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Oct 4, 2016 12:01 EST

bicedeep : deep/machine learning for everyone – Near future will be built on intelligent machines and applications. Bicedeep is projecting to be a high end AI, engineering and implementation company. Today is a perfect day to start investing in AI

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 4, 2016



deep/machine learning for everyone



  • Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity
  • We plan to challenge to the best Go AI at the release of our Player AI
  • Our revenue potential is more than $4M per month in less than 4 years


Near future will be built on intelligent machines and applications. Bicedeep is projecting to be a high end AI, engineering and implementation company. Today is a perfect day to start investing in AI



Bicedeep is founded to explore the possibilities of contemporary artificial intelligence studies including machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning and their combinations on daily life problems.

For some years now, the density of research focus is significantly increasing for artificial intelligence. That a Go player AI (AlphaGo) becomes the best in the world is a mesmerizing result of these academic studies. Furthermore, hardware and infrastructure support is also getting substantial. New Nvidia DGX-1, OpenAi Gym project and Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform can be shown as important examples. Even though with this incredible countenance, we think that AI presence on our daily life decisions today is enormously lower than it should be. We want to enable the power of new AI inventions for every company and every person.

We are planning to build a strong AI engineering team focusing on solving more than one problem with general solutions via high reusability and scalability . We have three products in our current portfolio plan:

Dibioo: For most of the companies and data holders, decisions using big data do not involve artificial intelligence assistance. When they want to extend this capability, they need to construct an internal data science team or find a similar team to outsource, sending out their data. Dibioo is designed as a data scientist AI that can produce the results of a data science team without any human interaction with your data. No information is required about the data and procedures. It detects the data type, then rates and suggests the deep/machine learning operations possible on the data. Applies the operations selected when needed. Discovers rich and unexpected insights such as predictions, classifications, decompositions and more. The best thing is that you do not need to learn any artificial intelligence terminology to use dibioo. It understands your data type and suggests you the best possible ways to retrieve the best possible outcome. For example insight reports, you can take a look at the example reports generated by dibioo: report1, report2,report3.

Fibioo: Financial management for savings can be time consuming or inefficient. While some people double their money in a day at the stock market, for others this may takes years. Fibioo, a financial advisor AI, can direct the savings owners for the best possible financial investments according to their risk tolerance. Fibioo reads all possible recent financial data and news, then offers you a way of investment method periodically according to your preferences. If you want, you can only receive advices and apply them after your research or you can let fibioo to manage all the investments automatically. Fibioo gets better in time while it receives feedback from you and becomes more personalised. For a demo, you can take a look at theweekly generated example portfolios for stock market by fibioo

Bitigoo: Generalizing the result of AlphaGo, for a behaviour set, it is possible that AI performs better than any human on the planet for a human specific subject. Bitigoo is designed as general player AI that can learn the rules of any game or gamified behaviour set, becomes an expert playing by itself as learning from mistakes. Then it performs what it learns through a user defined way in a simulated environment. The result is an agent having near best behaviour set (policy) in the defined environment. These agents can be specialised in various different areas such as playing a video or board game; generating image, music or video; writing story or programming code. Furthermore, We are planning to challenge the best AI Go player at the time of bitigoo release.

DISCLAIMER: As responsible AI developers, we aware, respect and follow AI safety guidelines and considerations. For more information: Concrete Problems in AI Safety




Berk Eserol

Berk Eserol

Co Founder at bicedeep

Co-founder, director, ceo and senior software engineer of bicedeep. He has software development experience more than four months at bicedeep, nearly three years at Microsoft Azure and nearly three years at Taleworlds Entertainment. He also has nearly one year total part-time programming and internship experiences from various software companies earlier. Completed his CS BS at METU, Ankara and three machine learning and big data related graduate courses from Stanford University. One of his exceptional achievements at Stanford is beating Google’s search engine result sorting score using machine learning (Scoreboard)


Team Member Name

Burak Eserol

Data Scientist / MS CS Student at Bilkent University

Contact Information:

Berk Eserol

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