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Oct 5, 2016 9:44 AM ET

Archived: Munch Inc. provides an ordering and delivery platform that currently connects restaurants, consumers and drivers together for mutual gain.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

Munch Inc.

Location: Cobourg, Ontario

Sector: Technology


Munch provides an ordering and delivery platform that currently connects restaurants, consumers and drivers together for mutual gain. The platform enables restaurants to place their menus onto the app where the customers can make orders. The consumer sees all the restaurants around their phones current location. They can then browse through the restaurants and menus and make an order through the app. Once an order is taken the app uses an algorithm to connect the order with a driver that will accept to deliver it. Once connected with a driver the order is passed to the restaurant, made and then picked up by the driver.



  • Restaurants- The platform is offered free* of charge to the restaurant. ALL of the competition charges the restaurant for this service with typical fees including a one time set up fee, annual maintenance fee and also 15-25% per order commission fee’s. Restaurants typically operate on 30-45% gross margin, the commissions become a significant factor for the restaurant. Munch adds 10% to the restaurant price. If the restaurant uses our competitors product or has a published price lower than the munch price, we ask that we price match the competition and adjust restaurant pricing accordingly to maintain the 10% munch fee.
  • Drivers- Munch charges the driver 10% of the delivery fee. Typically other apps and third party suppliers will take 20-35% of the delivery fee. Drivers are also paid immediately on fulfilment of the order into their PayPal account. No wait for reimbursement.
  • Opportunity Highlight – The platform offers the same features as the bulk of the competition. However due to our “partnering” relationship with our restaurants we establish “break even” deals on all our restaurant partners on a quarterly basis. Therefore the consumer can always go on the app and find great deals at local restaurants.
  • Restaurant Marketing – The company is developing marketing packages that it plans to sell to restaurants that helps them social market to the customer base in the region.

Alistair Varley , President / CEO

Alistair worked for the previous 8 years prior to munch as a Global Business Director with GE. Managing a global project based portfolio of $700 million USD, with teams in the America’s, Europe and Asia. Prior to GE Alistair led a division of EMA a Midwest consulting company that specializes in turnaround management. Alistair previously held various manufacturing and engineering roles within fortune 500 companies.

Mark Attley, Strategy

Mark previously built and sold (2009) his own insurance brokerage company with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa. The company specialized in Receivables Insurance. Mark still participates as an active board member of the International Receivables Insurance association and advises several entrepreneurial companies.

Tim Attley, Operations

Tim previously was Chief Operating Officer with Zoom Airlines. Tim has a long track record of operations management roles in the Canadian Aviation industry, and participates in the aviation industry as a consultant in ground operations. Tim owns and operates a real estate management portfolio in Toronto.

Contact Information:

Alistair Varley

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