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Oct 4, 2016 2:18 PM ET

Archived: Kelvin Thermal Energy’s proprietary Thermal Energy Matrix Storage (“TEMS”) technology converts inexpensive off-peak electricity into CleanHeatTM and stores it – TEMS can support virtually any process that combusts fossil fuel to produce thermal energy

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 4, 2016

Kelvin Thermal Energy Inc.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Sector: Clean Tech


Kelvin Thermal Energy’s proprietary Thermal Energy Matrix Storage (“TEMS”) technology converts inexpensive off-peak electricity into CleanHeatTM and stores it, 1) providing an alternative, non-disruptive, parallel source of heat to boilers and generators, and 2) increasing their operational efficiency. TEMS can support virtually any process that combusts fossil fuel to produce thermal energy.



  • Energy density- Storing energy at temperatures up to 2500K allows TEMS to achieve an energy density unparalleled by its competitors. This results in a highly efficient storage unit with a relatively small footprint.
  • Low CostThe ceramic core of the TEMS unit is built using a block type architecture that allows for ease of scalability while maintaining the same principle of operations and technical abilities of the unit. Further, the design of the TEMS unit as a whole allows for multiple TEMS units to be placed in an array utilizing a single heat exchanger and increasing the overall storage capacity as required by the host.
  • Modular design – The modular design of the TEMS unit (with a 10 MWh unit having about the dimensions of a 40’ shipping container) allows the units to be manufactured at a central location and shipped to the host’s site for installation and subsequent relocation of the unit as may be required by the host. This approach also ensures ease of maintenance on the unit and longevity of service life.
  • Technical Expertise- Kelvin has formed strategic technical partnerships with industry recognized experts in their respective fields. The TEMS heat exchanger system will be designed and built by a well-respected supplier that provides ~$100 million per year in product to the industry. Also industry-leading EPC and Electrical Systems Engineers will ensure both a thorough design of the TEMS technology and flawless integration, permitting and code compliance with both the host’s plant and the grid.

Mike Garvey, Chair and CEO Mike retired as a Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in 2006.  He has extensive experience as a current or past director of several organizations, including Canadian international public mining and bio-tech companies as well as several not-for-profit organizations. Privately, he has been involved as an investor and director or advisor in several start-up ventures. He has been chairing boards since the 1980s.   Steve Parker, Chief Corporate Officer, Chief Financial Officer Steve has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience co-founding multiple start-up companies from the original concept stage.  He was a co-founder and VP Finance for TrueSpectra Inc., a digital imaging software company. Prior to his entrepreneurial start-up ventures, Steve was at PricewaterhouseCoopers for 15 years specializing in business valuations, recruiting and audit. Steve’s international work experience included two years in Oslo, Norway with PwC.   George Lynch, Chief Technical Officer George is senior product development and engineering executive with a 40-year track record of creating and managing product development innovation from concept through to manufacturing. He brings decades of experience in leading teams of engineers developing new technologies and putting reliable products into stable manufacturing. He is a veteran Mechanical Engineer and R&D Manager who retired after 34 years in Hewlett-Packard R&D. During that time, he managed the development of several HP products and was the R&D Manager for the start-up of HP’s large format inkjet product line in the later 1980s. George has advanced Kelvin’s technology from theoretical concepts about high temperature heat storage to pragmatic designs, with vendors, part numbers, and manufacturing processes for all components of the key technology.  He single-handedly designed, then lead the team that built, the Demonstration Unit at the company’s office in Escondido, CA, which demonstrated the existence of the technology solutions to be used for the construction of the Development prototype now under way, and the Commercial Pilot targeted for completion in 2017.  He is now leading the pragmatic design of the Development Unit with an expanded design team, and the parallel path technology investigations with university partners to validate extensions of the technology prior to its use to enhance performance and reduce costs in the company’s future products.   Stephen Roloff, Chief Strategy Officer A visionary innovator, executive, strategist and leader with over 25 years’ experience as Chief Product Officer, CEO, VP Business Development, Producer, Production Designer, Writer, and Advisor.  Stephen has a hallmark faculty for balanced technological and creative innovation – and a demonstrated ability to champion new applications for emerging technologies. His Silicon Valley experience provided a fast-track MBA with the art of the start, the whiteboard, the pitch and the pivot.  The methodologies that he developed in the Media dovetail with emerging trends in Design Thinking.   His work to innovate products, clarify market strategy, express corporate identity and engage investors and strategic partners covers verticals including Media Production, Media Delivery, EdTech and GreenTech.

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Mike Garvey

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