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Oct 4, 2016 6:32 AM ET

Archived: Harmonicartridge – By Blotendo: You think this is a GAME? The Harmonicartridge will change the way you remember your favorite games from the 80s and 90s!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 4, 2016

Harmonicartridge – By Blotendo

by Brady Grumpelt


You think this is a GAME? The Harmonicartridge will change the way you remember your favorite games from the 80s and 90s!

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

What is a prototype?

About this project

The Blotendo Harmonicartridge will let you surprise your friends with a fun and musical blast from the past. This classic game cartridge look with allow you to store this harmonica with your classic games, fit it nicely in your pocket, is durable, customizable and has a crisp sound, playing in the key of C. 

Flagship classic label - Super Blues Bros
Flagship classic label – Super Blues Bros

We’ve tested out several different versions of the Blotendo but have settled on one that can be made quickly, efficiently and assembled in North America. The issue that we run into is always cost. Currently the cost of each unit is nearly what we would want to sell them for. Our goal is  to bring down the cost by buying in bulk and having better equipment on hand to produce these quality products. 

Custom Label Maker in action
Custom Label Maker in action

We currently have 1 classic label design and will add additional labels that parody your favorite games as we Level Up past our funding goal. For custom labels, choose your own 8 bit sprites that can be given custom clothing, hair styles, accessories and backgrounds. As funding goals Level Up we will be adding more characters, outfits and backgrounds. Check out our Beta Label Creator HERE.

With your support on Kickstarter we will be able to bulk buy and start producing these quickly, and our streamlined process still guarantees that we can have the first few 1000 units shipped in early December, with lots of time for Christmas. 

Thank you for backing and sharing our Kickstarter!

Risks and challenges

Our current challenge is the numbers. While we’ve been very fortunate in figuring out a quick and easy assembly system, the cost per unit just doesn’t make sense for a store. We’ve been in contact with many suppliers and have backups for all our components. We’ve left enough of a gap to allow for these possibilities and to still ship products out on time.

Planning for a Christmas arrival does put a strain on us to get the products out in the first week of December, which is already a busy shipping time throughout the world. We are confident that we will be able to secure the needed components, assemble them to our high quality standards and ship them within the time frame that we’ve set forth for ourselves. If orders exceed our wildest dreams then we will add backers rewards that ship into January.


Contact Information:

Brady Grumpelt

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