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Oct 5, 2016 12:30 PM ET

Archived: 3D Printing ondemand for all: Forgeforms the first Ondemand 3D printing service making high quality 3D printing affordable for everyone.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2016

Forgeforms – 3D Printing ondemand for all

Forgeforms the first Ondemand 3D printing service making high quality 3D printing affordable for everyone.

About this project




New, affordable 3D consumer printers allowed 3D printing to spread. This also led to the development of many prototyping services delivering high quality objects consumer printers cannot guarantee. This allows designers and in general creative people to have professional prints of their models. But there is a problem… The price is still too high. 

This is an important obstacle to the diffusion of the 3D technology and services in many parts of the world. In the South part of the world, for instance, the diffusion of 3D printing is still very limited. This and the high price for 3D printing slows down its growth, access and the diffusion of such services.  

Our goal is making 3D printing available and affordable to people in many parts of the world. Our idea to launch Forgeforms comes from this.

Forgeforms is the first service making high quality 3D printing affordable for everyone. Its development was possible after a long feasibility study leading to a system offering professional very high-quality prints at below-average prices.

Differences from other printing services:


The platform mechanism is indeed very simple and similar to other on-demand printing services:









Do we already have the beta version of the platform?

Yes, our beta for the Platform is ready, up and running. Just go to www.forgeforms.com

Inside the platform you can test the upload file system and the 3D file rendering. For campaign related reason we disabled both prices and payment options, which will be promptly reactivated at the end of the campaign.

Important: Beta version may be tested by people who donated at least 65 Euros.

What funds are for:

If the campaign will reach the goal of $ 10,000, this will mean people really believe in our idea and our service, which we could easily implement. Funds will be mainly used for: – cover launch related costs – cover advertising campaign costs – fine-tuning the platform We believe the service will be fully operative 3 months after the end of the campaign.




Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges
One of the most important problems that needs to be taken into due account are unexpcted delays in the launch. Our delivery times are therefore the worst possible prediction, so that we can be sure our Kickstarters will be happy about our service.

Contact Information:

Sebastian Rueda

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