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Oct 4, 2016 12:43 PM ET

Benja – The world’s first merchandise ad network – We represent the cheapest option for inventory liquidation

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 4, 2016


The world’s first merchandise ad network.




There are two major problems in the retail space right now.

First of all, vendors face a real problem with the carrying costs of stale inventory.

Obviously, selling stale inventory can be difficult and expensive.

An additional problem can be found in the online deals space.

Consumers love a good bargain, but a bargain is only as good as the quality of the product. Popular deals websites like Groupon often sell less than premium products. Sure, it’s a good price, but the products aren’t high-quality.

Benja has created a solution to both of these problems.


We represent the cheapest option for inventory liquidation. Groupon and similar sites charge a 20-60% commission; however, Benja charges using an impression-based model that typically results in a 2% fee per item sold.

By making the process of moving stale inventory faster and more cost-effective, Benja is able to attract premium brands that shoppers love and can’t find anywhere else.

When this compelling content is paired with our unique shopping experience, it makes for a new kind of e-commerce.


Benja uses our mobile app and online display advertisements to reach customers.

Benja Mobile App – Our app offers personalized deals and one minute to decide whether to buy or pass. The user will input basic information when they first sign up for our app. Our system then goes to work to match each user’s tastes and interests to our product database. The user is presented with each item for one minute before we ask them to tap (or swipe) their decision. After each pass, a new item appears.

Online Display Advertising – Benja online display advertisement is consumer-focused. We thought carefully about what makes a meaningful ad for the user and we set out to build something attractive, functional, and relevant. By replicating the Benjamin mobile app user experience, we have invited action and shortened the sales cycle (and opportunity for drop-off).


Our Method:
We built our e-mail list from scratch, just the way your grandmother used to. We’ve added, filtered, tagged, e-mailed, sorted, e-mailed, sorted, e-mailed, and sorted. The end result is a highly-engaged group of deal shoppers who actually enjoy receiving e-mail from us.


We established Benja in July 2014. We released our mobile app in June 2015 and launched our online display network in November 2015. Since then, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds.

Benja has already had a great deal of success. Imagine what we can do going forward.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where Benja is going and how you can help us get there.  


As CEO, Andrew handles the business side of operations. After graduating with a finance degree from Harvard, he became involved in tech business development with companies such as Microsoft, Color Labs, Feathr, and Andrew’s passion for big data and his belief that the current deals space wasn’t working lead him to create Benja.

In his role as CTO, Tommy manages all technical operations. He received his engineering degree from the University of Florida. Tommy has since worked as an engineer at GE Energy, Feathr, Vertigo, and He enjoys using his extensive technical background to change the way deal seekers find the best price on the ideas they love.

Contact Information:

Andrew J. Chapin - CEO

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