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Oct 3, 2016 11:03 EST

Gateway Mobile Solutions: Mobile & Remote Communications & VSS (Vehicle Security Solutions) is our Game!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

Gateway Mobile Solutions

Gateway Mobile Solutions

Mobile & Remote Communications & VSS (Vehicle Security Solutions) is our Game!


GMS is a ‘one stop shop’ for mobile/remote communications and VSS (Vehicle Security Solutions). We are unique in our approach in that we provide a true end to end service offering. Other companies providing these services require multiple companies to complete one job. Please see the below example. (sorry for the novel!)

The Need #1 You need internet connectivity to your field equipment in order to get readings from it remotely. (Keep in mind you are a small/mid-size company that does not get a dedicated engineer to assist with deployment. Dedicated resources are only assigned to large accounts.) You call Cisco or Verizon Wireless to get help. After spending hours on the phone, you finally get transferred to the appropriate department to tell you what you need. You receive the equipment but now need to install it (Company 1). They install it but now it needs to be configured to connect to the internet via cellular (Company 2). The connection keeps dropping for unknown reasons. At this point, you are sent to a higher tier in Company 2 (you are multiple hours or days into the deployment process at this point). You finally get to an escalation engineer who tells you that the cellular account seems to be provisioned incorrectly. You are bounced back to Verizon Wireless to fix it but they are not very knowledgeable about the M2M device (Router). After spending hours getting escalated to somebody that can help, you are told it will be 72 hours before somebody gets back to you. Finally, you get called back. They say the account didn’t have data roaming enabled but now it’s fixed. You try again, it’s still dropping. Verizon Wireless now tells you to call the router OEM (Company 3) After further troubleshooting, it’s determined that you have very low signal strength and need a better antenna configuration (Company 4) to assist with that. Now it’s connecting, however, you need to connect to your headquarters via VPN. You are then back on the phone with Company 3 to get that configuration. Now everything is working a week later but the performance is slow. Why? You are in a location that AT&T has excellent coverage in but you didn’t know.

The Need #2. Vehicle Security and Safety will be ongoing and growing for protection against Terrorism, Lawsuits and Increase Productivity.



Mobile/Remote Communications

  • Ideal for transportation, mobile command centers and any vehicle requiring access to the internet.
  • Remote locations ideal for field communications such as the Oil, Gas, other Energy industries and other remote locations or Branch Offices.


  • GMS evaluates the customer needs, checks for the best service provider i.e. AT&T or VZW, data plan needed (so you don’t pay for something you don’t need), best equipment such as power, router, cabling, antennas and other equipment needed.


  • GMS field engineers complete System deployments including Power, Grounding, Router, Antennas and any other equipment needed.

Configuration :

  • GMS Network and Security Engineers configure the router including routing for fail-over and security i.e VPN and Firewall when needed.

Post Deployment Management Services:

  • This includes Network Monitoring, Hardware and Systems Management.(firmware updates etc.) This is provided on a per customer basis.

VSS (Vehicle Security Solutions) is the future in Vehicle and Transportation Safety. GMS systems are scalable.Vehicle automation and body cameras are on our roadmap. Our current target is Transportation, Fleet and Emergency Services. Not only do we design/deploy and configure these systems, we are also positioned to be the primary distributor in North America.

  • Services: Driver Behavior Analysis, Fleet Management, Navigation Systems, Vehicle Surveillance Systems, Data and Evidence Center (Data Collection for insurance/lawsuits), Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • GMS Systems include Multi-Cameras, Router, MDVR(Mobile Digital Video Recorder), CMS (Central Management System), Control Display and “Black Box” capabilities.





Quit 9 to 5 and all in with the company, HERE WE GO!



Gateway Mobile Solutions

Gateway Mobile Solutions

Gateway Mobile Solutions

Amy Odvody, PHR

Amy Odvody, PHR


Amy is our PHR and is responsible for day to day operations.


James Odvody

James Odvody


Background in Engineering in the Telecommunications Arena and CEO/Founder at Gateway Mobile Solutions
Contact Information:

James Odvody

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