Rosy, Winter Flowers, Bird of Paradise) and 36in square (Agave, Japanese Maple Leaves, Tulip Petals). They come in a tube package with a card of the original photo with caring instructions.





What We Need & What You Get

The textile collections of tea towels and scarves are currently only available for wholesale.

I need your help to produce the Nature’s Atelier line of textile collections and launch them on the retail market!


My goal is to raise $20,000.00 to launch the production of silk scarves and tea towels. With your help I will be able to place orders for large and more cost-effective production runs.

Raised funds will be allocated to:

–  The cost of fabric printing and hemming

–  Packaging and shipping expenses

–  Marketing targeted at increasing awareness about Nature’s Atelier philosophy and products.

–  Test new designs and products

–  Research and test sustainable and innovative materials for our future products

I plan for Nature’s Atelier to be a sustainable business. For this reason I intend to ensure the best quality of my products and work with manufacturers that share my passion for quality and commitment to social responsibility.  



New Bedford, MA


Fall River, MA

The use of digital printing allows for a photographic print with high amounts of detail and no limitations in color. This ensures the great quality in the reproduction of macro photography on my textile products. This type of printing also entails very little waste of fabric, ink, water or electricity. It uses eco-friendly, water-based inks on with no additional chemicals in the printing or preparation process.

Nature’s Atelier is committed to researching new sustainable materials to manufacture their products. With your support I will be able to test new materials and natural fabrics for our products such as hemp and bamboo. I also plan to offer vegan alternatives to the silk scarves for future collections, by testing prints on soy silk and ahimsa silk fabrics.


You can help the Nature’s Atelier project grow into an ethically sensitive business and support my commitment to creating high quality products using sustainable methods.



                                                        $5 Lily

A big thank you for your support and a surprise promotional code to be used for a future online purchase at Nature’s Atelier!


                                                     $10 Daisy




                                                     $25 Tulip

One 8×10 print of your choice mounted on single weight matboard signed on the back. I will personally contact you by email to confirm your specific choices, once you select a perk.



                                                         $40 Ginko

One tea towel with the design of your choice + one 5×7 print of your choice (see above photographs from #01 to #06) mounted on single weight matboard. Signed on the back. I will personally contact you by email to confirm your specific choices, once you select a perk.



                                                         $100 Maple

Two tea towels with the design of your choice + one 8×10 print of your choice (see above photographs from #01 to #06) mounted on single weight matboard. Signed on the back. I will personally contact you by email to confirm your specific choices, once you select a perk.


                                                     $150 Chestnut

Four tea towels with the design of your choice. I will personally contact you by email to confirm your specific choices, once you select a perk.


                                                       $100 Rose

One  20.5″ square silk scarf  with the design of your choice: Rosy, Winter Flowers, Bird of Paradise. I will personally contact you by email to confirm your specific choices, once you select a perk.



                                                        $150 Orchid

One 36″ square silk scarf with the design of your choice: Agave, Japanese Maple Leaves, Tulip Petals. I will personally contact you by email to confirm your specific choices, once you select a perk.


                                                      $500 Jasmine
One 11×14 photograph by Erika Scilipoti or your choice printed on aluminum, signed and numbered. I will personally contact you by email to confirm your specific choices, once you select a perk.



                                                   $1.000 Hibiscus

Collaborate with the founder Erika Scilipoti on the creation of your Nature’s Atelier scarf! Choose what inspires you in nature and the colors you love and name your new scarf. You will receive two silk square scarves, the size of your choice. This new design will be part of an exclusive limited collection named Mindful Collaborations and your name will be included on the website.


                                                   $10.000 Lotus

Fly to Providence and enjoy three days of mindful experiences in Providence, Rhode Island with the Nature’s Atelier Team!

The tour will include the following activities:

– Visit to Seven Arrows Farm in Seekonk, MA

– Meditation, music, and creativity with Khipra Nichols

– Contemplative walk with Erika Scilipoti

– Special gift by Nature’s Atelier

Details: We will pay for one ticket, in economy class, using a major airline of our choice and provide accommodation for four nights. If you wish to fly business or first class, or bring a friend or significant other, or use another airline of your preference, you will have to pay for the extra costs yourself. If you will be flying in from outside the USA, you will be responsible for complying with US immigration law. We cannot and will not offer legal advice on how to pursue a US visa. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedule with ample advance notice. However, should you be unable to participate in the workshop due to scheduling issues, immigration issues, or other reasons, the perk purchase is non-refundable. 


Add-ons and Adjusting Your Pledge

If you’d like to upgrade your perk to a higher-priced perk, you can do so by following the steps in the link below:

How to Upgrade Your Perk

Or you can pledge multiple perks follow the instructions in the link below:

Add a Perk


The Impact

With this project I wish to bring awareness to the restorative effects that natural environments have on all of us, offering relaxation, improving our mood and cognitive functions, and stimulating our creativity. I believe that a more mindful way of living, such as slowing down to see and enjoy our surroundings with all our senses and body, will encourage a deeper appreciation of our natural environment.



                     This work is the expression of the depth of my heart.
           It is my desire that my products will speak to your heart, your mind,
                                                       and your love for life



Nature’s Atelier is a sustaining member of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs







Risks & Challenges

The manufacturing companies that will print and hem the scarves and tea towels are well known for the excellent quality of their work. I have created samples of the scarves and tea towels to test for quality of the products and was very impressed by the result. For this reason I am very confident that the manufacturing companies in US and Italy will deliver excellent products.

The potential challenges that could arise may only be due to production delay for large orders that may take a bit longer, in particular for the scarves which will be hand hemmed in Italy. For this reason I have calculated enough time for the production, packaging, and delivery of the orders.

In the event of potential production delays by my primary manufacturers I have already identified other manufacturing facilities who will be able to fulfill the orders. For the tea towel production they are located in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and for the scarves production they are located near Como, Italy. In this way I will be able to avoid delays without compromising the quality of my products.


PLEASE NOTE: Duty charges: If you reside outside of the USA, you will be responsible for any applicable duty charges applied at shipping.



Other Ways You Can Help

If you love this campaign but cannot contribute financially, you can still help Nature’s Atelier succeed! You can endorse my project simply by sharing on Instagram and Facebook and sending an email to your friends & family. 

Share the love of nature and help me get the word out about Nature’s Atelier!


Don’t forget to follow Nature’s Atelier on Instagram and Facebook for further updates; and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]

Thank you so much!

Erika Scilipoti


Contact Information:

Erika Scilipoti

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