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Oct 5, 2016 10:34 AM ET

Archived: CandyCam, LLC creates and sells affordable multimedia robotics to filmmakers and indoor venues for unprecedented control in recording live-action events and scripted video sequences

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

CandyCam LLC Logo

CandyCam LLC

1800 Baltimore #440, MO 64108, US
Computer & Control Systems, Robotics

CandyCam, LLC creates and sells affordable multimedia robotics to filmmakers and indoor venues for unprecedented control in recording live-action events and scripted video sequences.

Products / Services

SkyHook Cinema

The SkyHook Cinema platform utilizes CandyCam’s proprietary technology with an overhead, 8-line suspension system, for electronic stabilization, programmable flight paths, and unique camera gimbals.

The SkyHook Cinema is built to meet the needs of professional filmmakers. A custom carbon-fiber gimbal that supports industry-standard, large-format cameras, allows filmmakers to achieve the highest level of stabilization.

SkyHook Mini

The SkyHook Mini is designed for prosumer videographers. Like the professional cinematic market, the prosumer market is ripe for disruption with low cost of sales.

SkyHook Sport

The SkyHook Sport is CandyCam’s third product, designed for the close-up filming of high-speed indoor sports. Specially designed for high-school and college athletic arenas.



Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Alholm

Jeff AlholmMr. Alholm brings extensive engineering and executive experience from the founding, product development, and management of both technology and medical product companies. Mr. Alholm’s previous successes include creating and selling the first smartphone; providing millimeter wave imaging technology still currently used in airport security, military, medical, and surveillance applications; providing networking technology and chipsets for the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard; designing and selling the monitors that measure anesthesia gases during surgery; and leading the team that invented the capnograph—currently required in all US medical operating suites. He is also the creator of over 20 patents.

Executive Vice President Technology Officer
Ed Kleban

Ed KlebanHe brings a focused passion for quality-driven product design. Enamored with startups since his early experience at MIT, Mr. Kleban has led the development of more than a dozen products as co- founder, owner, principal manager, and lead technical architect of high-tech startups including SYTE, Radiant Systems, Digital Ocean, Unicom Communications and Digital Archaeology—all of which have been acquired for their products and technical assets. He has fostered the development of graphics processors, quality-critical medical instrumentation, wireless networking, database mining, Internet communications, Web technologies, and marketing of Web-based information services. Between startups, Mr. Kleban is an expert consultant to VC, legal, financial and technology companies seeking either process expertise or a “technical body guard.”

Managing Director Financial Officer
Dr. Gregg Wittaker

Dr. Gregg WittakerHe is a Professor of Economics and Finance at William Jewell College. Dr. Whittaker is also the founder and Managing Member of The Whittaker Group, a private equity organization specializing in start-up companies. The first company he launched (Primus Guaranty, Ltd.) is now a New York Stock Exchange-traded enterprise. Prior to joining the Jewell faculty, Prof. Whittaker worked on Wall Street for ten years, the last five as a Managing Director and the Global Head of Credit Derivatives for Chase Securities. While at Chase, his team was rated by clients and peers as the top Credit Derivatives Group in the world for two years running.

Chief Design
Coty Beasley

Coty BeasleyHe heads marketing and user experience development, with a broad knowledge base and background in market strategy, graphic user interface design, product branding, corporate identity development, computer science, and industrial design. Mr. Beasley has built a reputation for unique design and development, and maintains an active presence in the Midwest’s entrepreneurial community. Before co-founding CandyCam, he served as CEO of Beasley Creative—a Kansas City based user experience firm specializing in innovative and engaging interface design. Managing wide-scale production endeavors with high profile companies, Mr. Beasley has both employee and consulting experience as a creative marketing director and manager of technical infrastructure.

Director Strategic Planning
Micah Canfield

Micah CanfieldHe is an experienced marketing manager for successful startup companies. As Company Franchise Trainer for HappyFeet Soccer, he helped to establish the core curriculum that led the company’s expansion to over forty US franchises. In 2012, he headed networking and project management for Rawxies Gluten Free Snacks. In less than two months he established sales of the company’s products to Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey, Food Channel celebrity host Bobby Deen, and investors with sales channels in Asian food markets.


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
4 years, 3 months14Robotics


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Micah Canfield

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