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Oct 5, 2016 4:00 PM ET

Archived: DataStream Group – The largest marketing data database ever assembled — completely

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

DataStream Group

The largest marketing data database ever assembled — completely.

Here’s the task: create a marketing campaign to engage males, 18 to 60 years old, that drive a Ford Bronco, own their own home, are avid hunters, have a dog and a horse, belong to a men’s club, and are democrats. And make sure it’s distributed across all channels: offline, online, and mobile.

Impossible? You clearly haven’t heard about OneDB from DataStream Group (DSG).

DSG is a big data company providing advertisers and marketers the ability to precisely engage with their target audience via the internet and email, both desktop and mobile, as well as telemarketing and direct mail.

OneDB a single source database enabling omnichannel marketing. This means marketers can acquire the data they need in one purchase, without investing resources in extensive multiple database mapping.

Omnichannel marketing is a growing trend that allows marketers to build brand awareness first, tell their story, and then pitch their product to an engaged audience. DSG has the data to enable exactly this. And major companies are taking notice!

Our customer list includes AOL, Turner Broadcasting, LexisNexis, PreVu Data, PeerLogix, Stirista, StatSocial, Wunderman, and Asurion. In 2016 alone, we’re on pace to exceed $2.6 million in revenue.

At DSG, we’re well on our way to becoming THE marketing data provider of choice in America. Read on to see how!


Historically, marketers source data from siloed suppliers that specialize in a single type of data: internet or email or direct mail, etc. This process is resource intensive and results in tremendous waste as the disparate data sources typically have match rates of 50% or less.

(For those of us not in the marketing world, think of it like this: you wouldn’t want to buy tires for your car from one supplier, but they don’t mount tires, so you go to another service to have them mounted, but they don’t balance the tires, so you go to another service to get them balanced, but they don’t do front end alignment so you go to another service provider to complete the alignment. That would be crazy! But that’s the world marketers have been living in for too long.)

For omnichannel marketers, having a unified view of your audience across all channels and devices makes message delivery so much easier. Good news! Knowing how to reach one audience across multiple delivery channels without having to cross verify data is now a reality.

DSG can provide you with data for all of the formats your consumer wants to be reached on.


Programmatic advertising is a real-time auction process for the right to serve an ad to a website visitor based on their profile.

Data is required for effective programmatic digital advertising. In the US alone, the 2014 internet advertising market was worth $10.3 billion, and is projected to grow to $27.5 billion by 2017 including desktop and mobile devices.

This growth is being funded by marketers moving traditional print budgets into a more efficient and trackable channel where campaign ROI can be measured and optimized.

DataStream is on top of these market changes. Marketers can now get the online and mobile data they need for their programmatic campaigns in one place without having to go from source to source to piece all of it together.


The DSG difference comes down to three main factors: convenience, cost, and comprehensiveness.

OneDB, our massive database of individual unique records, allows marketers to target prospects using every method: direct mail, telemarketing, email, and digital advertising to any device. This results in substantially less resource and time commitment to launch a marketing program.

But what really sets DSG apart is that we own the majority of the data (roughly 85%), while other marketing data providers partner with third parties to build their databases. This means DSG can be much more price competitive without sacrificing profit margins. Also, where the competition typically requires an annual license and/or minimum purchase, DSG’s cloud based automation allows us to serve large or small purchases.

The last key value proposition of DSG is our ability to granularly target specific users on any platform or device. We collect over 2,200+ select data points for every single one of the approximate 300 million person based records. So whether you’re looking for that 18-60 year old, Ford Bronco driving, home owning, hunting, horse owning, democrat man, or 18-30 year old Latino females with children ages 6 to 12, who collect antiques and rare coins, care about fitness, sew, and are gourmet cooks, DataStream Group has got you covered!


Major benefits like these have gained us some pretty big name clients like AOL and GeoCommerce.

AOL is a $2.7 billion company that derives its revenues from digital advertising primarily in the USA. They have proprietary programmatic advertising technology to provide internet advertising to their subscribers. AOL uses DSG data to enrich and append voids in their own person based data to more effectively target prospects for their clients.

GeoCommerce links a single postal location with its related digital touchpoints. This exacting, enduring connection empowers clients to consistently find, engage, and convert real people everywhere they are. Like a vast data switchboard, their patented system pulls key information from DSG’s OneDB, correlating valuable relationships to construct precise, cross-touchpoint consumer intelligence and digital advertising solutions.


DataStream has been providing marketing data for more than 15 years. Our longevity is a testament to our fresh and exceptionally hygienic data, verification and compliance processes, and superior customer service.

DSG has thousands of customers from our historical operations. But just in the past 18 months, we’ve landed major brands like AOL, Turner Broadcasting, LexisNexis, PreVu Data, PeerLogix, Stirista, StatSocial, Wunderman, and Asurion who are all eager to use OneDB.

We have formed partnerships with Venture Development Center, the world’s leading data related sales company, and Sovrn, Clickagy, and LiveRamp who all contribute internet based data to our ever-growing database.

Up next: expand to Canada and Europe! Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into DataStream!


DataStream Group is led by CEO Eric Reinertsen and CFO Leigh-Ann Colquhoun. Other team members include:

Elizabeth Blank, Data Manager
Elizabeth has been in the marketing industry for over 20 years. Previous experience includes VP of Compact Information Systems, Inc. and CEO of Data Solutions of America, Inc.


Bryan Gissiner, Sales Manager
Bryan is an IT professional with 15+ years of experience in the digital marketing and media space — from fortune 500 companies to startups. Bryan is also the founder of TaDaSearch, which helps companies maximize the efficiency and return on their marketing budget through the right mix of technology, third party solutions, and messaging.

Jonathan Reinertsen, Data Operations
Jonathan has been with DataStream Group since 2000. For the past 16 years, he has developed along with the company in all aspects of the data industry.


Ken Berquist, Advisor
Ken has weekly involvement with the CEO and senior management team regarding strategy, client acquisition, and product development.

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Blank, Data Manager

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