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Oct 5, 2016 9:06 AM ET

Archived: JetPack Aviation – Change the way we all move. A true turbine powered backpack. This is only the beginning.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

Change the way we all move. A true turbine powered backpack. This is only the beginning.

California, United States


We have worked for the past 10 years to develop the smallest and lightest possible vertical take off and landing (VTOL) personal flight machine.

We believe we have achieved this with the JB-9 jetpack.

The JB-9 jetpack is a twin turbine powered backpack that can be worn and carried with relative ease. The JB-9 is the only turbine powered jetpack flying in the world that we know of and in our opinion it breaks a number of paradigms for personal VTOL flight.

It has taken this time to create as engine technology has had to advance to the point where practical vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) devices is even possible. Control systems and sensors have advanced massively so what is now possible with a $10 solid-state chip the size of a penny, would have been impossible 10 years ago even with a $50,000 flight computer the size of a shoebox.

Investors should be excited because there are a large range of applications for our planned range of VTOL aircraft. Remember that JB-10 (our latest Jetpack) is not the end game here. It is intended to demonstrate our capabilities and engineering prowess. It has commercial potential in and of itself but future versions will open up even greater opportunities. Initial applications include entertainment, search and rescue, personnel evacuation, troop positions but this is just the start.

We intend to continue R&D in personal VTOL flight with the long term vision of developing a practical personal VTOL aircraft for point-to-point transport. An aircraft that is small but can fly commuter distances and do it with the highest level of safety. This process has already started and we have already completed our first design work on our personal VTOL commuter craft.

We currently have a small but highly capable team. The funds we are raising will enable us to grow it into a larger world class team with the ability to transform personal flight. This may be a lofty vision and it will take some time but it’s one that we are passionate about and truly believe will be possible – we are dedicated to leading the way.

Please note, this is a combined raise with a US based crowdfunding platform for which the raise will take place in USD. The valuation and share price are the same as outlined in this round having been converted at a fixed exchange rate of 1.316055 USD to GBP.




Contact Information:

David Mayman - CEO

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