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Oct 4, 2016 6:08 AM ET

Archived: Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises, LLC: A fitness program creator and provider dedicated to creating and offering fun and effective group and home fitness dance-based workouts for all ages and fitness levels especially first-time workout people

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 4, 2016

Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises, LLC Logo

Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises, LLC

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, US
Consumer Products

Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises, LLC (ASE) is a fitness program creator and provider dedicated to creating and offering fun and effective group and home fitness dance-based workouts for all ages and fitness levels especially the first-time workout people who are uncomfortable going to gym or working out in public. We have two programs HOT HULA fitness® and HOT FUSION®. ASE’s revenue sources include but are not limited to merchandise for consumers (workout DVDs, clothing, fitness equipment and video games), fitness professionals (Live instructor training, home study program, new choreography and instructor membership), non-USA program licensing, affiliate marketing, YouTube Channels advertisement and events. Since 2009, ASE has established Instructor Trainings in various cities across the United States as well as Australia, England, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. From 2009 to 2013, our programs have grown from zero to over 3,000 group fitness classes per week and over 2,000 trained instructors throughout the world. In addition, home workouts are available via DVD and YouTube Channels “HOT HULA fitness TV” and “HOT FUSION TV”. Both programs are fun, effective, for all ages and fitness levels. HOT HULA fitness® is an exciting core focused dance workout inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands. HOT HULA fitness® incorporates easy to perform dance movements set to the sounds of traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with funky Reggae music, resulting in a modern, hip fitness workout. HOT HULA fitness® is the next Zumba. HOT FUSION® combines strength, flexibility and balance training with Old School dance. This effective 60 minute class is the first ever to combine weight training & sculpting with dance moves. This “total body workout” tones upper and lower body while throwing you back in time with dance moves like the Tootsie Roll and The Charleston set to funky, retro music.

Products / Services

HOT HULA fitness and HOT FUSION Merchandise

Current consumer merchandise:
HOT HULA fitness 3 DVD set,
HOT HULA fitness and HOT FUSION clothing (shirts, shorts, sweats, hoodies and lava-lavas),
HOT HULA fitness footwear (flip-flops),
Fitness equipment (arm & hip weights),
Instructor business development material (business cards, banners, postcards)
In 2014, we’ll offer digital downloads of DVDs through iTunes and Amazon.
Future merchandise will include
HOT HULA fitness video game workout,
DVDs for: HOT FUSION, HOT HULA fitness Matua (boomers), Keiki (kids) and Warrior (unisex)

Instructor Training

Program Creator and Master Trainers continue worldwide training of instructors to teach our programs “HOT HULA fitness” and “HOT FUSION”. Home training is made available through an Instructor Home Study Program. Variations for the programs for boomers and kids will be added.

Instructor HOT Memberships

In 2014, we’ll add instructor memberships for access to events, special content, merchandise and training discounts.

Online Channels “HOT HULA fitness TV” and “HOT FUSION TV”

Free program content is provided on our YouTube Channels for home use, introduction to new consumers and preview sample workouts online. Channels are monetized through the Multi Channel Networks and directly from Advertisers.

Programs Events

Instructor and consumer 1-3 day fitness, workout and wellness events.

International Program Licensing

In 2014, ASE will begin licensing HOT HULA fitness and HOT FUSION merchandise to private companies in select countries. Instructor training licensing in select areas will also be offered.



President Executive Officer
Stella Escario-Doiron

Ms. Escario-Doiron’s qualifications include 25 years of planning and business experience in managing and developing innovative solutions for private companies and educational institutions. Over the past 13 years, she owned and managed an educational facilities planning and construction consulting firm. She served as a Facilities Planning and Construction Director at various California public agencies and as a Business Development Consultant for a start-up Online GIS Demographic System company. Her dance and fitness background started at 4 when she learned to dance hula and Tahitian, at 10 she started playing tennis and during college she worked for a fitness company as a trainer and instructor. Her love for creating opportunity, assisting people change for the better and working toward a balanced life is her motivation and guide as ASE’s President.

Senior Vice President Development
Anna-Rita Sloss

Ms. Sloss is the program creator for HOT HULA fitness® and HOT FUSION®. She was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand where her Samoan heritage and culture greatly impacted her life. She is an AFAA Certified Conditioning Coach, Presenter, Instructor Trainer and Group X Instructor. She was a featured guest on America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 13 on November 11, 2009. She created and co-owned another fitness program prior to starting Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises, LLC. From 1999-2008, she was a Master Trainer for Powder Blue Productions “TurboKick” where she was featured in over 50 instructional videos, infomercial for TurboJam, QVC for TurboJam and co-presented with Chalene Johnson at IDEA Fitness. Our program, HOT HULA fitness® is a perfect blend of her instructor experience and her passion for the pacific island dance, music, and culture.


Prior Year Revenue Current Year Revenue Next Year Revenue


Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
7 years, 1 month 4 Other Consumer Products


Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol
Contact Information:

Stella Escario-Doiron

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