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Oct 5, 2016 2:36 PM ET

Archived: Modular Iphone 6/7 Case: Minimal, Useful, and Modular. This phone case merges your phone, wallet, and key-chain seamlessly into a beautiful and personal product

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

Modular Iphone 6/7 Case


Minimal, Useful, and Modular. This phone case merges your phone, wallet, and key-chain seamlessly into a beautiful and personal product

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Risks and challenges

In order for this project to be successful I think its important to be as transparent as possible. Currently I am the only full time employee working to bring TECOA to life. Now, initially that may sound doubtful, but with this business plan I’m confident that I’m more than capable of fulfilling a widely successful campaign. Let me explain.
The manufacturing service I am using to make all of my products is called Shapeways. Shapeways is a 3D printing service that allows designers, like myself, the ability to sell models of all different materials (plastic,metal,ceramic,ets..) through their website.
Now, with 3D printing, this means a few things. First and foremost this means I will be opting out of getting a mold for plastic mold injection. This is because my case is very complicated and has several cavities and designs that are only compatible with 3D Printing. This will make the case more expensive but is ultimately the only drawback to 3D printing. Second, by using this method of manufacturing, I am able to change the design of any of my models “sitewide” in a matter of hours. So this means if I begin to receive feedback from users stating that the whistle is not working or the “T-pendant” is too big, Im able to make the corrections and have the updated part back on my site that same day. (Keep in mind, this has been 4 years in the making, so hopefully ive worked out all the kinks)
Unfortunately however, I am not at the point to where I can personally buy back a malfunctioning case or part, but if it has anything to do with print quality, that is something you can most certainly discuss with Shapeways. Finally, the last great thing that comes with 3D printing, is freedom and flexibility. This freedom comes with customizing, not only colors, but also materials. If you visit my shapeways site, https://www.shapeways.com/shops/tecoa you will see all of the various plastics and metals I’m talking about. This means after this Kickstarter campaign and once I shift over to Shapeways, you will be able to buy solid 24K rose gold pendants. But for now I am limiting the materials to the ones that I’ve purchased before.
Additionally, Shapeways not only provides the manufacturing, they also cover the entire backend of this process. This means they will handle the manufacturing, payments, shipping, handling, and packaging of all my products. (This is separate from Kickstarter) This allows me to focus more on the overall design and image of each product, and also enables me to release content more frequently.

During the duration of this kickstarter, my shapeways shop will be open for you to visit, however, I will not be selling the phone cases. Rather i will be offering unique modular accessories such as, the bottle opener, screen cover, key ring card, and much more.

Why make a Kickstarter if the overall goal is to establish a presence on Shapeways?
The reason I’m choosing to make a Kickstarter, is because I believe it is a reputable, easy to market name and has a track-list of successful projects. It is also the perfect way to allow support of all type and to receive a true gauge of public interest.

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