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Oct 3, 2016 1:25 EST

Funn Networks Inc. is a content distribution alternative & monetization platform for consumers, content providers & marketers based on proprietary IP.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 3, 2016

Funn Networks Inc.

Funn Networks Inc.

Funn is a content distribution alternative & monetization platform for consumers, content providers & marketers based on proprietary IP.



Funn Networks is an emerging monetization and engagement platform providing content aggregators, content owners and marketers a ground-breaking alternative to reach, engage and monetize their audience — while, at the same time, providing that audience with a more intimate, personalized and enjoyable viewing experience.

Funn will intrinsically change the way viewers consume content, receive marketing messages and engage with both.

Funn provides marketers a game changing platform to reach consumers who have stated specific interest in their products and brands. Funn’s unique direct to consumer engagement platform monetizes content at a level and value that owners have only been able to dream about.

Simply put– Funn is designed to satisfy the needs of content providers and marketers by focusing ENTIRELY on the consumer and brand engagement.

Funn provides content owners, delivery platforms, marketers and publishers with:

– A competitive “free” alternative. Funn doesn’t disrupt current business models. Rather, we provide an “alternative” for monetization for OTT’s, MSO’s, MVPD’s, VOD’s and content creators of all shapes and sizes.

– A management platform that enables 100% control over how, where and when content and marketing offerings are presented.

– A personally-directed environment, removing annoying advertising that is generally targeted and addressed to “persona” rather than person. Funn empowers viewers to expressly state what kind of content, brands and products they want to see and know more about.

– A way to enter the Intent-based economy by connecting personally and directly with consumers who have specifically provided preferences for certain identifiable brands and/or SPECIFIC product offers. The platform allows consumers to either accept and execute or save these offers which are purchase drivers.


Funn is emerging as a preferred alternative for content engagement and monetization. Funn provides content providers with a platform by which they can offer their entire digital libraries without disrupting their current business models. Funn provides publishers and content owners enhanced value and payout on a pure white-label basis — enabling them to add to existing or emerging curation and presentation environments. Funn gives marketers the kind of engagement levels and data that they have demanded from media and agencies but have failed to receive, to date. And, Funn provides existing engagement platforms – i.e. loyalty programs — with a total solution to extend their brand, liquidate their incentive liabilities and create a closed-loop marketing environment.








Patent awarded (2002 priority date) ahead of other business models emerging w/ similar desires to give consumers control and eliminate ads.

JULY, 2012

Patented technology in online sales promotion market was estimated at $140 Billion in 2015.

JULY, 2015

Funn MVP readied, moving towards beta development. Will begin to position tech platform in the next few months for Q4 2016 Beta launch.

MARCH, 2016

Funn’s monetization focus will be the product promotion market where digital spending is expected to grow over 350% over the next two year

MARCH, 2016

Acquiring two additional patents surrounding the ability to incorporate “hidden” ads and storytelling within video based content.

JUNE, 2016

Currently speaking with several credible parties who are extremely receptive to Funn being a viable alternative to what they currently offer

JUNE, 2016

Began our agency campaign. Goal is to set up an initial budget for beta which will begin November, December (Xmas) & bring us through 2017.

JUNE, 2016


Could just possibly be the holy grail for content distribution…
Lauren ApolitoFormerly With Harry Fox Agency
Lauren Apolito
FUNN’s upfront ad ‘board’ or method of choosing what ads are viewed is far more expansive and complete than Hulu’s is. Hulu brushes the surface; Funn is much deeper. Broadcasters for years have tried to understand who is at the other end of that TV feed they broadcast. The result is that Funn can proclaim that it can produce higher revenues per person than others can, using the FUNN system. Funn, hands down, is certainly one of the best monetization platforms I have seen in over 30 years.
William SagerChief Content Officer for OTTo Media Corporat
William Sager


Bob OKane

Bob OKane

Founder, President

Barry Layne

Barry Layne

Executive Vice Chairman

Operating & Marketing Executive with exceptional record of delivering revenue & ROI: Notable past positions with About.com, Artist Direct National Lampoons.
Lloyd Glick

Lloyd Glick

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Glick’s professional experience includes senior management, senior IT & business consulting roles in a number of technology organizations spanning 40 years.
Bill Sager

Bill Sager

Content Acquisition Advisor

Bill has been a well sought after executive in the OTT, MSO & Content spaces for nearly 30 years. Has held numerous Chief Content Officer roles during that span
Madan Bhandari

Madan Bhandari

Chief Financial Officer

An entrepreneurial business and finance leader with more than 25 years’ experience in strategic business development, international financial and operations management. A skilled communicator, team builder and adept negotiator with proven ability to analyze businesses, operations, products, services, markets, and growth opportunities. Expertise in introducing strategic and tactical solutions that improve competitive advantage while increasing revenues, margins and profits. Focused on financial and operational excellence and value creation. Extensive experience in IT services, software, digital media, business services industries driving organic growth as well as through acquisitions. Significant experience in identifying synergistic/accretive acquisition opportunities. Manage distressed businesses; Execute turnaround strategies. Achieve financial & operational excellence in different environments ranging from start-ups to middle- market companies. Exceed all operating performance and growth objectives.
Contact Information:

Bob OKane

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